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How to bootstrap my business in a few weeks

A detailed account of a Fastlane process...
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Nov 28, 2017
Pesaro, Marche, Italy
Hi all, I'm essentially a software developer and I'm nearly broke because of bad choices in the past. Luckily I'm full of (intellectual) resources and I think I can run the fastlane from now on and I want to do it ASAP: the bad thing is that I've 0 money to startup my activity and I do need to bootstrap it.

Long story short: I've been a musician for 22 years and conducted a music school for 11 with little to none success economically speaking because of our focusing on human/artistic goals and quite ignoring economical issues.

This is not entirely true but I need to simplify it for making my story easier to read and, 2nd, don't want to focus this thread on the past because I need some advice on the present time and the road I'm walkin' now.

To put it briefly, 2 years ago I've detached from my old "profession" (now only an hobby) and started to work as a freelance software developer. I mostly do websites and mobile apps, some client-side software: my income is incremented to reach a decent level but up till now I'm not able to... skyrocket my life.

I've no debts (some bills, nothing scary) but I'm substantially on a "slowlane".

I constantly struggle with clients for payments, I spend all of my time fixing issues and bowing my heads to persons that keeps me at the sharp end of the knife and my life sucks as a result: I work 10-12 hours a day to get a ridiculous € ~1200 wage on average. Sometimes I earn 3k, sometimes € 500 but since I'm not a senior dev I can't raise my hourly rate too much.

I'm working on a mobile app that (I think) can solve my problems and I have a huge amount of drafted projects that I see really profitable and can carry me out the mud, but if I had to work on my customers work I can't concentrate on my projects.

So I'm tryin' to get a bootstrap for my projects.

I don't need a huge amount of money, comparing to someone who wants to start a commercial activity: I'm in need of something like € 30,000, possibly less. Just need to focus on my ideas and goals without bothering with little projects that keep me anchored to the ground.

So I've been thinking to different solutions: crowdfunding my app, launching a social donation campaign (my app helps to monitor a medical issue: my girlfriend is afflicted with a rare condition, can't say more for now), sketching a project and propose myself to investors and so on.

All these things are possible but they all take a long time to be fulfilled. I need a faster solution. I need to "explode" with a ~30k entry in a week or two, before the end of the year if possible.

I thought about temporarily put aside my biggest goals (the mobile app above all) and try to sell a simpler project like a plugin or a theme on a (online) store but it's quite complicated now and it isn't something that could be done in a week or two if you want to get it right, following best practices and "pumping" the project in order to get a decent revenue.

So I need something quickier, legal and morally acceptable, lol.

Surely it sounds impossible but I want to try.

I'll be eternally grateful to you if you'll give me some advice on how to get this goal.

(Sorry for my bad English, Italian here)
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