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thank mj here

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  1. CFODavid

    INTRO Building the Process

    I wanted to introduce myself and say a huge thank you to MJ for writing his two soul jarring books. I’m married with one daughter, Eleanor, who is almost three. These two are a big motivator for Fastlane thinking and doing. As far as my actual story goes, I’ve been in the Slowlane for the...
  2. Spicymemer45

    EXECUTION Joining the Army to get my shit straight

    A big thank you to the Fastlane that has given me insight into breaking the capitalist chains and turning them into tools for me to be financially free. My execution and discipline are underdeveloped, in my own sense. I joined the Army a few days ago mostly for personal reasons also to develop...
  3. Jason Suter

    INTRO Hello from Switzerland! :D

    Hey Guys! I'm an 18 year old fellow living in Switzerland. Currently I'm in a apprenticeship as an electronics engineer. But I decided that this is not the thing I want to do for the rest of my life. Same shit same day working for other guys and so on. I decided that I want to become an...
  4. Lionhearted

    HOT TOPIC Thank You MJ For..............(Add your reason here)

    I started this thread because I believe in being grateful and giving praise when and where praise is due. I believe MJ has added MASSIVE value to us all and I wanted to start a thread where we can express our stories of gratitude. Thank you MJ, for TMF, Unscripted and this fourm. Thank you for...
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