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Need advice please - Brokerage RE

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May 28, 2019
Switzerland - France
Hi all,

I am turning 26 and worked for 6 months 70+hours/week in a BIG 4 accounting firm and it was a living hell (I always hated this, I did that because I'm 20K euros in debt for my studies and I went to work in Switzerland to break free from it as soon as possible).

I was desperate to find an opportunity to work in autonomy in order to get an income so that I can put food on the table while pursuing entrepreneurship and value creation.

I have found an opportunity in a real estate brokerage firm : They propose to train me for two weeks and then there will be no fixed income but only commissions on the sales (50% of the commission for me and 50% for the firm).

I feel like it will be a step for me towards entrepreneurship and freedom am I right ? I will have the freedom to organize my time as I wish, but there still is a risk : If I don't make the income necessary to pay the rent, food, gas and so on;

People tell me it's a stupid idea and I should use my "top tier business school degree" to get a high payed position somewhere form 9 to 6 monday thru friday. But I feel deep down in my guts that I have the profile to succeed in real estate brokerage and that I will be able to make a really good income. This is in Switzerland and most properties cost millions... The commissions are very high.

Do you think that would be a fastlane and an exit from the rat race for me ?

I want to help my mother she is 63 years old without retirement money I'm the only one who can help her.

Thank you for your help.


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