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20 year-old how should I spend free time?

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Feb 15, 2019
Greenville, South Carolina
I love the process, and I love entrepreneurship. I've always told myself since I was 10 that I could never work for another man and hate the concept of the corporate world. I find myself in a limbo state at the moment. What's the best way to spend my time to learn and grow when I am short on businesses to start? I read, watch all kinds of youtube videos and visit this website in my free time to gather as much information as possible.

What action can I take when I have no current business idea to get more momentum? Many people such as Gary Vaynerchuk suggest that you put your head down and work. My question is what do you work on when you aren't sure what direction to go exactly? Thank you all in advance!

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Jun 6, 2015
I know what I’m about to say is profane, but it doesn’t hurt to get a job. Work and learn, perhaps an idea might stem from there.

Plus, you’ll have cash coming in as well.


Winners never quit
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Dec 24, 2013
Help someone, pick anything, it's not gonna satisfy CENTS, it may not be pretty, but the most important thing is you MOVE.

Sounds counterintuitive but the 'idea' doesn't matter. What REALLY matters is taking action on ANYTHING - solving problems, helping people (however 'insignificant').

Look up local/internet businesses and do it different or better (it's that easy). Your IDEA doesn't really matter at all, what matters is moving forward. From here other opportunities open up to you, if you don't move and just stick around waiting for the 'right thing', you will be STUCK and never be exposed to the opportunities that appear by taking action.

Ask me how I know... I speak from pain.

p.s. I HIGHLY recommend this video, says what I'm trying to explain a whole lot better.



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Feb 15, 2019
Greenville, South Carolina
I appreciate everyone's advice. I do have a job currently but knew there had to be a better way to spend my time on the weekends/after work than just reading and researching. I've thought about customizing some shirts and selling them in the town Greenville, South Carolina I live in.

Has anyone done anything with Facebook Marketplace before? Buying/flipping things and if so how did you go about it?

Thank you all

James Klymus

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Dec 28, 2018
Chicago, Illinois
My advice would be to pick a direction. Otherwise what's gonna happen is you'll be in the same place youre in right now. You'll not know what to do and you wont have made a decision still.

Even if its the wrong direction, just pick one.

Also you can spend time seeing what people are complaining about in different markets. Business ideas dont come from thinking in your head, they come from looking around you and seeing where you can solve a problem.

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