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  1. DreamLund

    Moving in with friends to pursue the fastlane? In a new country?

    26/5-23 As the title speaks What is your opinion on moving in with 2 friends and going after the dream life side by side? Is there any up- and downsides that comes to your mind? Ideas on how we could use this friendship to our best advantage while not limiting each other? Countries Cyprus/...
  2. Rangermac2

    Divergence in Long Lasting Friendships - Is it okay to move away from old friends?

    Hello, I wanted to start off saying I appreciate the help in previous discussions within making decisions where I have been able to communicate the facts and feelings of various situations and the action I have to take. Back when I was in middle school, I met 5 other boys my age and we became...
  3. MTF

    Are 20-40 Years Old More Lonely Than Ever?

    I've been noticing this problem more and more often recently: people in their late twenties/early thirties are lonely and have very few friends. Perhaps it's only limited to me, my girlfriend, and some people I know so I wanted to post this thread and figure this out. Here are a few thoughts to...
  4. C

    Introduction of myself

    Well my name is Jose, I'm 18 years old, I come from a city that is border with Mexico in the state of Texas, I speak English and Spanish. I used to be like any other person who had the mentality to go to school, have good grades, graduate and have a good job but my journey to start as an...
  5. MrSpears

    Josh from Orlando, FL

    Hi, I'm Joshua Spears and I live near Orlando Florida (about 45mins north). I actually created an account on the Fastlane Forum a few years ago after discovering The Millionaire Fastlane but never posted an intro. I want to do a legit and thorough intro so this may be a bit of a long post. I...
  6. Galaxy16

    What to do with school friends?

    Fuel for my success motivation are my school bullies. But I also had many friends. Like MJ DeMarco's friend who worked slowlane in Motorola. It is possible that The Millionaire Fastlane stressed my following question already, but I may have missed it out during reading. If so, I should...