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May 31, 2018
Laredo, Texas
Well my name is Jose, I'm 18 years old, I come from a city that is border with Mexico in the state of Texas, I speak English and Spanish. I used to be like any other person who had the mentality to go to school, have good grades, graduate and have a good job but my journey to start as an entrepreneur and my way of thinking changed 1 year ago, After reading my first book, by Robert Kiyosaki, that lead me to be interested in learning more about being an entreprenuer and all that stuff. I was learning a lot of things by doing research on the internet, and I learned that reading books is something that It helped me to change the way I saw things, so I started buying several self development/business books like, how to win friends and influence people, day trading (not interested in stock trading), 1 page marketing plan, other business books and last but not least, The millionaire fastlane , "one of my favorite books because it has a lot of valuable information that changed my way of thinking. During that time I realized that the most important thing in the way of being an entrepreneur or wanting to retire early is Time, time I invested in learning, trying or doing things that are going to make me reach that goal of retiring early in life.

The reason why I entered this forum was because I want to connect with people who have the same mentality and be able to share information, learn and be able to have mutual help. Another reason is because there are no young people of my age who share the same interests that I have, people sometimes think its weird that at my age I no longer go out on weekends and I spend most of my time doing stuff for my proyect or reading books But tbh that doesnt bothers me. Closing the subject, I am grateful to have learned these things at my young age and I would like young people of my age to do the same. Maybe I do not have much experience in life and I'm just starting but I'm still willing to start this way from now on in order to have financial freedom in the future.

More about me: I graduated from high school early in December last year, and I started working 2 months after graduation. I work in a small company (Customs Agency) which is company that is paid to make the formal arrangements for imported goods to go through customs. I've worked there the past summer and this past months, thanks to that I have learned more than I already knew about import/export, customs agency, and everything related to logistics (I live in the border so trucking industry and everything related to Supply chains are Big here) Generally the rich people from here are rich because they have trucking companies or they have an import export business.

Until now I've saved a good amount of money because I have almost no expenses, and I just made my first order from my china supplier to import some products to Mexico and distribute them throughout Mexico, (this is a project in mind and I hope everything goes well),Theres a lot that I have in mind but I rather first execute what I have in mind then I can write how it did. Sometimes I feel like this proyect is gonna fail but I always remember that even if I fail I will take something with that failure: experience, and I notice it quickly because I've learned a lot during the process.

Thanks for reading this, I wish you all the best.

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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Welcome Jose, great to have ya!

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