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self improvement

  1. hannuk

    Continious habit tracking challange

    I'm still 16 and to young to start my own business in Estonia. Eventhough, I'm learning web design, AI and selling so I could start a legal business when I'm 18. Also, I have been doing self-improvement on and of for about one year now, but I have found challenging to lessen my social media...
  2. adnanazmi

    What makes Good character? How does one build the best of characters?

    Hi everyone! Recently, I've embarked on a meaningful journey exploring ways to improve our character. As a follower of Islam, I naturally turned to the teachings of my faith for some insight. Here's what I found that Islam advises. Building excellent character traits: 1. Truthfulness...
  3. Felix Dominguez

    CAN'T FIND YOUR PURPOSE? Do This Instead! (TL;DR Format/5 Minute Read)

    STEP 1: Instead of listing all the things you would like to be or have in the future, you list all the things you don't like first. That's very important because this is going to give you a feeling of anger and make you accountable for whether you are going in the right direction or not...
  4. J

    Beginning my Fastlane Journey!

    I'm starting to build an online business and have been into self-improvement for something more than 4 months now. Just recently started a YouTube Channel called Northwolf to document this journey. In this last video I posted I'm starting a self-improvement challenge and creating a community...
  5. Ahmed Elakkad

    On the borderline between extreme success or extreme failure.

    I’m 20 years old. Athletic, 6ft3, quite muscular, and a disciplined person. I’ve read many books but one book changed my perspective on life was “the rich dad poor the dad”. However, my father told me about “The millionaire’s fast lane” and my view on the world has never been the same. Heck I...
  6. FastlanerDoer

    15 year old who wants to live the Fastlane Dream

    Hey bois I'm Bryan, a 14 year old boy who lives in Indonesia. Turning 15 in a week, and recently finished reading TMF a couple of days ago. And for real it actually gave me hope and like a guide to making a Fastlane business and escaping the Slowlane scripted plan. I knew the book from Hamza, a...
  7. Jakub_koru

    Switching your paradigm

    Everyone spends time trying to become someone else without understanding that you can only become the second best at that. Those folks read and watch a lot about their idols—whether it’s an athlete like the late Kobe Bryant or a business mogul like Elon Musk—and they assimilate everything there...
  8. SDE

    Programs and Courses That Added Value To Your Life and Business

    The best time to read a non-fiction book or take a course is when you're trying to solve a specific problem in your life or business. Using this approach (thanks MJ), you get high ROI from the learning materials. With that being said, what are the programs, courses/online workshops you took...

    Guys, what's your opinion on this guy (London Real)?

    Found this guy called Alain de Botton. He talks passionately about how we people are brainwashed into living a life of stress and unfulfillment. He sheds light on a philosophy that seems radically contrary to MJ Demarco's case. Please, what do you think? The way he speaks is definitely...
  10. akshay014

    Slowlane is the part of Journey

    ✌ Hello everyone, My name is Akshay Mahajan and I am from India. I am a student and Web Designer & Developer. After reading The Millionaire Fastlane I know the better way. Even After understanding the process and event, I make a Schedule for self-improvement and it helps me to get placed in a...
  11. B

    Time to start reading intensely

    MJ and other successful people really kicked my a$$ in terms of what I am willing to do to and need to do to be successful. I need to be honest with myself and understand that I have probably read less then 30 books in my life. And im 25. That is really scary :s. So I just ordered 10 topical...
  12. drum_hacker

    My first book is #3 on Amazon's 'Hot new reads' list

    Hey all! Hope everyone is having an awesome day! I haven't posted in a while, which I feel terrible about, however, it's not because I'm living scripted, quite the opposite... Since my last post, as well as setting up 2 new co's, I have self published, and bootstrapped my first ever book! In...
  13. L

    Improving myself

    Hello everyone, if I remember correctly I've never posted here before but I have been a member for some years now I'm 22,from Portugal, currently studying a master's degree in finance but I've always had that bug for entrepeneurship I do believe, however, I would be better off doing that some...
  14. Max Shapira

    The Personal Development SCAM

    The Personal Development SCAM Fair Warning! This message may be a little long. But you have my promise it will be well worth your time. For some of you, this message is really going to clean your clock! For some of you, it will open your eyes. And you will be FREE! Maybe for the first time in...
  15. Ian2

    Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself

    Growing up to be appreciative, and believing that my family had my best interest at heart, I blindly followed their path. A path that led a 27 year old polyglot with an MSc in International Business to depression, to break up his engagement, and to quit his prestigious job at a Fortune 500...
  16. Alan Spicer

    HELLO! From YouTube Consultant - Web Dev - Social Media Nerd - Alan Spicer

    Hello All, My name is Alan Spicer. My heart and passion is firmly dedicated to Social Media, YouTube Consultancy, Web Development and being a huge internet nerd. I have been on YouTube since 2013 and have helped grow YouTube channels to millions of views and thousands of subscribers. I have...
  17. Rodrickee

    Pickup brought me here

    Hey folks, greetings from Brazil! I'm currently 19 y/o. I found this forum trough the book (The Millionaire Fastlane) and I heard about the book from RSDMax, a dating/self-developing coach. Don't worry, I ain't gonna post "MY SICK LAY COUNT BROS" here or anything like that. Anyways, this is...
  18. J

    I Just Finished The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Hello EVERYONE! My name is Jeremy, I am 22 year old male and I just finished listening to TMF. I have always been wanna be Entrepreneur, before starting this book, but I was always chasing money, dabbling one thing to one thing (dropshipping, Amazon FBA etc) to just make a quick cash. After...
  19. GabrielDC

    Question time: Do looks matter for success?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to create a discussion about a topic that always interested me. Do you guys think that being good looking is a boost for 'success'? Or it's just 'additional value'? I personally think that depends on our concept of success, but it helps. Good looking people is most...
  20. AdrianL

    The impact of not knowing yourself

    I’m going to start off with a highlight of a thought that came to me a couple of days ago: One of the main parts of doing good business implies helping others. If I don’t know myself well enough, to be able to help myself, and have no clue of how to get to know myself better, how can I expect...

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