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  1. Jrjohnny

    What was MJ DeMarco's Relationship Rule?

    I was reading the great rat race escape a few days ago, and MJ was talking about some rule like 3/5/10 or something like spend 3 minutes thinking about them etc.. I was just wondering for future me. Thank you guys
  2. mikecarlooch

    The "Inside The Mind Show" With MikeCarlooch - Marketing & Entrepreneurship

    Man.. I'm excited for this.. Glad to announce my new show INSIDE THE MIND Over the past 8 months on the forum, I've met some really awesome people who've done some AMAZING things, and I wanted to learn more about these individuals! (even though the show will not just be people on this forum)...
  3. Woosah

    That Dude That Pisses You off Is Good for You. Can You See It Though?

    If you've read my book or have been reading the articles I've been posting, you know that I'm a huge nerd when it comes to psychology and philosophy, especially when applied to entrepreneurship. I'm fascinated by the potential of the human mind and the ways in which we grow as individuals...
  4. KushShah9492

    To all the dad’s out there…

    A relationship with my Dad hasn’t been on track since I can remember. He has always supported me, fed me, did everything he could for the entire family. He’s 57 now, and I’m 29. We haven’t talked like a father and son for a long time. I feel a certain discomfort in sharing even the smallest...
  5. E

    What Does "Sacrifice" Mean to You?

    Hey everyone, Something I see a lot on many forums and books on entrepreneurship is the use of the word "sacrifice." So my question is -- what does "sacrifice" mean to you? Does it mean saying no to spending time with loved ones and devoting that time to your business? Cause my current belief...
  6. C

    Friends & Fastlane

    Ho everyone, I'm 22 and I am trying to become an entrepreneur, so I'm using this forum to learn valuable information or to absorb any kind of knowledge. So my question is how you guys dealt with your friends and family in the period in which you tried to become entrepreneurs? I mean you left...
  7. Andy Black

    Kak & Andy discuss the importance of building relationships in business

    From @Kak this morning (here): LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! EPISODE 8 OF THE KILL BIGGER RADIO SHOW IS NOW AVAILABLE! For your listening pleasure, Mr. @Andy Black and myself discuss the importance of business relationship building. Apple Podcasts! Google Podcasts! Spotify Podcasts! YouTube! And...
  8. AgainstAllOdds

    A Warning for Young Guys: Money is NOT the way to solve your Girl Problems

    The post below is a fair warning for guys that are on this forum and in entrepreneurship for the wrong reasons. If you're looking to make money to get the girl, then you're doing it wrong. There's easier ways to get the girl, and if that's your sole purpose for making money, then you should read...
  9. Royce2

    How to NOT get screwed over thread.

    We know that there are many factors involved that turn partners, colleagues, etc. against themselves. I think it is very important to have a solid thread that will possibly prevent such things happening to anyone reading this advice. This thread's purpose is a collaborative pool of advice to...
  10. D

    Connections and their Endless Power

    Hello, This time I will give my thoughts on how connections impact the business world and that it is not always black and white when it comes to the helpfulness of them. As always, criticism is always welcome no matter how harsh. Now lets get busy. Intro Connections are an integral part of...
  11. ygtrhos

    Auditing Friends' Circle

    Hey everyone, I guess this thread will address a very common problem of the fastlaners. Garyvee always says that auditing your friends' circle is the key. I can only confirm that. For the 8 years I have spent in Germany, there was this 2 years span where I really had an amazing flat with...
  12. D

    The Art of Listening (aka how to have a conversation)

    In a previous thread here, I responded to @Willing2Learn 's question about being an introvert and how that's a real advantage. @Roli , @castr131 , and @ApparentHorizon wanted a longer discussion on what I've learned about the art of conversation. This is my attempt at putting my thoughts...
  13. MrSpears

    Josh from Orlando, FL

    Hi, I'm Joshua Spears and I live near Orlando Florida (about 45mins north). I actually created an account on the Fastlane Forum a few years ago after discovering The Millionaire Fastlane but never posted an intro. I want to do a legit and thorough intro so this may be a bit of a long post. I...
  14. Olimac21

    Managing Sucessful Relationships

    I was wondering how do you manage key relationships in your life? (i.e friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, family) I tend to be more to the "giver" in a relationship however that puts me on a needy side of things and I absolutely hate that. Lately I decided not to give attention to relationships...
  15. Saiful

    7 Types of People You Need to Completely Avoid

    You're The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With. ~Jim Rohn Are you surrounded by a toxic environment? 7 kinds of people you need to avoid: 1. Gossipers 2. Jealous Haters 3. Time-Wasters 4. Money Grabbers 5. Over-Sensitive 6. Excuse-Makers 7. Miseducated [I plagiarized this...
  16. Mike J Freeman

    New Member - Grateful I'm Here!

    Hello Leaders: Glad to be a part of this great community creating a new paradigm. Thank you @MJ DeMarco for your valuable talk this morning with Peter Voogd. That is how I learned about you and landed here. I was a career man of 16 years, resisting the 8-6, working with people I would never...
  17. ToySoldier

    I need some advice on dealing with a tough client

    Hey guys, I'm a college senior, and have been running a web design business for a few years. An client of mine recently shot me an email asking for changes to be made to her site. It was a pretty simple copy/paste job, and took about 40 minutes. My hourly rate is $30, and that's stated in...
  18. AndrewNC

    The Entrepreneur's Guide to Dating & Relationships

    The Entrepreneur's Guide to Dating & Relationships Since my first internet business took off in 2014, I began to travel a lot. Every three to six months, I packed up my car and moved to a different city. I've lived and traveled anywhere from New York, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, to...

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