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Josh from Orlando, FL


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Aug 20, 2015
Orlando, FL
Hi, I'm Joshua Spears and I live near Orlando Florida (about 45mins north). I actually created an account on the Fastlane Forum a few years ago after discovering The Millionaire Fastlane but never posted an intro. I want to do a legit and thorough intro so this may be a bit of a long post. I will proofread and monitor my rambling as best as I can :smile2:

Forum Goal:
What I am mostly looking for with the Fastlane Forum is to have the opportunity to build meaningful relationships. I want valuable people in my life who I can help and give value to and be helped and receive value from. This is something I've always lacked in my life. The few friends I've had have been loose friends at best. When times got rough, they disappeared. They contributed little to my life and were only around when times were fun. I'm not only looking for help for my own selfish reasons but also for ways to give back as much as I can. I'm looking to meet like minded individuals to brainstorm new big ideas with, sharpen each other's skills, and overall be positive influencers for one another when we need it. This will allow all involved to become better, more responsible and successful entrepreneurs.

Brief Backstory:
I grew up in Knoxville, TN for most of the first 24 years of my life and was always AWFUL in school. It wasn't until my early 30's that I found out I am ADHD. Not the stereotypical ADHD which insinuates I can't function or focus, but easily bored with the norm. I've always questioned why things are supposed to be a specific way. After barely graduating high school I was absolutely LOST. I hated the mundane job lifestyle, practically starving, and even more so hated the idea of more school. In 2011 I discovered I had the ability to make a lot more money per hour (triple digits) via online connections. Most of these opportunities were rare and spread far apart, so I was nowhere near six figures but it did allow for a lot of free time and gave me the ability to quit the job lifestyle.

This way of living is not family friendly and I decided to hop into a pre-made family when I met an amazing woman in 2014. While this was the best decision and happiest time of my life, I have since been struggling to find my place. What once provided income that lead to freedom from jobs is now a stranglehold because it just doesn't provide enough income for my new life. It is essentially a job that requires my time and takes me away from my family. Which is no better than working a 9-5 but I do at least have significant free time to postulate solutions to our problems. We do live better than the majority, but as the scenario implies in Unscripted , we are stuck in a stranglehold of living paycheck to paycheck. Only neither my wife or myself have paychecks to rely on. We both work for ourselves and are struggling to build anything significant let alone automated.

I have a few ideas and have been neck deep in reading, studying, and trying to find what will satisfy both itches of feeling fulfilled and providing the life I want for my family. I've been a fitness fanatic since age 14 and for the longest time wanted to be a pro bodybuilder. As I discovered in my early 20's, this was not a realistic idea. After a long hiatus in fitness (as it relates to business, not my personal goals) I have since returned to create an in-home personal training business as it's the one area I am most certainly an expert in. Eventually it can lead to online automated sales that will allow me to live in the Fastlane where income is automated and I can step out of most business activities to live the life I want to raising my 2 step-daughters and most likely having a 3rd offspring :smile:

I look forward to the future relationships I can possibly build on this forum and to the new people I can work to bring value to. I'm an audiobook and physical book fanatic and have covered many subjects on entrepreneurship. My favorite audiobooks are centered around the most successful entrepreneurs I can find and covering subjects I know I need help with. I am a fact storage unit and can certainly regurgitate book facts to those who aren't as book happy as I am. If you're ever in need of an entrepreneur book recap, I can most likely help with that :cool:
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