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Lex DeVille's - 200 Big Ticket Items Referral Program Ideas

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Lex DeVille

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Jan 14, 2013
The Underground
This thread is a spin-off of my Laser thread.

For those who haven't read it, I bought a laser engraver on a loan and paid nothing because I make way more than the loan payment each month from referrals, not to mention product sales.

So this post is for sharing ideas for BIG Ticket products and services that have referral programs where you can earn $100's if not $1,000's for each referral.

The reason it's not for small ticket items is because you need a lot of people buying small ticket items to add up to the amount a single big ticket item can generate. Plus you'll have more competition.

Big ticket items tend to cost a lot of money. So less people buy them. Therefore, there is less information about them, so when potential customers search, they quickly find you if you share that info.

Also, because these items cost more, and because less people buy, the companies who sell them have greater incentive to offer a higher percentage of the sale to you for doing the work for them to generate customers.

Lastly, some companies sell big ticket items but do not have referral programs at all. @Fox brought it to my attention that it might be worth contacting these companies to set up a private referral deal. By doing this you would have ZERO competition because nobody else will make those calls and therefore nobody else will be able to earn those referrals.

So here are some big ticket product ideas that might have referral opportunities:
(You will need to research programs on Google on your own)

1. Glowforge
2. Tiny Homes
3. Outdoor Shed
4. Lawn Mowers
5. Cars
6. Mobile Homes
7. Regular Homes
10. Large Kitchen Appliances
11. Dog Houses
12. Furniture
13. Storm Shelters
14. 3D Printers
15. Kids Outdoor Playgrounds
16. Swimming Pools
17. Hot Tubs
18. Trampolines
19. Fire Pits
20. Weight Sets or Machines
21. Cardio Exercise Machines (treadmill, bicycles, row machine)
22. ATV's
23. Golf Carts
24. Air Plane
25. Boat
26. Jet Skis
27. Cabin
28. High-Ticket Coaching/Courses
29. Home Studio
30. Fall out shelter
31. Sensory deprivation tanks
32. Spray tan booth
33. Tanning beds
34. Storage units
35. Statues
36. Heavy Equipment (tractor, bulldozer, road grader etc.)
37. Recreational Vehicles
38. Camper
39. Trailers
40. Bounce House
41. CNC Equipment
42. Woodworking Equipment (Saws, drills, lathe etc.)
43. Computers
44. Carport
45. Industrial Freezer
46. Air conditioning units
47. Televisions
48. Fireplaces
49. Security doors and windows
50. Home security systems
51. Fencing
52. Cattle
53. Horse saddles
54. Bug Out Bags
56. Tree houses
57. Gaming tables (pool table, foosball table etc.)
58. Carpet cleaning machines
59. Vacuums
60. Automotive lifts or products
61. Sports car performance parts
62. Racing seats
63. Office furniture
64. Office equipment
65. Expensive Artwork
66. Expensive Sculptures
67. Lighting products
68. Forklifts
69. Highlifts
70. Warehouse
71. Warehouse shelves
72. Vacations
73. Helicopter
74. Drones
75. RC Cars, Planes, Boats
76. Cameras and video equipment
77. Gymnastic equipment (bars, mats, training equipment)
78. Projectors
79. Golf Clubs and sports equipment
80. Greenhouse
81. Expensive carpets and rugs
82. Flooring
83. Weapons (guns, knives, bows)
84. Hunting stands
85. large doll houses or playsets
86. Video game chairs or systems
87. Beds and bedding
88. Sun rooms
89. Musical instruments (guitar, piano etc.)
90. Luxury watch
91. Professional stereo equipment
92. Concert staging
93. Office cubicles
94. Medical beds
95. Church pews
97. Whirlpool tub (for bathroom) or shower
98. Restaurant tables
99. Tree planting?
100. Parachutes
101. Cannabis grow rooms
102. Ice machine
103. ATM
104. Police or Military Gear
105. Radar speed signs
106. Electronic road warning signs
107. Electronic billboard
108. Electronic directional board for malls or large buildings
109. Elevators
110. Donor recognition signs
111. Shark cage
112. Wedding dress
113. Casket or headstones
114. Defibrillator
115. Operating room light
116. Water slide
117. Hair salon chairs
118. Scuba gear
119. Air compressor
120. Sauna
121. Water fountain (indoor or outdoor)
122. Aesthetic fountains (indoor or outdoor)
123. Waiting room center pieces
124. Chandelier
125. Water pumps
126. Safes
127. Barcode scanner
128. Industrial weight scales
129. Massage chair
130. Parasailing gear
131. White water rafts
132. Snowmobile
133. Riding floor polisher
134. Zamboni
135. Ceiling fans
136. Garage doors
137. Business signs (think McDonalds sign)
138. Gas pumps
139. Payment kiosks
140. Wood decks
141. Soccer goal (or other goal posts)
142. Park benches
143. Gazibo
144. Car lot car display stands
145. Waiting room furniture
146. Cabinets
147. Cash register
148. Arcade games
149. Popcorn machine
150. CPR Training Dummies
151. University training skeleton or other anatomical models
152. Electric wheelchair
153. Grocery store motorized cart
154. Segway
155. Powered wheel chair lift for vehicles
156. Barbecue Grill
157. Attachments for heavy equipment (like forks for fork lift)
158. Log grappler
159. Portable saw mill
160. Dairy holding tank
161. Chicken Coup
162. Porta Potties
163. Portable building with toilets
164. Water heater
165. Trade show booth
166. Portable dressing room
167. Photo booth
168. Frozen drink slushy machine
169. Espresso machine
170. Soda fountain machine
171. Catering cart
172. Sex dolls
173. Security guard shack
174. Driveway gate
175. Security turnstiles
176. Flammable warning cabinets
177. Bulk road cones
178. Paint mixture enclosure
179. Safety railing
180. Hay bale stacker
181. Hay bale grappler
182. Farming feed silo
183. Outdoor lighting
184. Robotic pool cleaner
185. Swimming pool heat pump
186. Wedding party tent
187. Inflatable car spray paint booth
189. Patio furniture
190. Pond aeration kit
191. Fire sprinkler system
192. Generator
193. Paddle boat
194. Performance exhaust kit
195. Cruise
196. Paintball gun
197. tepee
198. Water trampoline
199. Water sled
200. Inflatable water tent

Most of these items cost over $1,000. They're not guaranteed to have referral programs. But again, that doesn't mean you can't work a deal.

Also, you don't necessarily have to do this online. With the right product, a local audience or network could be all you need.

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Aug 19, 2015
Good idea on top of this would be reviewing or troubleshooting the cheaper products but then also in the same video upselling the bigger product.

Case in point - I bought some budget "airpod" copycat earphones at the airport recently and when I couldnt fix something searched on youtube. I think its had over 400k views for a simple 30-second video on how to connect them correctly to the Bluetooth. If there was an upsell in that video to another product it would be making a fortune.

Might work even better on larger stuff - they got the X now talk about the Y and Z that go along with it (or the better X).

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