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  1. Nassim

    EXECUTION Learning and Making mobile apps using Flutter.

    After having thought pretty carefully about many different entrepreneurship venues and looking at my current skill set I have decided to throw myself in the app development buisness. I already know how to program in multiple languages. Having that as a skill I thought that it would be nice to...
  2. Breeze_Interface

    Is this business model for a mobile app realistic?

    I want to make mobile apps and earn money while doing it. The problem is that I have a moral problem with the way the ad based buisness model is implanted. Because I target the Android platform charging for an app is really difficult. On the other hand putting ads is quite easier. I don't have...
  3. O

    Cross Platform Progressive Web Apps

    Im exploring creating a Progressive Web App (PWA). The app will mostly be used on the web on a desktop, but I want to have the option to scale the app to mobile as well. Does anybody have any experience with managing a cross platform Progressive Web App (PWA)? If so, what are some of the issues...
  4. Not_That_MD

    EXECUTION Starting towards the old dream at 40

    OK, after a long time lurking and not being too active at all(to say the least), the time has come. This will be the diary of me moving towards the old dream of mine, on which I'll probably expand later. The goal is to update this thread at least twice a month with the progress, the failures and...
  5. BrooklynHustle

    MARKETPLACE BrooklynHustle: Build Your Profitable App Business Without Learning to Code

    Hi guys, After welcoming the first 25 students into my App Moguls program, I remembered I'd never made the offer available to Fastlane, so let's do that now... Rather than selling hard, I'd prefer to take the lazy way out and overwhelm you with value. This way everyone's happier and I get to...
  6. A

    Is a software based solution possible to help people find a career they love?

    Four years ago I was working on a startup idea which was to create a social network for people who have similar passions so that they connect, support and share their knowledge, experience and resources with each other and help each other grow. While I was working on that idea I realized that...
  7. airwalk111

    MEETUPS New Mobile App Idea

    Hello all, I am currently working on an app idea that I believe might change the way people interact with others to motivate each other to stick to their workout plans. As I have begun to delve deeper in to functionality and how I want my app to work, a long with its potential and...
  8. Rafael_PL

    EXECUTION My road to freedom - mobile app and web company

    Hi guys, short bio at the beginning. I'm 24 years old student from Poland. Two years ago I've started changing my life. I cut off viscious circle of depression, anxiety and loneliness. Started computer science studies, works as C++ software developer in a big company. After work and school I'm...
  9. J

    How to bootstrap my business in a few weeks

    Hi all, I'm essentially a software developer and I'm nearly broke because of bad choices in the past. Luckily I'm full of (intellectual) resources and I think I can run the fastlane from now on and I want to do it ASAP: the bad thing is that I've 0 money to startup my activity and I do need to...
  10. BrooklynHustle

    A-M-A Ask Me Anything About App Business (100+ Apps, 10M+ Downloads, 1 Liquidity Event)

    Hey Forum, Been back on here for a few months now and I've been fairly quiet... listening much more than I talk (aside from fantasy football, haha. Shout out to you guys) However, @eliquid's awesome SaaS AMA thread has inspired me to contribute a little more value. I've seen the topic of...
  11. Rafael_PL

    Time management - which technique?

    Hello guys, I love planning my daily routines to maximize my effectiveness. There is a lot of strategies, like: a) classic ToDo lists (with tasks and subtasks) b) Eisenhower matrix c) Pareto approach d) Pomodoro technique Which one is your favourite? Maybe you mix them? These questions are...
  12. Rickchise23

    WEB/DIGITAL Weight Loss App creation

    I am in the process of creating an ecommerce Shopify site and also want to create a simple weight loss tracker App for IOS to accompany the programs we will be selling. Question- is anyone familiar with what it might cost to create a very simple app that has weight loss tracker, diet journal...
  13. Panamera Turbo S

    WEB/DIGITAL NEW Mobile App Feedback: IDKWTD

    Hey friends, Yesterday I just launched my new mobile app for Android named IDKWTD (The app can be downloaded from Google Play: IDKWTD). Since I am new in the mobile app industry I will love to hear your honest feedback regarding it. The purpose of this app is to help people when they run...
  14. Joaki

    WEB/DIGITAL Created a mobile app development studio

    Good morning everybody, I joined the forum sometime early 2015 at 18 years old with no specific skills but a ton of ambition and drive to become absolutely great. The past two years have been the best and most challenging of all. I've gone from knowing absolutely nothing about programming to...

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