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INTRO Building the Process


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Nov 27, 2019
I wanted to introduce myself and say a huge thank you to MJ for writing his two soul jarring books.

I’m married with one daughter, Eleanor, who is almost three. These two are a big motivator for Fastlane thinking and doing.

As far as my actual story goes, I’ve been in the Slowlane for the past 10 years while I’ve dabbled with potential Fastlane roads. During college I read Rich Dad Poor Dad which got me interested in Real Estate. I read a lot of books on Real Estate but then got tired of reading and bought my first house at 20 which was a fixer upper. Long story short I fixed it up, lived in it for two years then did a lease option with Super tenant. He paid early and 6 months into his lease he actually exercised his option and bought me out!

During this time I started working with a real estate investing company where I got to help build a small company from 5 employees to where there were 30 at one point and we were doing 30 deals a month through wholesaling, fix and flipping, renting, lease options, and other exit strategies. The best part of that job was the experience gained on how to run and NOT run a business.

I moved from that area about a year ago for personal reasons and started working with another real estate company because of my network and connections. I worked for about a year with this new company but in August of this year I launched my own business because I couldn’t take the Slowlane anymore and was tired of reading
the Fastlane and wanted to actually FULFILL a need.

Needless to say I am VERY glad I have begun my journey and process on the Fastlane. Already in one quarter I’ve made more than I ever did in a year in the Slowlane. The best part is that the guy I was working with wanted to be one of the first clients, so that was a real confidence booster in my perceived value of myself too (just being very open).

So as of now I’m building the processes and have to make sure I don’t “cheat” on my business with shiny object syndrome.

I’m so very thankful to be a part of this community and want to bring value. And another huge thank you to MJ for his clarity and message in his books. Here’s to living an Unscripted life in the Fastlane!

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