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personal brand

  1. R

    [Progress Thread] Road to 100k Subs on YouTube in 2023

    Enter January 2023, I finally mustered up the balls to put myself out there and start the YouTube channel I've always said "one day" about. I want to build a personal brand, documenting my "second life" as a futures trader and providing educational value to people wanting to trade futures...
  2. Cam Rayan

    Building a Personal Brand and Becoming a One Man Media Company

    Hey everyone! Long-time lurker here, but finally joining the community as an official member. My name is Cam Rayan, I work in cyber security for my day job, it pays the bills + more but I have a fire inside me that wants to create and build something of my own in this world. This year...
  3. Andy Black

    How to get your first career break

    A friend asked what advice I'd give someone who's just graduated and is working a casual job while trying to get a job in the industry he studied for. Below is what I emailed him (I'll maybe create a video out of this at some point). I'm curious what your takeaways are, and what you might...
  4. J

    An introduction and an important question

    Do you ever have those surreal moments in time where everything stops and you get a glimpse into reality and a true sense of self? Hi, I'm Jack. I just finished reading Millionaire Fastlane and the feeling of urgency to turn my life around is heavy. Making it through each chapter put a...
  5. Prodox

    Have You Ever Felt That You Are Not Providing the Value That You Could Be?

    ‘Ello! I’m Prodox, a 25-year-old software engineer, currently working for a fintech company. I read unscripted recently, which brought me to this forum, and am now churning my way through the millionaire fastlane. I’m from the UK but currently live in Tokyo - a pretty busy city, but...
  6. MTF

    Let's Talk About Fame

    Just finished reading this candid post by Tim Ferriss: 11 Reasons Not To Become Famous (or “A Few Lessons Learned Since 2007”) I'm curious to hear what you think about it. Clearly, if you achieve financial success in business, particularly online, you'll gain some fame. It can help grow your...
  7. Valier

    Creating a Thriving Personal Brand w/ YouTube - A Journal & A Personal Guide.

    GOLD! HOT! 
    Let's get this started with a basic introduction. Hi, I'm James. 19 y/o from the UK, chose not to go university since there wasn't any subject I wanted to study that would suit my direction in life. The big goal is to be semi-retired by 30, but that's okay if I don't get there, I'm focusing on...
  8. DougRMR

    Should I open up a company to my personal brand?

    So real quick. I've read many times that one of the big reasons one opens up a company is that in case you get sued, the company gets sued instead of your person. If I'm planning on building a personal brand (it focuses on instagram management for businesses), should I treat it as a company...
  9. BigDaddyKane

    Observations from working in the business of content creation. (Music Videos, Commercials, Social )

    Hey all, I work in the business of creating video and film content for musicians, businesses & brands, and sometimes I just make films for fun with my closest friends. I'm not a director in the usual sense. That's usually the question I get from people. Instead, I produce. I handle the...
  10. Ian2

    Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself

    Growing up to be appreciative, and believing that my family had my best interest at heart, I blindly followed their path. A path that led a 27 year old polyglot with an MSc in International Business to depression, to break up his engagement, and to quit his prestigious job at a Fortune 500...
  11. Crazy GG

    When Should One Start A Personal Brand To Support The Existing Business?

    Hello everybody! I am really excited to make my first thread on this forum! Little about me - I am a 22 year old finishing my last year in university while having started a social media agency (Yes, I am one of those...) Now, most people in my niche is shouting - build a personal brand! It is...
  12. Fox

    Growing a YouTube Channel to 100,000 Subs

    Hey everyone, I have been snowed in at a hotel in Kazbegi, Georgia for the last few days with no sign of leaving so I wanted to start a thread I have been thinking of for a while. One regret with my original web design thread is that I didn't start sooner. It is nice when it is possible to see...