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Anything related to bitcoin, crypto, blockchain


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Aug 17, 2021
This is actually really cool, the crypto market is the wild west, so there definitely must be inefficiencies and money to be made. It seems like the bot strategy is to buy into over-sold conditions and wait for a rebound then sell?

As shown by your screen-shots this can result in you bag-holding the coins when the they keep going down, as your strategy is never to sell losing coins? What happens if the coins keep going lower? you never sell at a loss?

Surely the fastlane approach would be to set up your own crypto bot-building guide, videos etc, that guide people on how to do this, then sell that course or a related products. Basically sell shovels.

I'm following!
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New Contributor
Oct 3, 2020
Hi Cryptocurt how is your bot strategy panning out? I am interested in seeing your continued results. I have adopted a similar strategy to yours and it has been working well for me. Averaging 10% month on month.


Bronze Contributor
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Dec 29, 2018
Nashville, TN
Crypto bots are pretty sweet.

I actually made a bot for fun last year and then in April I created an excel sheet to track its performance just out of curiosity.

I pull the balance once a day and put it into my sheet which pumps out an average price. I do think holding performs better but this is pretty fun.



Oct 2, 2019
Hey @CryptoCurt

How is your bot doing, brother?

I wish you could give us more feedback!
Hey - sorry for my long absence.
Feedback is coming....
Overall, the bot only makes serious money, as long as we are in a bull cycle. During the whole downturn that we see the last months, bot is in the deep red and will take some months to get back into the green.
I will shift more to hodling in this situation.

This is nothing new and some people told me that upfront but i couldn't believe it.

New idea was to use an arbitrage bot, which makes money through trading on different exchanges.
What i found is, that you need to put 1 Mio. EUR into it to make a living from arbitrage bots. Soooooo, maybe in the near future :cool:

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