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  1. GiganticWebsites - We Build Sites with Thousands of Articles (30% - 50% Fastlane Discounts)

    Will get right down to business: we create beautiful WordPress websites that are... let's just say content-rich on steroids. With 500 articles as the bare minimum and the sky being the limit in terms of maximum. By leveraging the best of the best in terms of what genAI has to offer, you can...
  2. P

    Old dog with new tricks

    Hello world. Just joined the party but looks like I'm way late. I'm retired or trying to be from my 30 year business farming clams, yes I said clams; more specifically the Geoduck clam. I started way back before it was a thing, if it is a thing. Now that I don't spend most of my day 60 feet...
  3. P

    Passive business for developer web

    This activity consist to fix the website of peoples, like basic bugs ( bugs of payment, traffic, design bugs ... ). You can propose an subscription of 50$ per month, for repair all problems of your customers, when their website have problems. And the good point of this business is that the...
  4. Ayush6543

    Urgent Help Needed: Can't Receive Payment as Non-US Citizen

    I have a client who lives in the US. He wants a website developed for a restaurant using WordPress. He is unable to send the money to India, saying that the bank charged him previously when he sent the money through PayPal. This is what he says: Kindly contact a representative or...
  5. J

    Will ChatGPT destroy copywriters and developers in the next few years?

    Hello friends! I'm curious about the current trend of chat GPT and whether copywriting will continue to be a high-income skill in 2023. I aim to make $10,000 in the coming year but lack specific skills. I'm considering pursuing a career as either a full-stack developer or a copywriter, but...
  6. gandalf113

    Fresh from high-school, self-taught software developer, jumping into entrepreneurship

    INTRODUCTION AND ORIGIN I'm a 19 years old male from Poland who graduated from high school this year. Most of my friends went to college, and I decided to go down a different path. From a young age, I was really into coding. I first started at about 12. Inspired by Minecraft, I wanted to create...
  7. Tau Ceti

    From construction laborer to senior software developer to entrepreneur.

    Foreword I am not very good at writing but I am trying to change that. This is just another step I am taking in this journey. I am a 35 year old male originally from Europe. For privacy reasons I'll keep some details vague but I'll try to answer as many questions as possible if there are any...
  8. iivalky

    How I Went From Massive Consumer to Massive Producer (Business Venture)

    Hello everyone, A lot of people seemed to take interest in my introduction where I briefly explained my career as an indie game developer, so I thought I would write a detailed article of my journey from start to present. I will be as open as possible with my numbers, failures and even struggles...
  9. MaxT

    Promote an iOS application: Screenshots / Scenario

    Hello, I am primarily addressing people with a business in iOS and/or Android applications. I wonder, what is better between presenting your application with screenshots of the application, OR presenting it with "scenario" type captures for example with Netflix: https://play...
  10. S

    Introverted Software Engineer with a bumpy course of life says hello

    Hello everyone, finally, I joined the forum and want to introduce myself. I am a Software Engineer from Germany, early 40s, introverted but not shy, with a well paying corporate job. Most of my peers would say I have a dream job. Problem: I am not happy with it. Here are some other...
  11. benhowdle

    Add a pro tier to a reasonably popular free service

    First-time poster, apologies if this is the wrong forum! I built and run Reqres - A hosted REST-API ready to respond to your AJAX requests Reqres - a free tool for developers. It receives millions of requests a month (the devs using the tool), and the homepage itself gets 20-30k unique visitors...
  12. berrydev

    Need Feedback on My Web App Idea and If I Should Pursue?

    I want to build a web app for generating a meal plan based on budget, family size, time, excluding unliked ingredients, and dietary needs (Calories, Macro-nutrients, Allergies, Gluten Free, Keto, Vegan, Dairy Free, etc.). When your meal plan is generated you get access to your daily/weekly...
  13. Pablo La Torre

    Pathways to becoming an Architect & Developer

    My name is Pablo La Torre, and I have recently graduated from a BSc in Architecture. During my undergraduate studies I have always been interested in Real Estate development because it allows me as an architect to be more in control over a building project; its design, usage, and the profit I...
  14. E

    Developers for a short-term contract

    Hey guys, if you’re searching for highly skilled Developers for a short-term contract, just let me know (no, I'm not from a staffing agency). In our startup, we have a great development team that involved in building chatbots with NLP. Despite we have several customers, we realized that we...
  15. ProcessPro

    Question for developers: Can I do this?

    Good day fastlaners, I'm currently working on a wordpress website for a small e-commerce store I plan to operate from my home. The local shipping company I plan to use offers an API that I can integrate into my website so that the customers can access shipping rates based on their area of...
  16. MoneyDoc

    Anyone up to make me a shopify website?

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this, but I was looking into paying someone to develop a modern, clean, minimalistic shopify website for my supplement brand. I would also need amazon Canada integration. Was looking into 99designs, fiverr, etc. but I rather have someone...
  17. Nelow

    Developer wants to take my house.

    Earlier this year my city sent my family a letter that they want to take my 3plex apartment away because it was not in use. In turn they will give it to a holding company that would then turn it over to a big developer interested in the block the house is in. He has already bought 80% of the...
  18. L

    Looking for feedback-Developer copywriting

    Context I've been studying various materials on copy-writing to improve my marketing skills, and I came across this little gem, slightly paraphrased Marketing to developers throws out the usual rules, because they don't see "Finger-licking chicken" but "deceased Gallus gallus domesticus...
  19. L

    My failed poor executions

    EDIT : For my intro, goals and aim go to INTRO - Hello, I don't want to be a millionaire It's important to note that I'm not complaining about failures, I'm not ranting and whining about failures I 'm trying to discuss them and learn from them. Nothing has yet brought me money so, I'm...
  20. ytomasch

    Dream job made into business, app development

    Hey everyone, I will be using this thread to monitor the progress of my application development company I have created. Currently I have on internal product (app) being developed with a subscription model for income and multiple users lined up, and one contract to develop an application for a...