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HOT TOPIC Crypto - Bots - my Journey - (10% per month min.)

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Oct 2, 2019
Told my wife "hey, remember that money I mentioned that we can afford to lose? Well, we just lost some of it. Coffee?" And I poured two cups of coffee.
Hey she agreed "in good and bad times", right?
If she did not kick your butt, you know you have a great wife.

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Jun 4, 2019
Hi @Tourmaline, basically the strategy is working on indicators for "overbought/oversold". If the algorithm finds a coin (out of the ones you selected prior), it buys if the coin dropped sharply b/c it is highly probable that it rises again shortly afterwards.
The users job is to find and monitor the coin portfolio so you only trade with coins that have an overall positive trend. every 2 weeks i do a review of the charts of my 50 coins and do a cleanup. Kick out dropping ones and taking in new candidates.
Let me know if you want to know more, PM me if you like.

Sounds very simple, which is music to my ears.


Oct 2, 2019
Updated Results:
Nov 2020: 22 %
Dec 2020: 15%
Jan 2021: 21%
Feb 2021: 8%

With the 22nd February, we saw a big dip of roughly -30% throughout the whole cryptomarket.
Here Bitcoin as leading currency :
These Dips are normal and must be taken into account. I am still getting used to this rollercoaster-ride, its not a good feeling if you see how your portfolio drops so dramatically. The overall trend will pick up again mid/end this week, according to experts in the field that have more experience.
Sources: cryptosrus, digitalassets, can be found on Youtube.
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Leo Hendrix

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Apr 15, 2014
Crypto Currencies are high volatile, high risk investments.
You should only work with money that you can spare.
Do not work with lended money.
This is not a get-rich-quick-model - Its based on compound interest.
Start slow with small amounts, get experience, then take it from there. Be patient.
Main goal:
a (relatively) stable income which grows steadily.

I am writing the following text from my memory, so its not a "live journal".
Beginning of September 2020:
I searched for automated income machines on youtube, surfed around to finance sector and landed at so called "bots".
My deeper further research brought my to the corner of cryptocurrencies where i spend some days to get a grip on crypto basics.

Mid September 2020:
I found some youtube videos that talked about crypto bots that should earn some money "passive income style".
"Yeah sure" you think now, same as i did. To be sceptic is not a bad thing.
Always check all facts yourself, never just believe someone.

So now its a setup where i have 1/3rd - 1/2 of my portfolio in open positions, no stop-loss but trailing-stop-loss.
This means I can never loose all my money - of course if the whole crypto market crashes, all open positions would loose value.

Back to business...
What I decided is to try out a solution called "cryptohopper". This is just one of many bot solutions in the crypto sector.
I followed some introduction videos that showed me exactly how to setup that bot.
What i had to learn was:
  • Basic crypto understanding (from many videos)
  • cryptohopper documentation (youtube and own education material on their website)
  • functions of crypto exchanges (basics again with some videos)
  • how to connect the bot to my chosen exchange
Fast forward to today:
After some finetuning and learning - my ROI of the last 3 month is in the 15-18% range per month (proven in bull markets, as i have only experience from Sep 20 til today).
After inclusion of a buffer for bad times, where i won't have any wins for 3 months, i plan with 10% in average over the year.

Why i am here:
I am willing to give everyone who is interested further information in this area.
I can give advice on the following side topics:
  • General "how to setup" of the crypto exchange "binance"
  • General "how to setup" of the platform "cryptohopper"
  • Importance of security and anonymity in crypto
  • trading strategies and tactics
  • trading mindset
  • copy my setup to receive similar outcomes
As a thank you, i would ask you to use my affiliate links while registering at the exchange and the cryptohopper which bring some 10% savings to both of us. This is optional of course.

I will do my best to answer all questions, what do you want to know?

Sources that i can recommend:
Coin Bureau (basics on crypto)
Aureum Victoria (german) ( mainly focused on cryptohopper)
99bitcoins (basics on crypto)
Cryptohopper (getting started)

Nov 2020: 3351 USD (Portfolio: 15K USD)
Dec 2020: 3293 USD (Portfolio: 22K USD)
Jan 2021: 10554 USD (Portfolio: 50K USD)
imo bots can make you way less than research & due diligence.

You do have the benefit of automation but in a bear market...I'm not overly confident of what ones results might be.


Oct 2, 2019
imo bots can make you way less than research & due diligence.

You do have the benefit of automation but in a bear market...I'm not overly confident of what ones results might be.
Good point. Thanks for your comment.
Yes i am with you, this can just be one income stream. High volatility and risk of this investment/trading needs balance or lets call it "Inertial damping system", to let me sleep better...
I need definetely multiple sources of income, for stability.


Oct 2, 2019
Hi all, here my update for the month of April 2021.

Updated Results:
Nov 2020: 22 %
Dec 2020: 15%
Jan 2021: 21%
Feb 2021: 8%
Mar 2021: 14%
April 2021: 9%

The month of April was the worst in case of BTC growth so far.
BTC started with ~59KUSD and ended with ~54KUSD with a 2 week downtrend.

The cryptomarket overall performed slightly better with the same downtrend starting on 18th:

The bot generated 8.7% of growth in April with last 2 weeks of very low trading volume, resulting in the low growth.

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