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NOTABLE! Fear and Action-Faking in Entrepreneurship-- a 19 year old's guide to askholing.

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Jul 13, 2018
I'm really grateful for that thread being alive. It allowed me to see that I was wasting time being a wantepreneur and not taking real action. Saw this last week and changed my entire routine.
Allowed me to push trough a plateau.
Thanks, DeletedUser (haha).

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Nov 29, 2017
New Jersey
Dude this kid is F*cking insane lol.

I'm mad that I wasted 1 hour getting sucked down his rabbit hole.

I just couldn't help it, this thread is so psychologically fascinating.

It was very obvious from the start that he was doing absolutely nothing.

And he got pages and pages of concern and help from a great community and then blew them off like a dickhead...

Insanity lol.

Here's my favorite quotes from his continued thread on BHW:

"After being chased out of Fastlane Forum with my last journey thread by a mob of people who don't understand dropshipping, I decided this is the best place home for my journey thread to financial sanity."

"Thought shopify dropshipping would be easy peasy but it's not. Everything is very hard in completely different ways. Hat company it's hard to do cold calls and make sales. Shopify dropshipping it's hard to successfully turn a profit/scale. "

"Goddamn, making money in business is taking longer that I had expected. I remember when I was doing criminal shit I was making like $700 in like 30 minutes of work. Legal business is 15x harder than crime, but it's 100x better than being a criminal because you don't have paranoia that every cop siren is coming for you or that you'll lose some of the best years of your life locked away. Also you can tell people what you do whereas doing illegal shit you always have to find cover stories. Been there done all that, now I'm going the legal route because I know it's much much better. Eventually I'll be making $700 off 10 minutes of work legally and it will be heaven."



Taking Action
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Apr 5, 2019
Glad this thread is up. Honestly I'm making a lot of similar mistakes to this guy.
-Counting hours worked instead of tasks accomplished.
-Doing busy work when I should be tackling the big stuff for the day and then attacking the busy work when it's done.
-Not working nearly as much as I should and taking too many breaks.

Lots of self reflection generated from this thread. Honestly realize how pathetic I've been acting after looking at this. Gonna work hard to fix it.

That being said at least I'm not a druggie who wakes up at 4pm, guess I've got that going for me :rofl:


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Mar 30, 2019
Echoing tubs,

Books, branding, soap boxing, but I haven't made a sale yet.
Good to know that if I keep action faking I can end up as an example like this guy did


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Jun 8, 2019
I have mixed feelings about this thread.

On the one hand, OP makes me angry. He has such a messed up sleep schedule and doesn't even have insomnia. I literally started standing my mattress up vertically during the day so I wouldn't take naps, because guess what? My health issues keep me up during the night and I don't sleep well, and I could sleep for the entire day if I lie down to take a nap. It feels like a victory when I get dressed and ready before 11am because of the pain and fatigue. So it makes me so. freaking. angry to read about someone who's perfectly healthy and chooses to waste his time like that.

On the other hand, OP terrifies me. It is so easy to make excuses for myself. I could check emails and do administrative tasks all day and feel like I was productive, yet not have gotten anything done. I have seemingly valid reasons for putting off my work—I have a fever! I didn't sleep last night! I'm in so much pain!—but that's my reality every day. I have a book to edit, and my goal is to do ten chapters today. My goal would've been four or five chapters, but I wasted so much time this week on excuses that I let the work back up. This happens to me a lot, so reading stories like OP's gives me a real wake-up call. I can't afford to cut myself so much slack. It just ends up burning me out when I let my work pile up!

Anyway, this has been a very interesting lunch break read. Thanks to @Tubs for resurrecting it!


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Apr 14, 2018
I know you are trying to build discipline and improve yourself to work more effectively, this is why I mention the book.

I'm glad you don't have as much trouble with sleep as I do, the reason I mentioned my insomnia was to make a point in regards to how much the book has helped me. The book is not geared towards insomniacs, but to the general populace. It aims to educate people about the misconceptions of sleep and provide data & information everyone can use to recuperate more effectively. If it can help me with a sleeping disorder, it certainly can help you.

For example: TV emits blue light which has been clinically proven to disrupt the quality of sleep at night. Sleep is the only time in which the body builds and regenerates itself. Sleep is vitally important to maintain hormone balance & re-energize our mind & bodies, so disrupting that period has significant impact on the rest of our waking lives. The book suggests that people refrain from watching TV for 1 & 1/2 hours prior to bedtime. Additionally, falling asleep at 3AM, for example, disrupts our circadian rhythm, our internal clocks "programmed" into our brains. It's been demonstrated that schedules like this will prematurely age us, as well as reducing work efficiency and increases the mistakes we make. Not only will it take you longer to work, you will have to spend more time correcting your mistakes. Humans for generations have fallen asleep shortly after sunset, yet with the invention of the light bulb & subsequent technology, this pattern has been majorly disrupted recently and we are now living in an era in which we are actively working against our own genetic code. Our circadian rhythm has a built in "second wind," an energizing period around the time of 10PM (this time varies seasonally), and this second wind is designed to stimulate our bodies shortly after we fall asleep. This stimulation is designed to enhance our recovery during sleep. By staying awake past this second wind, although we feel more energized, we miss out on the best recovery time our bodies can get, so we would need more sleep to recover & re energize ourselves than if we were to fall asleep prior to that second wind. I hope this information helps you as much or more than it has helped myself.

Best Regards,

P.S. I am not affiliated with the author or publisher in any way, I make the book recommendation based on what I have read in your post and I sincerely think it can help you as much as it has helped myself.
AMAZING! 10PM- 2AM are best known as healing hours. I try my best to catch them.

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