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  1. Stepan

    How To Get Better

    Hi everybody! I really wanted to learn how to sell, so I got this job at a makeup and perfume store. Already worked there for a week and I got a question. Alex Hormozi said: "a 100 sales will teach you more than a 1000 books on sales". And if you want to improve a skill just do it. But how...
  2. JimIsBack

    A knife was pulled on me 2 nights ago. What more of an FTE do I need?

    Hey. It's Jim here - and I'm back, great to meet you. 2 nights ago I had a knife pulled on me and was robbed while trying to enjoy a succulent chicken kebab. It feels crazy to even write that. Before this, my life has slowly been slipping from one of unlimited potential ready to blossom to...
  3. The One

    Youtube Journey - changing lives simply by words

    Straight to the chase. Name - Syed Shah Age - 17yrs Things I've done already + currently doing: invested into stocks - realised you really need a larger capital, but have realised some patterns - win (around 2017) tried to sell video editing online - didn't stay consistent, realised a goal...
  4. MARV1C

    I am introducing myself to this wonderful forum & looking for people who share the same interests

    Greeting fellow members of the fastlane forum! My name is Ayoub, and I am excited to introduce myself as a new contributor to this great forum. I'm 18 years old, I am a passionate self taught web developer and the founder of a startup called Starsky AI. which platform utilizes advanced...
  5. wyattnorton

    Don't FAKE what you're good at

    A learning lesson from the past 2 days of attempting to have my A/C fixed. A guy I called last summer to come fix my A/C unit ended up being amazing... He replaced the unit in the same day. Had his guys drive an hour to pick up a brand new A/C unit and did a great job at setting the unit up...
  6. Captain Hoodie

    Life is a journey

    Hey everyone. This is my intro post. I am grateful to be here with all of you. I am also grateful for everything I have in life. I have been creeping this forum for quite some time. I was introduced to this community through one of @Fox post a few years back on reddit or facebook (I can't...
  7. D

    Second Edition of Unscripted, what would you improve?

    What would you like to see in a second edition of Unscripted? Clarifications, expanding on topics, additions, corrections? What would you explain better for new readers who are just discovering the truth of the script? Here are some things I would improve on: -Guide for teenagers in high...
  8. SturdySteel

    1 Year On - From Depression To Enjoying Life & Improving. (Thank you all on this Forum)

    Long Time, No See! It's been a year since I posted my first piece on this forum; that being my introduction of course. To sum it up, I had discovered the fastlane and that provided the impetus for me to improve and escape any potential slaving off at a 9-5 future me could find himself trapped...
  9. Haelios

    More Than A Lurker, A Future Entrepeneur

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of no wealth with taste. I’m currently waiting for my flight coming out of the Summit a changed man. I’m only 18 years old but I feel that the past few days will have drastic changes for the better. Lets go back to the beginning before I really...
  10. SturdySteel

    Mediocritate Delenda Est - Mediocrity Must Be Destroyed. The Execution of a Plan to Achieve Freedom.

    I'm back! It's been a little while since my intro post, so I thought I may as well update you on what I've been doing and what I plan to do! So, in the weeks that have passed I have been reading and taking many threads on this forum, and have made a plan of sorts. Whilst I know plans never...
  11. business_man

    How did I completed 2 days work plan the same day before noon with just a few simple principles?

    I want to share with you my "TO DO strategy" which increased my productivity x10. When I started to use it and adjusted it to my needs I was amazed. Somedays before noon I completed all my tasks which I could not complete in a day. Can you imagine my shock when at 12 pm I was sitting in front...
  12. G

    Patience or the NOW?

    So currently I'm still working on solutions to my buisness I'm going to create BUT, I'm curious towards others feedback so I at least know I'm on the right track. Currently I work a 8am-5pm job but the time consumed for the job from waking up to going home is 7am-6pm M-F. Besides weekends ,I...
  13. BigRomeDawg

    HOW TO: Increase customer survey responses

    Are you asking your customers for feedback? You should be. You need to know if your customers are happy. To do that, you need to give them an outlet for them to let you know how they feel. A good time to do this is after they receive something from you. If you’re selling products, send them a...
  14. GabrielDC

    The Chimera called 'Money'.

    As the title suggest, this post is about money and how it affects MY mindset. I have this thing in my mind: What If, starting from tomorrow I was able to not to worry about making money? For me, thinking about money or shit to pay is just devastating, it completely blocks me, some days I just...