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  1. gandalf113

    Fresh from high-school, self-taught software developer, jumping into entrepreneurship

    INTRODUCTION AND ORIGIN I'm a 19 years old male from Poland who graduated from high school this year. Most of my friends went to college, and I decided to go down a different path. From a young age, I was really into coding. I first started at about 12. Inspired by Minecraft, I wanted to create...
  2. jetstoltz

    Does anyone have experience with b2b lead gen tools?

    I work in sales for a b2b saas company and we are starting to do some outbound cold calling/cold emailing. At first, it wasn't too difficult to just use google to find companies I want to talk to and then call them. But now we want to up the volume and I am spending way too much time...
  3. I

    How do I best monetize a Google Apps Script for Google Sheets?

    I have developed a useful Google Sheets script as a Google Apps Script (GAS). What's the best way to sell it? I know you can publish an add-on in the Google store but it seems that's only for free downloads? Or maybe I can set up a shopify website and have people download the script? But then...
  4. thechosen1

    Are Software Patents necessary? (Selling Enterprise Software to F500 Companies)

    Why, or why not? If yes, do you opt for a design or utility patent? What's your general strategy for protecting your IP? If no, same thing: how do you protect your IP from competitors and pirates? Note this is for enterprise software. Yes, we really do have the software and already have...
  5. rcecchini

    Liquidity for a software house

    Hello, I'm Riccardo and I'm an Italian full stack developer and fundamentally a computer lover. I always had the dream of founding a my software house, then with my several projects (mostly about development tools) I decided to start seriously this adventure. But also for more pragmatic...
  6. lobo

    I became a software engineer without college as well - thanks to TFF!

    Inspired by @GrayCode and @csalvato, I started learning to code in late 2019. It was actually this forum thread that inspired me! I took immediate action after I read that thread, enrolled in an online software engineering school, followed tons of tutorials on Udemy, and built a few side...
  7. soulprenuer

    Intro: designer from California, interested in creating software + online businesses

    Hey all! I'm 24, born and raised in California. I came here after reading Unscripted and it fell into my lap at the perfect time. A little bit about me: I'm interested in creating online solutions through digital assets, software, etc. I love physical products, but the idea of manufacturing and...
  8. A

    On my way to financial freedom for my family...

    Dear fastlaners, you are an incredible community and I feel honored to have chance of introducing myself. I've listened to both first books from MJ and currently listening to the third one. Thanks for such valuable content! I have to admit, the books made me really upset and bad-tempered at...
  9. USB

    Instructive Videogames

    Hi to everyone, I love to study, to learn but I hate school with their education system (I wrote in fact education and not instructive). I personally didn't play so videogames when I was young (expect Supercell's games) and for example I love monopoly where I learned the power of buying...
  10. P

    Selling an MS Access file

    Hi all, For the past year or so, I've been involved in a hustle that has required me to stay extremely organized regarding various data points on a daily basis. Because what was on the market either didn't fit exactly what I was looking for or was far too expensive, I took it upon myself to...
  11. Drchainsaw

    Market Research and Product demand

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post on here. I've been busy away working on my startup for about a month now. I decided to take a problem from my industry(software development) and tackle fixing it . Source control has been a relative annoyance to most developers and newcomers to the...
  12. T

    How do I monitor the activities of employees/contractors?

    I'll try to keep it short and simple: The hosting company I use utilizes WHM for account management for hosting. Inside WHM, CPanel is installed in each website, and from there I install Wordpress. Within one domain that I own, I have several other subdomains within CPanel that I use for...
  13. Crexty

    I want to start a Software Agency.... Where are my software business owners?

    I want to start a software agency. No not your run of the mill development agency in India that promises to produce your software for $500, but a professional firm. Not interested in website design as much as creating actual full-stack apps. I want to help people launch/build software that is...
  14. C

    Digital signage software. Room for more?

    Hi, friend and I are thinking of creating a digital signage software solution which would utilize cheaper hardware (existing smart tvs, raspberry pis, etc..) to provide the customer (we're thinking restaurants, coffee shops, gyms) with simple setup and simple to manage solution for their menus...
  15. FlightFight

    Programmer looking for the best way to make money

    Hello, my dream is to no longer have to worry about money so I can focus on game development and other things like exercising, socializing etc. Books like TMF, Unscripted and many more made me face the tangibility of this dream and to learn programming in the first place (in my free time). It...
  16. C

    Im Winning At Slowlane... My Plan To Go Fastlane

    Hey everyone, very excited to join the community! I'll tell you a little about myself and my journey so far and then we'll get into my plan for Fastlane. A little about me I'm Colin, 24 y/o living in Canada. I grew up with a Financial Advisor for a mom, so the Slowlane has been ingrained in me...
  17. nabinabiyev

    How to start a business,if you are just 19 and you dont have any connections?

    Hi everyone,I am really glad,that you are reading this thread.I want to take just 5 minutes from you to hear your advice/opinion on what should I do if I want to start my own business,but I dont have money,good connections and people,who share my vision.Thanks to Millionaire Fastlane and...
  18. nassimslab

    Starting My First Software Business - What I’ve learned trying to make and sell software.

    You can read this here also: Starting My First Software Business Introduction Since I started my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science I’ve long dreamed of starting a software business. After a couple of semesters went by and I was more comfortable with programming, I’ve decided during the...
  19. BigRomeDawg

    Free Software To Help Your Biz During Corona Season

    Discord is temporarily upping the limit on Go Live streaming to 50 simultaneous people.

 G Suite customers get free access to Hangouts Meet video-conferencing features: * Larger meetings, for up to 250 participants per call * Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain * The...
  20. Kepler

    Utilizing The Summits Knowledge

    Hey everyone, My names Kepler. If you met me at the summit I’m the guy with the long hair who has a software development company. Today was great, took the push from my peers at the summit to look into virtual assistants, and to use leadership skills to achieve your desired outcomes. First...

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