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HOT TOPIC The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

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Mar 16, 2017
In Texas the emission test is performed at idle and at steady speed, on a chassis dyno, under control. Most people wouldn't be able to perform the tests on their own. Later cars may be able to do emission tests through the data link.

In Texas they are trying to get rid of the emissions test. I'm sure in the not so distant future it will be a thing of the past.

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Mar 1, 2016
Just something I though of earlier today...

It could be useful for photographer to be able to backup the SD card data online without having to use a computer.
A small portable device with a SD card slot and a few buttons you press to read and upload the data from the card.

I don’t know how useful this is but I would assume it would be very hard to bring a laptop with you on a field trip.


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Aug 2, 2019
Atlanta, Georgia
In Texas the emission test is performed at idle and at steady speed, on a chassis dyno, under control. Most people wouldn't be able to perform the tests on their own. Later cars may be able to do emission tests through the data link.
Interesting. In Georgia, they just hook it up to some computer while the car is turned on, check the gas cap, and that's about it. No dyno involved. I guess the testing varies state-to-state.


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Jun 8, 2019
In Germany we got rid of the emission test. Only electrical onboard diagnostic.
Then the male cheating software was discover.
The legislative than decided the absurde reincarnation of the emission test.
Now we test curious thing, which cant discover anything. But the folk is happy.


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Jun 22, 2020
An opportunity in providing alternatives as the demand (and appetite) for plastic wanes...

Whale found dead with almost 50 pounds of plastic in its stomach

I know given a choice, I'll choose something more environmentally friendly. No matter what you believe on global warming, plastic pollution is a big problem.

They're already working on and using alternatives, mostly from starch and certain proteins. But I guess it's not yet cheap enough (or demand still too low) to be disruptive.

There's a startup in Germany that creates fully CO2 neutral and completely biodegradable packaging for logistics.

Don't get me started on all the environmental issues we have to face which aren't global warming. Well done, industrial fishing. We now have 1/7th of the fish we had in the 70s. Few people know that whole oceans can tip over just like lakes can. And that would effectively mean: Byebye, breathing. For almost every species on the planet.


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Aug 20, 2020
European union
Some Ideas of businesses that I have seen in my life:

- Mobile bar - go to various events (weddings, etc.) perfect for somebody who still has a job (can do it on weekends, take a day off) and wouldn't be too hard to hire bartenders to run it.

- Local Services company, setup a website, run local ads and partner with handymen (plumbers, electricians, etc.) you give them a client and get 10%. Could be really lucrative if you concentrated on house/kitchen remodelling etc.

- Tutoring, setup a website, look for students who are good at math, etc and connect them with high school students who need to prepare for exams, I have seen this business first hand and it is making bank since you can make much more by scaling the business and dealing with the students instead of tutoring yourself.

- Classic one, flipping, houses, land, forest, bikes anything you can think of where people might want to sell stuff and need cash urgently and where you can wait and get 20% ROI by being patient.


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Jul 20, 2020
If any of you know anyone with autism; primarily young, you will also know they have sensitivity issues including those to foods.

This can vary between only liking creamy food or only liking crunchy food and sometimes even only bland not colorful food.

This leads to malnutrition and all other kinds of problems. My cousins were over last weekend and 3 of the boys have autism, 2 of them are malnourished and often faint while growing because they don't eat enough.. One of them only eats fruit roll ups and frozen chicken biscuits due to the fact that's the only way they can get their protein and (fruit) in willingly.

What I propose is a food program targeted towards kids/teens with autism (1 and 54 kids in the US will be diagnosed with asd). The food program will be like Lunchables packaged while HIGH calorie/vitamins etc but the food needs to be dug down and actually find out best what works with the kids. (Productracy anyone?) You'll have to continously brute force and have multiple food options ready to go because sure enough not all kids will like the same food consistency others do.

I mean really, this could be a chance to actually do some good in the world with a biz.

At first I was thinking I would see it in grocery stores but man maybe it just might be best as a subscription service/mail order.

