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Grant Cardone - Just Read Sell or be Sold and Obsession Other books any good?

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Andy Bell

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Feb 10, 2019
I heard about grant from a Gary V recommendation of people to follow on Instagram. Ill be honest hes the white Kanye on Instagram, just nonstop videos of him dry-humping his jet and zooming in on his wife's "assets". I didn't really get much if anything from him on Instagram except for a little bit of envy for the nice material possessions he has, but I decided to give his book obsession a try.

Ill be honest obsession doesn't really give any concrete tips to anything, its pretty much an 8 hour read spitting motivation at you telling you how you should think big and how you can do it. Fastlane gives you some good steps and ideas this was pure motivational rant about how you should be obsessed with your work. There is one great chapter about hiring where I got some notes. I usually take book notes and from this one I got barely any but it was a good morning wakeup motivational boost so not all bad.

Sell or be sold was alright gave me some good selling tips im not in sales but one thing I came out with was letting the customer be right no matter what but pivoting...ex...That cars too expensive...your right its too expensive...but... etc. etc. Also alot of motivation not a whole ton of actionable items. He was also incredible contradictory like 5 times he talked about dont listen to horoscopes or weird voodoo crap people might tell you about...and then I kid you not he tells you to call his office and ask for an introduction to Scientology book and talks about how Scientology changed his outlook on life...what the F####

Now I have 3 more books in his series.... Closers, 10x Rule, if your not first your last. I am wondering if its even worth reading them...I know alot have gotten something out of the 10x rule, worth a read? Anyone have an opinion? Cheers!


Apr 16, 2019
Bronx, NY
I worked as a car salesman many years ago, and they provided Grant Cardone's sales training.
It was good training and improved my sales. Grant has a good sales training course on his website, but I'm not sure what his entrepreneurship advice is like. Its probably along the lines, outwork the competition. That's what I got from the sale training although it had some good techniques on dealing with clients.


Silver Contributor
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Jul 24, 2018
Grant Cardone is followed by a lot of wantrepreneurs.

He is a great salesperson, and you can pick up some great sales tips from him, but everything else he does is self-centered about him and his brand.

Jaden Jones

Igloo Builder
Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Aug 22, 2018
Like everything, there are things in his book that will work for you and things that wont. I find him a little over the top sometimes, but I took a few good tidbits from it, which is all you can expect from any book. If you get more than that, great!


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jan 20, 2019
I read Closer’s, and it’s not bad for brainstorming, but I tried using some of the closes in practice and for me personally you have to adapt the closes to your own situations. I would not recommend copying them outright. I also would not recommend accepting all ideas stated without critically examining them for yourself.

I would say this book is worth it just because it gets you on the track of thinking about closes, but again, adapt the closes to your own situations.

Also read Sell or Be Sold which has tidbits of good info, but would not take every word as law.

His other books: I’ve skimmed and don’t seem worth it to me. I disagree with too many of the ideas and it rambles on about one thesis for far too long in each. Seems like a money-grabbing attempt to me.
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Silver Contributor
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Jul 19, 2017
Solving Pain
1. Ask really good questions. There’s a reason they’re taking the time to talk to you.

Look for pain points and ambitions. Only talk about what’s related to these.

If they ask a question you don’t know about, say “interesting question why do you ask?”.

2. Limiting beliefs hold most people back. It makes them slaves to conforming.

Setting goals to just get by will make sales miserable. Wanting to be the greatest helps you stay on the move.

3. Follow up as many times as it takes. Don’t worry about being “weird” (ofc you should focus on qualified prospects)

4. Go for the close. Just ask them to take action and state the needed steps. Circle back with an answer to their objection.

Write down any objections. Learn to address them ahead of time.

5. Work for/with someone with experience selling what you sell.

After applying what they told you, come back to them with feedback. Keep getting better and better after each repetition.

PS: be a lifelong student of attracting qualified customers. You’ll have much less work to do and make everyone else jealous.


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Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Mar 8, 2014
I like listening to his "The Millionaire Booklet" audiobook, it's short and a good motivating reminder of the fast lane. There's no step by step practical learning, but more like a mindset or formula like Millionaire Fastlane is.

His young hustlers earlier podcasts are enjoyable to listen to and have some good basic sales advice in them, but he even says it himself, its infotainment.

He teaches sales, all his low ticket and free stuff is designed to get you hyped to get into a sales job and crush it by buying his sales program.

If you want to learn sales and (I'm guessing) learn his style of sales he's probably good, (I've read mixed reviews, some say it's pushy and outdated and just doesn't work especially if you don't have his personality), other than that you won't get any entrepreneur advice from him aside from sell more and pick up the phone.

Andy Black

Making a nuisance of himself on Twitter
Staff member
Read Millionaire Fastlane
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May 20, 2014
I went through a sales course he has on Udemy. I was surprised at how much resonated and how value-driven he was. I did note that I’d have preferred to listen than watch... he comes across a bit too slick for me, but his content was good.

I can’t remember learning anything specific, but it was good common sense business 101.

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