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Kill Bigger Incubator


New Contributor
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Dec 22, 2020

Hey Guys!

I wanted to give a quick update on what this program has become. In its infancy, we were talking about primarily capitalization and investment strategy... The original offer is still in this post below. What this has become is FAR more custom tailored. I would consider it more of an overall strategy partner. We take a look at the matters at hand together and address them with the best possible action considering any constraints. The goal is moving forward. Always.

TOGETHER we work through the ins and outs of what you can do and what you might have to wait on. NOTHING is rushed or flippant. Everything is calculated. I don't push you to do things you are unable to handle or to take unnecessary risk. I am a good steward of your money.
Among strategy we have addressed in the incubator so far:
  • Zero to One business launch
  • Sourcing
  • Prototyping
  • Financing
  • General growth
  • Cashflow management
  • Inventory management
  • Deal structure with outside entities
  • Government relations
  • Business to business sales
  • Personal finance
  • Capitalization strategy
  • Legacy building
  • I am sure I am missing some...
And finally just the nature of such a program there is built in accountability.

Every weekday morning you will hear from me on Slack. We discuss marching orders and next steps. I am always available outside of that, but the mornings are really our discussion time. The goal is to keep moving forward.

This is still $1500 per month. It is a pretty in depth program and I feel like you guys get quite a bit for the money. It has also proven to be not a huge burden on my time and just flat out enjoyable so I am keeping the price as is. You will probably see how much I enjoy this if we begin working together.

All of this said, I think this post brings the Kill Bigger Incubator up to date.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask!

If you want to discuss joining up, shoot me an email at and we will open a dialogue, discuss your needs, and see if this is a fit!


Are you sick and tired of being strapped for resources?

...Are you tired of trying to pinch pennies to business growth? Is your FBA store a complete disaster? $40k per year not quite cutting it? I think it is time to Kill Bigger.

Who says you have to go in it alone with your first 2 or 3 grand to grow some consumer brand? Who says you have to bootstrap and hustle flipping generic Chinese widgets and finding arbitrage strategies? Who says you have start out as a onepreneur shop owner? You don't. What you need to be is a CEO.

Over and over again we see the biggest and most hyped over businesses are the ones that went after a lot of investor money in the beginning, despite in some cases, almost nonexistent profitability. What would you do with $100k in venture capital? 250k? $1m? $5m? How much would the competition worry with millions in your coffers? How would you dominate your market? How do you emerge victorious as a true market authority? Those questions are what everyone should be asking... But, unfortunately they tend to look more like this. Where can I get a budget website? Can I learn app developing to save some money? How can I suck up to customers to avoid bad reviews on Amazon and Yelp? How can I game the PPC system with perfect keywords and per click pricing? How long can I make that last when I figure it out? I don’t know about you... but I would rather think bigger than that.

I am honestly convinced that starting a business in the red market sea of cheap snowball, bandwagon businesses is FAR MORE DIFFICULT long term than doing something seriously influential and scalable.

Speaking in generalities in public domain can only get us so far. We can dive deeper. The goal of Kill Bigger is to apply big thinking leadership and scale coaching, individually, to your business, organize that strategy to make you more attractive to investors, AND more importantly, worthy of their money.

Why? It might be cliche, but quite frankly, because you can. You can have a business that has a FOUNDATION OF SCALE. With the right value proposition, you can raise money like a pro. You can have legitimate resources instead of pinching every penny. Does that sound crazy to you? It isn’t. The rich do it this way and so should you.

Why should you listen to me?

I hold a triple focus business degree in economics, business law and strategic management from Baylor University (I know...yawn). I am a serial entrepreneur who has done business in B2C, B2B and B2G. After a modest exit from an electricity venture. I became the CEO of a multi-million dollar, investor funded B2G startup. I am also the CEO of a raw materials company that serves major, worldwide corporations. I believe the raw materials company has better value propositions than a company that recently sold to Brenntag for over $100m. We are also currently working on fuel deals so big, even a billionaire wouldn't want to self finance them (thank you @Vigilante for that introduction). I am on the board of a Christian television show. I am on the advisory board for a few ambitious upstarts in the Houston area. My personal network includes many multi-multi millionaires and a few centi-millionaires that will probably become billionaires. I know how the truly rich think and operate. I am well versed in the banking instruments for debt-driven scale. I am also experienced in raising multiple rounds of venture capital.


