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Any help for a newbie with some ideas would be gratefully received

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May 22, 2024
Hello, I'm Amy!

I am new to the forum, having just read The Millionaire Fastlane . I feel like even since I was young I have had an entrepreneurial desire, but like so many I threw myself into education and now I hold a PhD and am kind of chained to one of the only jobs that values this level of education. However, there has got to be more to life than being overstressed and underpaid, so here I am trying to reinvent myself.

Anyway, as a busy working mum, I have been trying to think of the needs which become pain points and could service a need to others. Some of my ideas revolve around the need for support with household chores, for example I have recently moved to a new area and lost my cleaner in the process. The way to find a cleaner beyond word of mouth seems to be to post in Facebook groups in the vain hope that someone will suggest someone decent that they are not related to. My last area had a franchise where you could pay a fee and they found a vetted cleaner and basically organised another one should they not be to the standard required. However, that set up is not available in my area. I am not keen to become a franchise owner, so I was thinking perhaps it might be useful to have a directory of things like vetted launderettes offering service washes (with collection and delivery) and then vetted cleaners on one website, people could also potentially leave reviews and it would contain price information for some services. I wondered if I was the provider, could I charge the service providers to be featured on the site or get paid each time a lead was generated? I have noticed that many launderettes for example, either have no website or have something quite basic, in the era of technology perhaps this is something that might drive business, but still give providers autonomy? I have spent hours googling and searching for things like this in the past especially when new to an area with few friends to gather reliable word of mouth information and it seems like a bit of a minefield.

In some areas in the UK where I live, there are large companies offering laundry/dry cleaning pick up and drop off for a fee, but it looks like quite a complicated set up where they also potentially run the collection service and partner with laundrettes who do the wash/dry. While this is potentially lucrative, I can imagine it would be expensive to set up and involve a lot of employees? Interestingly, most of my county still doesn't have providers with the big websites, so that was another idea I had, to at least start with looking to serve my town, but I think it might be easier to start something purely software based with no or few employees at first.

Anyway, if you have read my ramblings thank you, I wondered if anyone could answer any of the following questions?

  • I have no web design experience, although may be able to call upon friends/acquaintances for guidance, would this be a deal breaker for my lead generation or laundry service idea?
  • Would this potentially be a profitable venture? I.e. how might I monetise the business to earn money from lead generation? In the UK, we have a company called Checkatrade where you can find vetted Tradesmen, I guess there could be elements of that taken into a cleaning service based business?
  • I was thinking I could try and speak to local laundrette owners and see if there is a real market for this? Is this a good idea?
  • Could this website service complement existing companies where there is already an established laundry service running in an area e.g. companies like Love2Laundry (usually something like 24 hours turnaround for a loads of laundry or piece of dry cleaning delivered to your door?)
Any advise would be amazing, I have some other ideas, but these are mainly focussed around my current job in education and would potentially mean starting with something like YouTube which seems a bit more challenging to break through the noise.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to offer
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