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personal development

  1. Mindsetmary

    Your Purpose and Your Deepest WHY!

    Hi Everyone, I recently interviewed on my YouTube Channel/Podcast Dr. Gary Sanchez who is the CEO of the WHY Institute. He has built an entire company around helping people discover their deepest WHY. For those of you that are personal development junkies (I am one of them) and have taken tons...
  2. Lyzmin

    What YouTube channels do you recommend?

    With the many posts about ‘guru’s’ on YouTube which provide no value I thought it will be valuable to the community to provide a list with channel recommendations you DO want to follow. I asked some longtime members for feedback, thanks so far for all the responses! More suggestions are welcome...
  3. RayAndré

    Finally Clear - Starting my personal development company

    So I joined TFF about 5 years ago and its changed my life. (I know I'm not alone there...) The first project I stared after joining was a personal growth blog called The Ambitious Me. This was my gut feeling, I was passionate about personal growth and wanted to help and support others on their...
  4. DreamLund

    Moving in with friends to pursue the fastlane? In a new country?

    26/5-23 As the title speaks What is your opinion on moving in with 2 friends and going after the dream life side by side? Is there any up- and downsides that comes to your mind? Ideas on how we could use this friendship to our best advantage while not limiting each other? Countries Cyprus/...
  5. adnanazmi

    What makes Good character? How does one build the best of characters?

    Hi everyone! Recently, I've embarked on a meaningful journey exploring ways to improve our character. As a follower of Islam, I naturally turned to the teachings of my faith for some insight. Here's what I found that Islam advises. Building excellent character traits: 1. Truthfulness...
  6. izraelinspired

    Master of All (None)

    "I know something about everything and everything about something, a jack-of-all-trades and master of one" [This post was originally shared on my newsletter called AboveSuccess, on Substack]. Dear Friend, I know sometimes my writing might sound harsh, but always know that I have you at heart...
  7. Venn

    Polish Italian going for American Dream

    Hey all, I have decided that I am going to use this forum as a kind of journal for my bussines and personal development. This way it should help me with being consistent and focused on my goals, and maybe it can be of some use for you. I am 26 y/o Polish guy living in Rome just finished my Msc...
  8. _Denis_S

    Who am I and what's my mission?

    Hello Everyone, I actually joined this forum a long time ago but wasn't very active (yet). My Name is Denis, I am 29 years old and I'm from Switzerland. I just started a new business as an online coach. This is actually my second attempt to break free from the rat race, but this time there is...
  9. MakeItHappen

    Many of the TOP 100 forbes billionaires had the same first job... have a guess

    The first job of most billionaires was... drum-roll... SALES! Not a big surprise to many I guess. Many very successful people recommend to learn sales as soon as possible, including many on this forum. I have to admit that I didn't spend any time honing my sales skills... mostly to stay...
  10. D

    Habits v Mindset

    What is the most important to you in self growth, either teaching or for your own self...Habits or Mindset?
  11. JWM

    Are you a Multipotentialite/Polymath?

    So I stumbled across this term last year some time, while it sounds corny at first, I realised I fit the definition. "A multipotentialite is a person who has many different interests and creative pursuits in life. Multipotentialites have no “one true calling” the way specialists do." The term...
  12. pat9000

    Becoming Selfless over Selfish

    Hey guys, I started my Entrepreneurial journey a few years ago. I had a mentor who owned 5 residential houses and we worked together for a year understanding the ins and outs. This brought me into a passive income mindset and I picked up a lot of his habits as he was my first mentor. He was...
  13. Shirkahn

    Setting Goals

    This is a topic I have researched and gotten advise on allot. Most crap, allot too complicated and others a waste of time. Resulting in developing my own format, jumbled together from external sources, that to this day still changes and gets adjusted according to books i am or have read. MFL...
  14. Ian2

    Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself

    Growing up to be appreciative, and believing that my family had my best interest at heart, I blindly followed their path. A path that led a 27 year old polyglot with an MSc in International Business to depression, to break up his engagement, and to quit his prestigious job at a Fortune 500...
  15. Josh Chingas

    Is there anyway to make entrepreneurship easier? Yup. Here's how:

    I wrote this elsewhere but wanted to post it here because I think it will be a good read for everyone! Let me know of what you think/feel about it! It is basically about steps to alleviate your stress as an entrepreneur, and tactics that give you an edge on your entrepreneurial journey. Enjoy...
  16. Danny reds

    Trying to live UNSCRIPTED

    It doesn’t matter what mirror you look in. You will see the same reflection. You will be the same person until you change the person inside. You’ve probably seen my name and wondered if it was real. My name is Daniel Rojas but picked up the name Danny Reds growing up. Growing up I had a good...
  17. Martin Boeddeker

    Work Less and Make More Without Sabotaging Yourself

    Just came back to this forum after being away for a long time. Mostly because I love groups of entrepreneurs but was tired with all those Facebook groups and prefer a real forum. A bit of my experience - Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing (German Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management) - Worked in the...
  18. Gunther Herzog

    What do You do to assure peak performance?

    Dear Community, I am very interested in what you other fastlaners do, because I have noticed that a lot of the slowlaners have never heard of this topic. They don't do anything to enhance their performance except than to drink coffee. The Actions in my day are the following: When I get up in...
  19. Lord Business

    Journey to freedom, purpose and 5+ mil networth through healthcare businesses

    Ether I'll be a multi-millionaire in next 3-5 years or totally broke. I'd like to think I'm on an epic journey and through sharing it (not taking in account what the business outcome is), I hope at least one person in the future can learn something from my successes and failures. MY BACKGROUND...
  20. Departed

    My search for the EJECT button

    Hello all, I am 32, and I work for one of those awesome and super cool auditor firms some of you might have heard of. I just got a huge promotion and will receive a big pay raise (Woop Woop life is great!!111). In my current position, I get to travel the world, fly business class, stay in nice...