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Mediocritate Delenda Est - Mediocrity Must Be Destroyed. The Execution of a Plan to Achieve Freedom.


Apr 22, 2019
United Kingdom
I'm back! It's been a little while since my intro post, so I thought I may as well update you on what I've been doing and what I plan to do!

So, in the weeks that have passed I have been reading and taking many threads on this forum, and have made a plan of sorts. Whilst I know plans never survive contact with the enemy, I thought that I may as well make a general outline of my path, at least to an extent. The first glaring issue I face is, as many do, a lack of skills, or high income skills. Now, I am not a rich, godly fellow who can start a business using nothing and sacrifice living standards - everyone needs food, a roof over their heads and other basic needs. So the first solution, or plan, is to learn a high income skill - coding, copywriting etc. - to provide better value or service to businesses, and hence making money which allows me to not be reliant on a job for my sole income source. I have already started learning code using 'CodeAcademy' and other free, but good, learning sites - words without action are as useless as toilet paper. This journey should take me about a 3-6 months maximum to learn code, and then I shall progress onto other skills which I can utilise for income/hustling. That skill is what I am stuck on deciding between - shall it be copywriting, sales or maybe even a crashcourse in financial literacy. All I know is this: As long as I continue doing what I am currently doing, I shall have skills which can cover my basic needs and allows me to pursue a business - preferably following C.E.N.T.S.

"SturdySteel, I can't possibly do what you are doing, I have X,Y,Z to do!

What I say to such excuses is simple: Those internal thoughts is the thing which keeps you in the rat race, not the thing which allows you to ascend above the rat race. I am not a neckbeard who has no duties or 'life' - I have school/exams, volunteering duties and a tumultuous family life which at a young age made me contemplate suicide, but here I am today. From what little experience I have in life, it is logical and good for one to take one step at a time. I have nothing of value in terms of skils right now, but I am building up to being a coder, and from there I will pursue another skill, etc etc. Human Capital can be built up as some sort of insurance that if you lose your main source of income, you won't become a broke, homeless guy begging. So what if your savings/money were eradicated in a business venture? Build them up again, start anew since failure is the sweat of success, learn from failure, adapt, learn skills, and you will be ascendant. Now enough of this uplifting speech - time for the hard knocks. I do not have a lot of free time. GCSEs, which are basically a form of AP exams or a High School Diploma for U.S. folks - are about a month away for me, and they are being taken for 3 years. Those exams are taking much of my time, however I do not fret about it, I wake up early - 5am or 4am - use the time to plan my day, read books and learn skills. I have a balanced approach, you needn't sacrifice your responsibilities, but put effort into improving your outlook. Mediocritate Delenda Est

"What is the timetable you are aiming to achieve?"

Simple, I luckily have 6 weeks off on the Summer Holidays, which is perfect for me to start cramming skill set education.

- May-July: Finish basic-medium level of Coding education
- August-September: Start higher level of coding, and add in some sales or copywriting on the side since it is a holiday season.
- October-November: Finish coding entirely to a high level, and start fully focussing on copywriting.
December 2019-January 2020: Soak up and learn as much about copywriting, and then focus on sales. Go over coding to consolidate the learning which has taken place.

Well, that is all I have for now, I must go back to focusing on revision/exams for the meantime, but I shall return. Thank you for reading. And remember, action means everything, words are toilet paper on their own :)

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Taking Action
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Apr 5, 2019
If you haven't read 'The Millionaire Fastlane ' or UnScripted yet I'd recommend you do so. I like your spirit, you could learn coding while making a business at the same time. For example I know very little about coding but I'm making an app with a partner and each time we need to add a feature I look into how to code it and learn what I need to. Each time I add something I get a little faster since I can use a bit of what I learned on the last feature.
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