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action faking

  1. El1mination

    What is considered action faking? Is what I'm thinking of doing action faking?

    Hello, my goal is to create an e-commerce website where I can sell some sort of AI product. In order to create AI, I have to learn some programming languages like Python and go through some hoops to create it. A few days ago, I created a separate post where I asked if I should code my website or...
  2. Rangermac2

    Fear of Failure or Fear of Hurting my Confidence

    Hey everyone, came across a conundrum while writing an algorithm for a service. I chose to use Java to challenge myself and have been learning it in college so it would be good for congruence. When I first started writing the algorithm I made exponential progress, experimenting, testing, and...
  3. Peacefulwarrior

    There's never going to be the right time. I have to grow a pair...

    Man, I'm driving myself crazy. Fear of failure, fear of success, not feeling like I'm worthy and fried dopamine. I can't prolong any longer. I've put all this S*** off for AGES and I can't keep doing it. I can't afford to fix my car, I barely have money left at the end of each week. I feel like...
  4. L

    ACTION FAKING as a Teenager???

    I'm a 16 year old boy who is an aspiring entrepreneur and would obviously love to start REAL ACTION by making the Fastlane business (people who have read Unscripted would know). But I obviously can't since I'm too young to sign LLC Papers, Contracts, Accountants and physically make the business...
  5. M

    The Real Reason Why You Can't Come Up With A "Good Idea"

    Because you're looking for the perfect idea where the competition is just perfect for you and it doesn't require much to get started and get going. You want to get your first sale tomorrow and not later than that. Seriously. I am right, right? You cannot generate any ideas, when you're only...
  6. M

    How Do You Set Your Financial Goals and Stick To Them? (Or any goal for that matter..)

    Hi all, I've started using spreadsheets/excel a lot, to track my budget, income and expenses etc. Yes, it may sound very basic, but I've dismissed for a lot of years, but now I realize the power of it! Anyways, I am currently setting up a 10 year plan for my financial goals, and was curious to...
  7. K1 Lambo

    What are the biggest time wasters that exist today?

    Here's my list 1. Social media. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc. HUGE WASTE OF TIME almost all of it, particularly if you're on team consumer, which is like what 99% of society I guess? However, it's not a waste of time if you're producing, aka the 1% of society on social media...
  8. RayanMargham

    Can't stop wasting time instead of just DOING

    It's been what 1 and a half months and I still haven't done anything productive at all? Constantly action faking constantly procrastinating I can't even manage to come up with a video idea as after a few minutes of thinking I'll just "give up" and "try tomorrow" I'm still constantly playing...
  9. S

    My username should be Actionfaker1234 (How to turn things around?)

    Good evening all, I have consumed so much material on the subjects of success, business, entrepreneurship, and mindset over the past 8ish years that its sickening to think I have done almost nothing productive with it. I have used some of it to become a better overall human and leader in my...
  10. James Klymus

    The Dog on The Nail... the Alternate Story

    If you've read unscripted, you know what I'm talking about. Theres a dog at a gas station, he's whining and a man notices and asks the attendant why. The attendant says the dog is laying on a nail. The man asks, Why doesn't he just get up? The attendant shrugs and says, "it must not hurt bad...
  11. Megalodon

    [New project] Value first - Monetization second

    Hey all, So this post is both 'seeking feedback' on an idea through the lenses of your experiences and to put my project to paper in the hope that it helps others come up with a starting point. I have domain experience in cyber security and cybercrime through my job and after reading MFL and...
  12. Roulf

    A cake for MJ DeMarco. Non-stop grinding until I reach the fastlane.

    Hi all, Some background for anyone interested. You may jump to the next post if you are not interested in the recent history leading to right now. Born in Brazil, scripted family, scripted friends. Always felt like Neo, believing that there needed to be something out there. Searched about how...
  13. Jeff Noel

    I am an action faker.

    I am an action faker. The moment I think I do something useful to free myself from my self-enduced, painful environment, it's: Not really useful Giving me a false sense of satisfaction Making me stop working towards a better life. What is happening in my life (which is what was happening 2...
  14. AlexDep89

    The interconnection between THE SCRIPT and Fitness + Exercise as a tool

    For those who don't like to read, you can skip to the part after the bold text: "So my point is" I read MFL and Unscripted almost a year ago and then I did absolutely nothing. I felt inspired for a few days but then I fell back in my old lethargic ways. Why? Because of bad habits: smoking...
  15. TheGreatGatsby

    No More Action-Faking or Maybe I'm Wrong?

    Hey guys, I start this thread for action-fakers wannabe entrepreneurs like me... So last month I finished The millionaire fastlane and Unscripted, I've started reading a lot (on the fastlane forum, recommended books...), trying to search the big idea that will make me a millionaire, trying to...
  16. M

    21-year-old uni grad - frozen & stuck because I fear failure

    OK, here it goes. I know I was supposed to do this 3 1/2 years ago, but better late than never. I’m a university grad, born, raised, and schooled in the hellhole known as Toronto. I majored in finance at a business school, & got a job as an accounting clerk shortly after graduation. During the...
  17. OutofPoverty

    How ACTION-FAKING cost me $6,543.21, TWO YEARS and TWO MONTHS.

    It started on May 25, 2016. I remember I was finished with my high school finals and was glad it was over. Since I had nothing to do, I spent that time playing Black Ops 3 zombies ($59.97) on Der Eisendrache ($14.95). While I was playing BO3, I went to my laptop to search up different guides on...
  18. MidwestLandlord

    A Room Full of Opportunity (Follow up on the darn leads!)

    I have 2 stories to share. I think it's easy to get involved in the fastlane here, and start to lose sight of how most people in the world actually are, and hopefully you can realize that it isn't actually that hard to set yourself apart from most. It really just takes some legit effort and...
  19. LynetteP

    Articles to keep you from being a Wantapreneur: post here please!

    I was thinking it would be great if anyone else had *short articles* for learning, to keep them all together by topic. So I'm hoping others will suggest other sources here on this thread. Here's my suggested read. While I disagree with it about avoiding all luxury, point 2 about needing an...
  20. MB2

    If there is an award for action faking..

    that grand award goes to me. By this October, I would be here for two years and I can't express my gratitude to this place and especially for @MjDemacro in words . During my stay here I've grown as a person and learnt many amazing lessons of REAL LIFE thanks to this forum and Mr.DeMarco's...