Keep in mind my favorite kid eats chicken patties repeatedly throughout the day, so.. he's gonna need quite a few of his new favorite meal and I'm talking brunch lunch and brinner then dinner. (LOTR)

My half-baked idea has now turned into a baked chicken patty replacement idea. Let me know your thoughts lol thank you.


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Mar 3, 2013
A website that provides links to pending news. The Forex world has websites dedicated to tracking pending news events from around the world. Something like that for normal news. People could skip checking their favorite news websites, if they knew there was no pending news that interested them. Instead, they would check the Pending News website. Maybe like an internet version of the old TV Guide.

For example, the President is nominating a new Supreme Court nominee at 8PM. The Oscars is coming on TV tomorrow night at 7PM. The Seasons Finale of the Walking Dead comes on in 2 weeks. Etc.

The benefit to user is that they can skip surfing news websites, and the benefit to the owner is that everyone is coming to your newsite to plan their day. That's the theory anyway.


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May 10, 2015
Islands of Calleja
What kind of additives do they need to add to Paper Straws to get them stiff?

They don’t seem very healthy. I’d much rather use a metal straw.
Some McDonalds now use paper (cardboard) straws. And you'd need to add wax: the same thing Fast Food restaurants add to their paper cups to make them water-resistant.


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Mar 1, 2016
So if anyone is in 3D printing, then here is a different idea:
Site with custom T-shirts for people passionate about 3D printing.

I have not enough experience with 3D printing to come up with designs so i pass it onto you.


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Aug 17, 2016
Sahuarita AZ
Got one.

Ok you've heard of "renewals by andersen"

We'll sort of steal their marketing (and maybe business structure? Although franchise might work best...)

So its a feng shui based interior decorating business. You focus on boujie / yuppie types.

Now initially you do a free consultation , which is a walk through where you get to do discovery / exploration to get insight for later upsells.

We offer them a printed report for x dollars (whatever , cover the consultants time) , we leave them with a catalogue (part of the business is importing and supplying like , feng shui mirrors and lighting fixtures etc)

But wait! Pay us x and we'll plan it for you! , in fact if you go this rpute ill give you a discount code to use with our cataloged! (We already went in their house and exp / disco so we can highlight things in the catalogue before we leave that they were into , let them simmer and get themseleves excited)

For those who are "really serious" pay us x and we'll redecorate the entire house to grt that chi flowing.

So just random numbers for those tiers , the written report , lets say 100 bucks , its the hook for the upsell so you want it to not be free so they're psychologically more onboard but it needs to be cheap enough that its a no brainer to pay for it.

Then "let us pick" , so they're buying from my catalogue which means I already make money , I feel like a set % is no good , maybe have a standard per room fee (so fee + my profit from selling them something I imported)

Next is the big guns , they let me design it all , furnish it all and do the entire thing (anywhere in the US you'll be able to hire muscle as needed to move furniture so my people just need to know how to like , hang mirrors and things) ,

so if I can get them all the way through the upsells they pay me for the report (and we'll even apply that spent money toward your next purchase!) , they pay me to choose things from a cstalogue I own , and they pay me to add some lights and move furniture and ship in and "install" the stuff they just purchased from me.

You could probably spend 2 or 3 days reading and get enough for a training manual for the "consultants" , pay them the same way door to door solar / home i.provement folks get paid.

Direct mail and digital advertisising targeting high income areas with bored woowoo exposed stay at home parents.

I was relistening to an old og mandino audiobook and has a "renewed by anderson" mailer come in and this clicked , the book was saying how you should look around you for opportunity (a lot of us get sort of tunnel vision and try to focus on "finding a business model" instead of "finding a way to add value")

Well , I live in a little crime free HOA yuppie area and the wife is always painting this or that wall or moving this piece of furniture , the "feng shui" angle I thought was great because it adds that layer of mystery and a sort of "only factor" (not that the model couldn't be copied but if you have first mover advantage and set yourself up as the experts in the field then all the competitors are playing in comparison to you)

So direct mail plus minimum wage high school kids as canvassers , salesmen / consultant comes out and its game on.

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