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WEB/DIGITAL ticket brokerage


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Jul 24, 2007
SW Ohio
Hi all

I am looking to be able to buy entertainment tickets to resell.

does anyone know how to find these at discount prices to buy in

It goes with one of our websites and I'm contemplating selling them
myself or just doing an affiliate program.


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New Contributor
Jan 14, 2008
You would need to buy at cost from TicketMaster/Venues and then re-sell these tickets.

TicketMaster and most venues have policies in place (2/4/8 per show, etc.) to discourage the re-selling of tickets.

Only way to buy tickets in bulk that I know is if you would have multiple people present at various TM locations with cash in hand, when the shows go on for sale. Even this doesnt guarantee you the best seats because they dont sell them in order. They hold blocks of tickets for radio stations promotions/venue employees/etc. and release them closer to dates of the show.


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Sep 15, 2007
Colorado Springs
There is no buying in bulk, and there are no discounts.

I've done this from time to time to make extra money, and you need to pay full price + all the taxes and fees, you can only buy a max of 8 tickets at a time from Ticketmaster, and you need to BANK (or BET) on the fact that they're going to increase in value via a sellout long before the actual event occurs.

I've had it go both ways... On a Jimmy Buffet concert once I 5X'd my money on 8 tickets... and on an All American Rejects concert once I got stuck with 8 tickets, and had to take 7 of my friends. To be safe I only buy tickets that are within driving distance of me, because if I ever can't move a couple tickets, I can always go to the show to take the edge off ;)

- Hakrjak:thumbsup:

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