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  1. S

    Looking to start my own SAAS business

    Hello everyone, I enjoy reading the posts on the forum so decided to join. I had a cleaning company for over 11 years but just sold up as I needed a change and in 2025 i will be ready to launch my SAAS business. When I started my cleaning company in 2012 I started using a job management...
  2. A

    Software in business

    Hi fastlaners ! I need to figure out if any business owner/freelancer here was struggling to find the right software to run your business ? So please be straightforward and answer these 3 questions : - Where did you found the softwares you are actually using (recommandation?social...
  3. rmrpereira

    Technological newbie question around becoming a Virtual Assistant (part time)

    Hello I’m wondering whether someone can point me with the right guidance around this question about becoming a virtual assistant: I am going to start really soon being a virtual assistant to a therapist, specifically for booking her sessions as a result of messages she receives asking for a...
  4. L

    Is this useful?

    Hey everyone! My name is Larry, and I'm dipping my toes into the SaaS industry. I have an idea for a business management software that includes EVERYTHING, e.g. HR, payroll, file storage, messaging, CRM, etc. The idea is to make an efficient program for businesses to increase their workflow...
  5. srodrigo

    How do you price and create prices for your software offers?

    Say I'm building a piece of software to help developers jump into implementation and save weeks of setting up a new project by providing them with a code template builder. I'm struggling to think how to balance releasing an minimum version early and offering several pricing options at the same...
  6. Vasudev Soni

    Monetising my new skill (video animation with Blender)

    I recently started learning Blender and I am really enjoying it. I am fully motivated to learn it properly and become an expert in it. I want advice whether I should learn it professionally and how to monetise it in the future. What are some ways that I can monetise this skill, or turn it into...
  7. ScreamingClown


    Hey, my name is Thornhill, and I've decided to join the forum to find people with a similar passion for entrepreneurship as myself that I can share views and bounce ideas off of. I graduated high school a couple years ago and have been working tolerable dead end jobs making coffee ever since...
  8. Elias

    Thoughts on building a SaaS business through whitelabelling?

    I've seen a lot of SaaS entrepreneurs on the forum and am curious to know what your thoughts are on white-labelled SAAS vs building your own product? Would love to hear about yoiur direct experience building a white-labelled SaaS business !
  9. Nizzy

    Million Dollar Idea? : Auto-Generated Quizzes & Essay Score Predictor For Students

    Hey guys, anyone have some input on if this saas idea is worth attacking. I've been stuck on this idea for some time. I recently graduated college with a undergrad in law and have always wanted some form of tool / platform that could generate quizzes/test me just through my notes while also...
  10. fold

    How do I get a physical product up and running? I have two "blockbuster" ideas ready and primed for execution.

    Hey. I'm thirteen with a limited budget (~$300) and I have a great product idea. Two, actually. I'll start talking about the first idea now. I don't know how to get the idea off the ground. The idea ticks all the boxes: • Social proof • Demand • And a couple others I forgot (Sorry MJ)...
  11. Dakoded1

    Reinvigorating a Software Business After a Year in the Slowlane

    Howdy! It has been months in the making and I am happy to finally start this Execution thread as I feel like this is a place I am going to need for the many months still to follow... My story is that I discovered coding and web design at a young age and found success relatively quickly. From my...
  12. Axe

    From Escaping Death to Becoming Multimillionaire. My Life Story of Immense Success, Regret, and Humility.

    #Warning! This story is incredibly long. It describes my journey from an arrogant teenager to the successful entrepreneur I'm today. A tale about triumphs and failures. There will be no magic or dragons inside, so it may be a little boring. However, if you're looking for an Unscripted lifestyle...
  13. EngineerThis

    Need field-friendly software suggestions

    SAAS / APPS 
    I'm looking for field-friendly software that is mobile-friendly for my techs when they're working with clients at their homes.. I'm sure there's something out there that fits my bill and knew you guys would know! -Needs to have a customizable checklist field (Where I can input the steps, and...
  14. lobo

    Software Agency? Cash Business? Im lost...

    To give you some background on me: I started my entrepreneurial journey about 5 years ago (I was 17 / turning 18). I started a house cleaning business that I ran for about a year. The best we ever did was about 7K Revenue/Month. At that time I felt like I had something to brag about. Today, not...
  15. thehighlander

    Hardware and Software Engineer

    Hi, I'm an engineer. I can build pretty much anything involving hardware or software. My challenge is deciding what to make. I need to find something the market wants, and ideally something I want to work on. I've made the mistake in the past of investing a lot of time into a software platform...
  16. gandalf113

    Fresh from high-school, self-taught software developer, jumping into entrepreneurship

    INTRODUCTION AND ORIGIN I'm a 19 years old male from Poland who graduated from high school this year. Most of my friends went to college, and I decided to go down a different path. From a young age, I was really into coding. I first started at about 12. Inspired by Minecraft, I wanted to create...
  17. G

    Does anyone have experience with b2b lead gen tools?

    I work in sales for a b2b saas company and we are starting to do some outbound cold calling/cold emailing. At first, it wasn't too difficult to just use google to find companies I want to talk to and then call them. But now we want to up the volume and I am spending way too much time...
  18. I

    How do I best monetize a Google Apps Script for Google Sheets?

    I have developed a useful Google Sheets script as a Google Apps Script (GAS). What's the best way to sell it? I know you can publish an add-on in the Google store but it seems that's only for free downloads? Or maybe I can set up a shopify website and have people download the script? But then...
  19. G

    Are Software Patents necessary? (Selling Enterprise Software to F500 Companies)

    Why, or why not? If yes, do you opt for a design or utility patent? What's your general strategy for protecting your IP? If no, same thing: how do you protect your IP from competitors and pirates? Note this is for enterprise software. Yes, we really do have the software and already have...
  20. rcecchini

    Liquidity for a software house

    Hello, I'm Riccardo and I'm an Italian full stack developer and fundamentally a computer lover. I always had the dream of founding a my software house, then with my several projects (mostly about development tools) I decided to start seriously this adventure. But also for more pragmatic...