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New Contributor
Oct 4, 2018
Growing up to be appreciative, and believing that my family had my best interest at heart, I blindly followed their path. A path that led a 27 year old polyglot with an MSc in International Business to depression, to break up his engagement, and to quit his prestigious job at a Fortune 500.

Let me be clear, I don’t complain about my life, I am extremely grateful for all the opportunities and experiences I had, and the people along the way. My life is a reflection of the chances I came across and the choices I have made.

So what happened?

As a third culture kid, I had the chance to live, study, and work in over 10 countries. These opportunities have opened my eyes to the realization that the more we experience and see, the less we actually know. At the pursuit of continuous improvement as a person, early on in my life I understood the importance to keep learning.

For the greatest part of my childhood I was raised by my father, he was my role model. He is a generous man who speaks 3 languages fluently, has completed his PHD in Finance and Economics in half the time, served his country as a Diplomat, and is a successful business man at a multinational company..

Growing up with him was a blessing, but also a very high target to catch up to and surpass. In my family the standards set formal education as the ‘key’ to a successful, respectful, and comfortable life.

With that mindset, my life was tunneled to achieve and excel in traditional education, and the corporate world.

Through inner pressure to satisfy and render proud my loved ones, I started living a life that was not mine. A life of servitude to the opinion of others, in the hope that their recognition would fulfill me. There is where I messed up!

Rewind back to where it all started, I grew up and lived side by side my twin brother for over 90% of my life. It is a gift to spend your life with someone that knows you better than you know yourself. As pisces, we were born dreamers and kind hearted. We always made friends easy, and were never shy for social activity. All we lacked was the urge to challenge the status quo, of our family, and of society. So the Pisces twins followed the preordained path.

However, something has always felt wrong, we have always felt that we were salmons swimming upstream, swimming to our ‘death’. That’s exactly what we did, we lost our selves along the way, shut down our inner voice, our true north.

Back to today, we both left our corporate jobs. We chased the opportunity to learn new skills, to manage an existing small family business, to be more street smart, all in a new country. While we are still not 100% our own bosses, we live the joys of running and managing that business. We have learned to pay ourselves first, to understand that the business we run is not yet a fastlane business, to realize that the hardest assets to manage are people.

On the personal side, our thirst for non-traditional education keeps growing, we don’t spend our night watching movies anymore, and we wake up excited in the morning for each new challenges ahead.

All in all we are fully excited to live our life and grow everyday. We do not take the 24 hours we have for granted. We finally realize that we have control over our choices, and that our choices shape our reality.

I really look forward to learn from this forum, in hope to find the support of like-minded people to live the Fastlane lifestyle.

My brother and I are currently looking to launch our first fastlane business, our first business. If any of you have advise on other people to follow or any content to share, do not hesitate. Currently our business focuses on the sale of digital products. Anything from social marketing, web page creation, e-mail lists, etc…

Thanks for reading.


George Appiah

Silver Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Aug 16, 2018
Accra, Ghana
Hello @Ian2 ,

Welcome to the Fastlane, and to the community forums!

And thanks for sharing your life story with us.

To paraphrase Hemingway (from A Farewell to Arms):

Life breaks us all. But afterward many are made stronger at the broken places.

I'm glad you and our brother have found a path that you both enjoy.

I have no doubt in my mind that your broken ends, if indeed I call it so, will be stronger and stronger in the days and years to come.

I really look forward to learn from this forum, in hope to find the support of like-minded people to live the Fastlane lifestyle.

My brother and I are currently looking to launch our first fastlane business, our first business. If any of you have advise on other people to follow or any content to share, do not hesitate.

Here is one forum resource I've found very useful (You might want to follow @Andy Black, the author):

Learnings from 700+ PMs with fellow forum members

Stay blessed and Godspeed in your Fastlane business quest.

(And p-u-leee-s tell your brother a 38-year-old- kid from Accra, Ghana says "Hi" )


New Contributor
Oct 4, 2018
Thanks a lot for the resources you sent.
And apologies for getting back to you this late.

Wishing a good eve did the the year!

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