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Sep 25, 2017
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@Andy Black and I have been discussing the overall plan for the book. I've suggested 2 basic approaches:

Approach 1: Have the book be more "aphoristic." By that, I mean a series of short essays that are more or less copies of your best forum posts with some light editing for clarity and flow. The narrative thread (the story of your brand) would't be as emphasized. Readers could read the book straight through from cover-to-cover. But it would feel less like a journey. It wouldn't have as strong of a story arc to it. Alternatively, readers could jump in randomly for nuggets of wisdom that float within the book more or less independently. It would be organized loosely by theme.

Approach 2: Give the book a stronger narrative spine. We would organize the "essays" into more coherent chapters. The chapters would flow like a story, taking the reader on a journey. The story would emphasize the step-by-step process. The reader's transformation through the process would be more explicit. This approach will require more work--more editing to make the pieces (your posts) fit better together and flow more coherently.

Here's what the chapter breakdown might look like for Approach 2:

Foreword [by MJ DeMarco?]

Chapter 1: Introduction

This is the TL;DR version of the whole book. It also emphasizes what's at stake. It answers the "Who cares?" and "So what?" questions for your target reader.

Chapter 2: Andy's Origin Story

Chapter 3: Detail the Problem

Chapter 4: Overview of the Plan

[Introduce the four steps to the plan
  1. Find out what people want.
  2. Find out if you can sell it to them.
  3. Find out if you can make a profit.
  4. Do it.]
Chapter 5: Plan Step 1

[Find out what people want.]

Chapter 6: Plan Step 2

[Find out if you can sell it to them.]

Chapter 7: Plan Step 3

[Find out if you can make a profit.]

Chapter 8: Plan Step 4

[Do it.]

Chapter 9: What Success Looks Like

Chapter 10: Conclusion

[summarize the whole journey; invites readers to get in touch, offer them something else of value beyond the book]

I think Approach 1 would be easier. We could bang it out more quickly. But I believe Approach 2 would have a bigger audience, one including but expanding beyond Andy's forum fans.

Andy is leaning toward Approach 1.

Which book would you prefer?

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