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  1. SnowLava

    What is your opinion on hustle culture vs deep work?

    In regards to work, there are mainly two groups of people about how to work and for how long The first is the 'hustlers' - work every waking hour. sleep 4 hours. work more. on the surface, it looks like really bad advice, but again, it is promoted by businessmen like Gary Vee, Elon Musk (he...
  2. M

    Dreams and no money...

    Hi, my name is Michal, I'm from Poland, I have a huge dream of buying my dream car and taking my most wonderful girlfriend on her dream vacation, but currently I don't know what to do in life, and I would like to earn a lot of money at a young age. I dream of being rich and currently have...
  3. MAFI

    Looking for guys from Lithuania that can help with job placement

    Hello everyone, i am looking for workers from lithuania. We are in the cleaning maid business and located in germany. If you are good at recruiting please get in touch. Good Bonus guaranteed! Best regards Seb
  4. MaxT

    A simple tip for boost your productivity

    Hi friends, @Vinz had share a good Chrome extension on in the conversation where we talk about everything and nothing. I thought that making this post and would be useful for many people. Anyway, the extension simply allows you to hide the content of social networks on the homepage and replace...
  5. MaxT

    Deep work method

    Hello, I heard about the deep work method and I would like to try it for my projects to see if it suits me better. The problem is that I love to listen to music while working, so I would like to know which music is better (ambient, without words, binaural sounds...?) And I wonder what do you...
  6. MaxT

    Work routine

    Hello everyone, I would like to create a good work routine for myself, and never let go of it. What do you recommend ? I am ready to commit a maximum of 10 hours per day. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hai

    Would you rather....

    Just curious of your perspective!
  8. GvTmK

    Hello, just started approaching the fastlane

    Hi Fastlaners, I reached my f**k you moment and i'm considering running away from my corporate job in one of the big consultancy grinders...ehm firms! I'm currently studying russian for pleasure and i'd like to start doing russian translations on sites like Upwork to earn some money while...
  9. _LuisCarmona

    Slowlane exit debate

    Hi everyone, today I want to open a Debate about the work and ways to get out from the slowlane, but first, I want tell you an little history, my own history. (Some of context) In my previous post Told you that I'm an inmigrant, well I left my country 3 years ago, (without delving into...
  10. Nils_

    I have energy but no goal!

    Hey ! After reading the millionaire fastlane, I decided to join the forum to get some new impressions of other people with the same goal and mindset. Right now I'm 19 years old and graduated from school last week. I'm from Germany, so the school system is probaply a little different from the...
  11. josealberto

    What do to when people say "don't chase money" in terms of following your passion but you don't have any passions?

    Hi everyone! This is my first thread in the forum, I have not made any introduction and I don't expect this to be one, I don't think I have a story interesting enough to introduce me -for now- so this thread is more than anything to ask for some advice and read experiences of everyone who is...
  12. ChrisGav

    20 year-old how should I spend free time?

    I love the process, and I love entrepreneurship. I've always told myself since I was 10 that I could never work for another man and hate the concept of the corporate world. I find myself in a limbo state at the moment. What's the best way to spend my time to learn and grow when I am short on...
  13. PureA

    What's your daily routine?

    Hey high performers! I know we are always looking for ways to do things more efficiently, so I am very interested to know how you guys structure your day? I know this can differ a lot day to day, but maybe we could learn a few new things! What's your secret sauce? Is it coffee? tea...
  14. Intax

    How should I use the free time in my job?

    Hey everyone. I use my gap year to concentrate on one of my business ideas. But to pay my rent and living I work in an museum as an security employee. Especially during the week I don't have much to do and I ask myself how I could use it to progress on my business. Sadly I can only use my...
  15. SheikhNaveed

    Is it allowed to share client's work on social media, after modification?

    I've designed some graphics for one of my clients and want to share that on social media and on my blog for free. Is that allowed/ethical?
  16. Victor Cezar

    How your mind works?

    I am curious about how your mind works, there are a lot of different people and they act in different ways that is good to know how they behave. Why am I asking this? My mind works with one only thing, I suck when I need to do two or more things at the same time, my friend though does a lot of...
  17. Niptuck MD

    What Questions regarding new product development or manufacturing do you all have?

    This is a new thread I am shedding light and expertise on for you all to benefit from. I hope some of the principles can be applied to your innovations, thoughts, ideas etc. Within the realms of commercialization, design, planning, control and organization are all simultaneously embedded as part...
  18. ZF Lee

    ZF's progress thread

    Alright, just as I said. I would post some results from my Reddit tests. It seems that the folks need to see something tangible. I still will need to develop a cheap prototype and have 50-100 batches. I spotted a competing product being used by someone from today's meeting. I borrowed it for a...
  19. J

    Hell Week mates

    Hello everyone! I`m Julia, striving for excellence is in my blood, so I wanna improve myself by means of "Hell Week" that was introduced by Erik Larssen. I waana find mates with which we would help to control, motivate each other, share advices and results, make reports on Instagram, etc. I...
  20. Gunther Herzog

    Journey to absolute freedom. Start!

    This is my Progress thread. In this Thread I write about my Dream becoming reality. In June 2017 I founded a Mastermind group with a friend of mine, who I knew of, thought similar about the subject of money and business. So from then on we met each week, exchanged Ideas, concepts and were...