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O/T: HEALTH Weight management

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Bryan James

Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jul 1, 2018
Texas, USA
This may seem like a little far-fetched or crazy, but please hear me out. I'm not a health instructor and I don't need to lose any weight, but I am very interested in physical fitness and psychology.

When we become hungry it is the result of a preconditioned response we get from having eaten at certain times throughout our past. It's like Pavolv's dog. At certain times throughout the day we feel the need to eat, or become hungry due to a potentially life-long habit of eating at certain times throughout the day.

Well, as a way to eliminate this (the appetite itself) if we don't eat when we're hungry and simply ride out the waves of shakiness and "starvation" we eventually get to a point in the day (not long after the intense hunger) in which we feel fine, and no longer hungry. Of course this takes some amount of self-discipline. And once we are no longer hungry (nor full) we can eat anything we like. In fact, eating healthy foods like vegetables or unsalted nuts/grains becomes easier to do because we're not even hungry. The more we repeat this process, day after day, we will eventually have the power to go for potentially weeks without ever becoming hungry. The appetite itself will have been eliminated. Of course, I'm not suggesting starvation; you should still feed yourself, but managing the weight (by eliminating the appetite itself) will eventually become effortless after having followed this technique for a few days/weeks.

Has anyone else tried this before? Your thoughts?

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Bronze Contributor
Feb 19, 2018
Cuba v2.1 (Miami)
My problem is I get immense headaches if I ride out this wave you are referring to. I have to have some type of snack whether it be healthy or not. The moment my stomach starts to grumble I know I need to feed it something quick. Otherwise, I will get a headache that will affect my entire day. Im not sure yet what causes it, but I don't believe it's a sugar imbalance since eating anything from a few celery sticks to meatballs takes care of the hunger headache.

Thomas Baptiste

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Jun 8, 2018
Commonwealth of Dominica
I've actually been doing this for the past year. Not exactly straving but intermittent fasting. It helps to manage my calories and it makes things easier to keep track of. The entire idea is basically to cut out a seemingly crucial meal and go without eating for up to 16 hrs. It's helpful for weight loss and weight training as well. I eat less and it takes discipline but I'm filled with energy more than ever.

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