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  1. JuampiAAAJ

    How can I find my "Lambo"?

    Just the title... I'm a very basic guy who doesn't care about materialistic things or in financial freedom. I know that probably is stupid the part of financial freedom but I don't feel it. I'm 22 years old and I don't know why but I don't feel the burning desire for money or wealth Probably...
  2. smn03

    When Your Family Destroys Your Dreams

    My position: (you can skip this if you want to) my dad owns a company, makes more than 200.000/year but in my opinion hasn't archived financial freedom. still gets up everyday do drive to work and work long hours in order to keep the business going. my mom isn't working at all. spending time...
  3. Crafty

    The Rat Race - Chased the Cheese Right into the Trap

    After five years and 130k dollars, I made an investment that transformed my life—the Tom Brady of investments. I never would've thought $8.50 would have had such an impact. The Millionaire Fast Lane (which led me to Unscripted and then The Great Rat Race Escape) has changed my entire outlook on...
  4. wyattnorton

    Inaction Is A Slow Death

    How many times have you taken action, regardless of fear, anxiety, depression, etc. and it turned out to be the best for you? What have you taken action on? What have you not taken action on? Hope you enjoy the video. Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!
  5. Zooman009

    I'm 18...

    Now I want to get two things out of the way. First, I know I'm eighteen and have a long life ahead of me. Second, I'm moving somewhere for two years where I won't be able to do anything on the internet or do business in probably fall 2021. So that takes me to where I'm on what feels like a time...
  6. RealDreams

    Here's How Average People See Young Rich People

    View: While this guy apparently became rich by trading stocks (so it's not really entrepreneurship), what's interesting is how average people view rich people. That guy who said "How do you feel knowing that when you earn money, the other side is...
  7. PizzaOnTheRoof

    The Best Speech On The Scripted Mindset You've Never Heard...

    Excellent talk by Douglas Kruger about escaping from the script, and why your thinking could be keeping you poor... My favorite gems: Amazing notes courtesy of @Bekit:
  8. pat9000

    Feeling Down The Past Few Days

    Hey guys, Recently I've hit a rough patch on my journey and I am at this point of where I feel I can't run back to the SCRIPTED world but at the same time, my journey into the UNSCRIPTED world is still long and arduous. It's like this weird middle ground where I can't move forward or backward...
  9. Varun

    How to counter negativity from immediate family members(Script)?

    I'm from India, recently joined the family business. My two uncles are supportive, but my father and mother are heavily against it. We have retail and distribution both. My father's been telling me things like how the business has no future, it will split later, bigger players are coming...
  10. Xolorr

    Hyperrealities are TAKING OVER?

    Something popped up on an Instagram ad the other day, and it's really made me lose faith in humans with technology, but excites part of me, as well as confusing me with regard to it being a business opportunity or investment. So, there's a new platform coming around called Staramba, and it's a...
  11. ytomasch

    Too funny.

    Ignore the hype over big tech. Its products are mostly useless | John Harris Would love your thoughts. His ending had me laughing.
  12. Josh Harmsen

    Being Hustled Into the Scripted World!

    Just a little background information before I go on with this post, I started reading Unscripted a couple days back, which is one of the main reasons this caught my attention. I'm a senior in High School and within the first week of school, we had a Senior Meeting. We were told a lot of...
  13. qaerst

    Sheep mentality in the gaming community

    So i was deleting some older games i had on my computer to focus more on my fastlane journey, And i stumbled on one of my friends profile where you can see how many hours someone spent on a video-game. 3,568 hrs on record - three-thousand five hundred and sixty eight F*cking hours I'm...
  14. MarekvBeek

    A SCRIPTED Story... (I cried a little)

    So a few days ago we recieved a package at our home. My mom told me it was for dad. Guess what it was? A drone My dad finally bought a drone. I've been "discussing" this with him for a month. I tried to help him find a drone which suits his needs. But it was a pain in the a$$ for him...
  15. garyjsmith

    Plastic and Pepper Spray

    I had a monumental FTE last year in April [2016]. At the time, I was working for a gov't contractor as a multimedia developer and was in line to become a gov't employee, the next step in my career if I wanted to see even better pay and become bulletproof in the face of layoffs. I was commuting...
  16. Alxander

    Need to have an UNSCRIPTED presentation for my SCRIPTED college (English exam)

    Currently finishing college and will give a presentation about entrepreneurship cause I could choose anything I wanted. (like in life lol). It only needs to be 5-10 minutes long so it's gotta be in the fastlane. (these puns are getting quite good right?) I will explain the points a little bit...
  17. Millenial_Kid5K1

    The Town With No Hustle

    Today I'm here to tell a story. This is the city of Lagrange, Georgia: It's a sleepy hamlet of roughly 30,000 people, and it's the town I've had the displeasure of living in on-and-off for about 7 of the last 15 years. The town is chock-full of sidewalkers with a smattering of slowlaners...
  18. ZF Lee

    things that go UNSCRIPTED

    In anticipation for @MJ DeMarco 's upcoming hit book UNSCRIPTED, I was full of excitement about the further discussions and insights his next book will bring. Not only will it discuss Slowlane mediocrity causes (or THE SCRIPT), it will definitely cut into the entrepreneural failure tumour and...