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  1. B

    I studied Business Growth Strategies – here is the summary

    Everyone who followed this forum for a time will probably know a lot about what I am going to summarize here. Success is no accident. It is the result of logic and persistence. It follows specific rules and these rules can be learned. Many years ago, when I started my first full-time business...
  2. Fit&Energy_Coach

    Do busy entrepreneurs struggle with Fitness?

    Hey everyone, first of all I wanted to say that I respect entrepreneurs a lot. It’s one of the most challenging jobs out there, in my opinion, because it can be a very lonely, you have to sacrifice and give up many other things that are important to you, you have no one who tells you exactly...
  3. A

    Lurker for 2 years. Switching the strategy.

    Hey, I'm Artiom. I've been a lurker here for some time. Through the past 2 years, I've been consuming a lot of posts, but still haven't produced anything reasonable. After so much action-faking, I realized that now is the best time to commit with a progress thread. My old strategy didn't work...
  4. Andy Black

    Your Step's Too Short

    Back in 1990 I was on the first day of a course to become an Assistant Club Coach for Track and Field Athletics. We were welcomed and our first instructor was introduced - some old chap ... who just happened to be one of the top freaking coaches in England! Wow, one of the top coaches in the...
  5. M

    Where and what type of company

    Hey, I am new to entrepreneurship and this thing. 1. I have a business model or idea in mind, and I would like to set up a company or a service based on it, I am just totally clueless how to do it and what to do. (I heard about Uk Ltd-brexit worries, i am european-european company?) 2. I dont...
  6. RazorCut

    Progress Thread - From The Ground Up - The Phoenix Has Arisen

    Hi everyone. Although I have popped in on occasion I have not posted for quite some time. I am back and will be using this Progress Thread in the coming weeks after I tie up a few loose ends with my existing business. So, for the few of you that remember me and have maybe wondered what...
  7. C

    Introduction of myself

    Well my name is Jose, I'm 18 years old, I come from a city that is border with Mexico in the state of Texas, I speak English and Spanish. I used to be like any other person who had the mentality to go to school, have good grades, graduate and have a good job but my journey to start as an...
  8. F

    Accountability group with a twist

    Hey all, I’m a small business owner and I was thinking of a way to hold myself accountable and be more productive. The idea is to form a group and help each other out with different tasks for our projects. To keep interest and hold people accountable we pay an entry fee and everyone that...
  9. Max Crowe

    $10,000,000 and counting (Hello)

    Well Hi there! Did I do good enough job grabbing your attention with that number in the title? I hope so! Unfortunately It was the only purpose of that number. So feel free to hate and critique me now, but since you're already here , hey why not read my story?:smuggy: My name is Max...
  10. CaptainAmerica

    Captain America Returns!!

    Did you miss me, huh? I sure missed all of you! Remember that post I did about how I was over the depression, and well on my way to the Fastlane? Yeah, me too. It turns out that it takes a lot longer than anticipated, especially with hidden health issues underlying the whole thing. Ugh. Sorry...
  11. arfadugus

    Why the 30 Day Copywriting Challenge Doesn't Work. Secrets from OZ and Narnia.

    The Books, The Information, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe! OH MY! You've read 10 expert books on copywriting. You've handwritten 30 sales letters. You haven't made a cent copywriting. Here's why.... These ten books on copywriting go into detail about benefits vs. features. They give...