If you want to foster critical thinking to overcome extremely difficult barriers to entry and enter markets with the kind of strength that the world’s foremost companies did before you, let’s talk.

If you agree with me that leadership is by far the most important expertise, let’s talk.

If you know there is a better way than trying to organically grow a 40k per year venture into a multimillion dollar company, let’s talk.

If you recognize the reason some companies fly to the millions mark and others never make it, despite the proprietors being highly intelligent, let’s talk.

If you want a pitch that makes investors take you very seriously, let’s talk.

If you have an awesome idea, but no clue where to start. Let's definitely talk!

Even discussions using protective generalities, I have helped countless forum members think bigger and then think bigger than that. @Scot and @GPM in particular have gotten to see some of the horsepower of what I am offering here. Let’s take these lessons and apply them specifically to your venture. Let’s make you attractive to investors if that is what you need, if not, let's at least make you worthy of their money. Let’s Kill Bigger.

Why you shouldn’t join...

If you don’t have an idea yet, don't apply, I am not an idea genie.

If you or your venture are ethically questionable. I am not interested.

I am not an expert in SEO, PPC, FBA, keyword research, social media, white hat, black hat or pointy hat.

If you think I am going to do the work for you, don't apply.

If you want me to save your FBA store, you should know I let mine basically fail, and don’t apply.

If you think I have all the answers, you should know I don’t, and don’t apply.

If your plan is to hire me for one month and cram as much into our time together as possible only to quit the next month, don't apply. You’ll completely miss the point of joining anyway and it will be a waste of your “scarce” resources.

If you aren’t willing to do a significant amount of work, don’t apply.

If you think I am making ANY guarantees to your outcome, I am not, and don't apply.

I will FIRE YOU if you're not taking the required initiative, because I want you to have good results.

Still reading? Good!

The rest of this is for those of you that want more out of business.

Why should you join the incubator? Because for this round of applicants, it’s going to be very affordable.

At $1500 per month you will have open access to me via email, Skype and scheduled Webex calls.

I will be taking applications over the next few weeks. Incubation will commence in January. This round is the one and only opportunity to get in on this rate. The price of the next offer will be going up. I don’t know how much it will be, I don’t know how many I’ll take and I don’t even know if I will ever do this ever again. There will most likely be a track record of success and some clients getting funded at that point.

My goal for our time together... I want to assist you with my principles that I have learned in my leadership driven ventures. I want to train strong CEOs that can overcome problems by leading through it and hopefully, if you truly Kill Bigger, you get funded.

In addition to all this, you will have general access to me. If there is something I have been through, and I can help, I will.

Why am I doing this?

Now, before you go thinking I am a hypocrite, offering to trade my time for money when I preach otherwise... If you were already thinking it, good catch. There is ALWAYS a bigger plan. This is an exercise that I want to go through to create a solid foundation on which to build a private equity fund. Beyond that, I obviously enjoy helping people. I want to see the world outside of my businesses, and $1500/month/client is what I believe to be a very fair capitalistic exchange.

I have always said ALL of my businesses will likely end up in high finance, this incubation experience will make the leap FAR more easy for every one of them. Quite simply, if I can help create performing clients that raise hundreds of thousands or even millions, I can raise tens of millions for my fund.

Is it time to make a change and have a different 2019? Could this be the decision that changes your life forever? Maybe. Where could this lead if you start today?

Or is it back to the status quo labeling toilet paper holders for FBA? Maybe you’ll get lucky and get some more good reviews this year and your conversion rates will magically go up.

Send an email with a descriptive rundown on who you are, your background, what you do, where you want to be and what you hope to get out of our time together to to apply.

I am looking forward to hearing from those of you that want to make a change.
come fly with me, come fly, come flyyy away!
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The Forum Grandpa- Business is a GOOD Thing
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Jan 23, 2011
I have not offered one of these in a while, but it looks like I have time to take on an incubate.

I have also thought about the group thing and decided against it.

If you are interested in working together for a little bit each day, shoot a rundown over to

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