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University as a Fastlane foundation


New Contributor
Nov 19, 2019
Hey guys,

I know this forum probably isn't the best place to ask for college advice, but I still decided to post this anyway, since I would like to get some advice from people with similar mindset, or maybe from someone who was/is in a similar position. Thank you in advance for your advice.

So, here is my problem. I'm currently in the final year of high school and I'm deciding on what to do next. I feel like attending college is the right choice since it's free where I live and I don't have anything better to do now, but if that changes I can drop out at any time. My problem is that I don't really know what to study. I want to study something that will give me a foundation to my fastlane journey. Something that will help me meet like-minded smart people and help me start a serious business. I'm thinking about studying IT, but also economics, business or construction/building.

Please tell me what do you guys think, and also sorry for my english, I'm not native. Thanks! :)

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May 5, 2019
I have recently written a book about studying (in German). In the last chapter, I suggested for some stereotypes specific courses. For your type, it might be best to take business engineering. You learn everything, and can specialize later.


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Apr 29, 2019
School isnt a great value for your time in general.
BUT it is a low-stress environment where you can meet talented like-minded people, or even groom some of your classmates to join a fastlane project.

Personally if i could start over, I would pick web design and marketing. Thats the most important skills i see these days.

Keep in mind that you can start a business at age 12, and people have done it.
So nothing is stopping you from starting right now.
*While also going to school!

Or set up shop in the library. Thats basicly what people like Bill Gates did to learn coding, and pull up thousands of hours before graduating. At the time, that made him one of the best coders in the world.


Oct 6, 2017
San Jose, CA
Fastlane Uni Hacking. I LOVE this concept.

Commit to Uni with room and board, make your major accelerate your Fastlane skillset the best way a Uni can. Leverage the clubs and social opportunities for the Fastlane, as that’s your Untimate Goal. Make your course and homework load no more than 4 days a week, and spend at least one and a half days a week freelancing for entrepreneurial experience or working on your Fastlane.

Perhaps make your major something that can’t be learned through an online course, about improving your interpersonal communications / relations to improve your communication skills with the scripted (who will be your customers, employees, & bureaucrats).

My main concern is ending up in a Uni with majority snowflakes & SJWs, they’re going to be a contingent at every college sure, I’m going to have to find out which state schools have lower percentages.

University can be vastly accelerative to a Fastlaner who is determined to find ways to make their university experience accelarative to their Fastlane.
Besides, People leverage their time at Uni for the sidewalk as well...

For Fastlane Uni Hackers in America, the clock is ticking. You have 2 or 4 years to make it in the Fastlane before it’s time to graduate and find a job. This is the fire under your a$$ to make it in the Fastlane before your ride at Uni is up. If you make it in the Fastlane before graduation, graduate debt free. If you don’t make it, graduate regardless and get a job once you need to start making payments on the student loan debt. Stay on the plate, keep taking swings, and be considered “lucky” by your sidewalk and slowlane peers when you’ve earned Unscription.

Fastlaner University Hacking: Let the government front your Fastlane thanks to currently easy student loans, leverage your time in Uni to Unscript.

Let’s shoot it full of holes and patch up as many as we can.
Last edited:


Sep 17, 2015
Welcome to the forum!

Going to university to learn valuable skills can certainly be a good foundation that will open many doors for you. However, I would suggest you take some time to seriously reflect on yourself, to clarify what your strong and weak points are and where you want to end up.

Choosing a path that corresponds with your personality and strengths will massively aid you in any endeavor, while making the wrong choice can set you back for years.

For example:

If you are a very social person but struggle with STEM fields => Communication/Business straight into Sales. After a few years you have the connections and experience to start for yourself.

If you are a very social person and are good with STEM fields => IT straight into Tech Sales. Say hello to the best paid sales jobs you can find. The elite IT salespeople can make 300-500k/year, which you can use to launch yourself in Real Estate for example.

If you are very good in STEM but an introvert => IT/Math into Programmer. A guaranteed 100k$ (depending where you live) and after a few years you can go freelance and double the income, start a development company or go startup to roll the dice for ultra rich.


Note that every time I included a job before moving to a business. This is because the vast majority of people (me included) simply don't have the skills or the means to launch a successful business right after university. Most of us obtain experience, skills & funds from jobs, which we then use to launch business ventures.


Silver Contributor
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Dec 10, 2017
I'm currently in my first year of college studying economics and management, and to be honest with you for the moment some of things that I learned are pretty interesting from a business perspective (accounting, laws around companies, employee management etc...) but some aren't really useful but still interesting in my opinion (history of economics...)
I choose that major and college in general in order to have enough time to create my first company in order to have enough capital to launch something that I'm really interested in!

IT could be a great major too but it depends on your personality type and which thing do you think you'll enjoy the most!


Silver Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Jun 4, 2019
Free Uni?
1. Finance - Understanding very well how our money system works and how to manage investments and assets will help you in generating money.
2. Engineering - Being able to build things is a great asset for fastlane entrepreneurship.
3. Physics - Similar to engineering, but lets you be more intimate with the laws that govern our universe and is also more cerebral.
4. Communication - Being able to speak well and get your ideas across is key for making deals, negotiating, marketing, sales.

I would take a long look back at what you like to do. Not what you think you want to do or what you're supposed to do. Look at what you did out of choice when you didn' thave to do it. Did you spend time with numbers? Go finance. Did you build stuff for fun? Go engineering. Did you learn about how the natural world works? Go physics. Did you like to socialize? Go communication.

There are other options to of course, but first and foremost pick something you have an inclination towards given the evidence of your past, but that will also be useful for your business(es) in the future.

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