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EXECUTION JohnnyBme's progress (the fight against action faking and resistance)

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Jonathan Hart

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Feb 18, 2019
Hello fastlaners, I planned to do a separate intro thread, but I thought making a short intro here would be better.
I know @Tubs and @doot online, and recently seeing them making progress threads inspired me to make my own. I was recently stuck in Belgium because my flight got delayed (thanks Ciara storm) so I had a lot of time to think and lurk the forums.

I am 22, from Israel (which makes me the second here? INTRO - You're from where??).
I've already finished the army, and I've done some traveling. 2019 was full of action faking, or how Steven Pressfield likes to call it in The War of Art - resistance. (I'm reading it now and it hits the nail so hard on my action faking).
I made a few YouTube videos at the start of 2019, and one was even somewhat viral in an Israeli facebook page (10k+ views and counting, 200+ comments, I still get notifications from it to this day to add insult to injury), I did some videos afterwards... but I stopped because... I was afraid of my family finding out? what would my friends think of me? I don't like how my voice and accent sound at the moment?

Basically, I was action faking, for a year! You can even see that at my account creation date, and when I finished reading The Fastlane - February 19th 2019, and no real action taken since. I had a big hurdle I got over today, I almost signed up for a degree I did not want to do - a big part of that (and my string decisions in the last two years - doing the Israeli SAT, telling my parents I'm gonna study X then Y, going to a GED degree and then dropping out, all of those decisions weren't really mine, I was just lying to myself because I was pressured by my parents). But not anymore, I spoke with my dad and smoothed things out, I do not want to study in university.

Anyways, TL;DR - I do not want to action fake any more. I need to take action. I want to document my fastlane actions here.

I am still unsure of what I want to do, I do not have one business, or idea, or a need to fill atm, but I do know I want to give other people value and start getting into the fast lane.

The Fastlane
Currently I have around 6000$ saved up, I am working a part time job in a restaurant, and I'm living with my parents.
I want to focus on 2-3 things at the moment:
My YouTube channel (I think I have found a niche - that can be put into a theme of videos, and a future ebook combined with the channel)
Freelancing at Upwork - NOTABLE! - Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!
I can start asap without learning about copywriting, I know someone who does translating gigs (Hebrew to English and vice versa) and he will help me setup my Upwork account.
Specifically the next two weeks:
  • Finish the script for the first video this week (I have 447 words atm)
  • record, edit, and publish by next week (16th-22nd February)
  • Upwork: Set it up and do at least one translating gig

More long term:
I might enroll into Fox's course and start learning (and doing) web design. I really liked the part about the evolution of a web designer - from first gigs, to monthly recurring income from taking care of clients websites, to getting to know businesses first hand, to leaving web design and focus on your own business.

I will try to update progress weekly, but I do not want to post too much in the forums to avoid another form of action faking.

February 13th 2020:
- Talked to my dad about not going to university (and dropping out of the uni applications I was in). I feel like this has been a great 1st step, the pressure I felt was a big for of resistance to me, I feel very relieved now.
-Finished GOLD! - Achieve Laser FOCUS + PRODUCTIVITY With The System Legendary Fastlaners Use... Trello system and I have started to implement it.

Thank you @MJ DeMarco for this forums and your two amazing books, I have just received my copy of Unscripted and will start reading it soon (I am reading Tools of Titans and The War of Art currently.
@Tubs and @doot , I am not letting ya guys enter the fastlane alone ;)

Non fastlane
I might talk about more self growth stuff in addition to my fastlane, because I like talking about that.
Like my gym goals of getting to 12% fat, books I'm reading, journaling... or anything.

TL;DR 2: f*ck action faking, and f*ck resistance.

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Gold Contributor
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Aug 17, 2016
Sahuarita AZ
Glad to see someone else into pressfield around here , "do the work" was pretty eye opening. Lot of folks hem and haw about "what constitutes action faking" , well , spending time discussing action faking online probably fits the criteria LOL



Taking Action
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Apr 5, 2019

Jonathan Hart

Read Millionaire Fastlane
Feb 18, 2019
How's it going @JohnnyBme?
Any updates?
Not the best.
The lockdown made me revert back to a lot of NEET habits.
I have progress a bit in the code academy course, but I could have done much more
I've got an opportunity for a first web design client from my mom's business, so that's nice.
things are looking better today, I'll make an update by next saturday/sunday, and will do a weekly update every week.

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