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  1. Kandre

    Learning-Entrepreneurship Conundrum: Finding the Right Path

    Greetings everyone, I'm Kévin, 28 years old, residing in Paris. Recently, I experienced my fed-up event where I realized I wouldn't find fulfilment in the slowlane. With a Ph.D. in health biology, I've dedicated 2 years to the pharmaceutical industry. I lack entrepreneurial and managerial...
  2. David_GER

    What high income skills are well suited?

    I am a 17-year-old boy currently living in Germany. Since I am still doing school, I need to use my time properly by learning a high income skill which I can use when I finish school. What high income skills have you mastered? And how do they influence your life? Feel free to share your advice.
  3. R

    Game development - is it good path to become rich?

    Is pursuing a career in game development a good path to becoming rich? Surely, people need good games, but the competition is so massive that the chance of breaking through is quite slim. Many game developers haven't achieved any success. I want to choose a path that leads to making a lot of...
  4. Lochlan

    I’m 15 what skills should I learn

    What skills do people think I should learn for a life of entrepreneurship, not just montisible skills but also just stuff that would help me in life for networking ect.. (not excluding montisble skills though)
  5. adnanazmi

    What is the best process of acquiring SKILLS you have come across?

    What is the best process of acquiring skills you have come across? What do you think the best skills a person should possess related to being an entrepreneur? I would say improving your communication skills is definitely important.
  6. D

    How to fully understand 1 thing at a time instead of juggling

    Hey everyone! I'm a high school graduate currently working as a senior founding MLE for a company. There are so many things I feel I need to learn in order to improve my skills and grow in general. However, I find it tough to focus on one thing at a time. In my life, I want to make progress in...
  7. FilleDillSkills

    17 yo´s way to the million

    Hey, I´m a 17 yo guy who is interested in self-development as well as entrepreneurship. For the last five years, I have been struggling to find a business model that fits me. But I don´t get it to work as I would want. I have started everything from a logo designing business to an SMMA...
  8. S

    How did MJ pay rent while building his business?

    I get that you’re supposed to value your time over money, but realistically, how did he pay rent while building his business? I definitely feel like I missed something in the book. It’s the “quit your job” part that gets me, I will literally die if I do that.
  9. A


    First of all thank you to who is reading This in Ur valuable time Can you suggest me some skills that pay me to make some new cash generating assests as a beginner ? I have only one assest but I m not doing 9 to 5 shitty job . I need to make some new assets like I want to start a restaurant on...
  10. G

    14 year old learning skills

    I am a 14 year old boy and I want to have an online business in the future. At the moment I am focusing on getting good grades and when I have time I am researching social media marketing and dropshipping because I am planning on using the dropshipping store for practicing ads. I want to learn...
  11. VincentP

    Should I go into management?

    Hello, this is my first real post. I have an opportunity to go into management at the fast food place I currently work. The only real reason I would go into management is to learn about management. Do you think this would be worth it? Are management skills valuable for every type of business? (I...
  12. Ryan Harun

    I'm not afraid of my future

    I see a lot of people preaching about "fix your mindset" or "believe in yourself" and i think MJ DeMarco really concern about this topic when I read the first few page of his book TMF and this is what creates passion to doing what you need to do not what you loved to do. You got to be bold to...
  13. KushShah9492

    Web Development as a Skill(A bankable skill for 2021?)

    So, I've been meaning to learn coding and web design for a long time now, and I'm still perplexed. While there a number of services(wordpress, pixieset, wix,etc) I still wonder "Why would Someone go through the process of coding for long hours if he could just customise his site from any of the...
  14. KushShah9492


    I have always asked this question to myself "Is it important to learn a skill before starting a business?" . This has fascinated me over the long run, I have always identified myself who has dived in deep into something before starting a new journey. For example, I used to work in Sales a few...
  15. Pero123

    Quit slacking and learn a new skill this month

    I've been wanting to actually learn web development and later on some digital marketing but I found myself action faking and slacking more than learning. Consider this thread my accountability thread where I make myself finish the web development course on Udemy within 15 days. Giving in at...
  16. K

    What are your favourite FASTLANE Skill?

    This is a very short intro, but very serious. What do you in your heart and mind believe is the 3 "best" and most effective skills to learn, when we're talking fastlane skills? Best regards Kasper
  17. D

    I'm not smart enough to sell my services, I'm just really good at what I do for myself

    It's almost 3am and I can't sleep, just wanted to share something that's troubling me. So basically after joining this forum I've had a huge mindset shift already and although I'm still hopeful I'm right and my current project works out, I'm seeing how valuable selling a skill can be. I'm...
  18. tiagosoares17.22

    YouTube Channels - Learn Skills Useful for Entrepreneurship - Tell Us Your Favorite Channels

    During winter I tend to have some free time during the evening, and I like to take advantage of it to learn new things. Since everything somehow related to business is one of my favorite topics, I am here asking for YouTube channel recommendations that can teach me some skills, or bring...
  19. MaximkaStar

    Best University for improving ourselves.

    Hello guys! Do you know good universities where you can study on cybernetics or business? I think that some people will find it useful to know.
  20. SturdySteel

    Mediocritate Delenda Est - Mediocrity Must Be Destroyed. The Execution of a Plan to Achieve Freedom.

    I'm back! It's been a little while since my intro post, so I thought I may as well update you on what I've been doing and what I plan to do! So, in the weeks that have passed I have been reading and taking many threads on this forum, and have made a plan of sorts. Whilst I know plans never...