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  1. Spicymemer45


    Yikes, edgy a$$ title right there. I ponder death lots, not in a "woe is me" fashion either, I just enjoy dwelling on how I want my passing to be. I can foresee all the things I want to have done, or people I've saved from a lessened life, the moments I've had. Then that son of a bitch FEAR...
  2. Mastermind - 5 People - 5 Guys Who Will Change the World

    Mastermind Group For That One, Who Will Change The World I'm searching for at least 5 people to my mastermind group. We will meet once a week to talk about our goals, share ideas. It's obvious. Requirements You are going to change the world (I'm not kidding) You must be doing something now...
  3. Doing what you love? Or just catch needs?

    Hi community! After reading the book "The Fastlane Millionaire", I'm trying to catch ideas from the needs of the people I meet. Last week I heard someone telling a "why is it this way?" and an idea came to me. The point is, the idea is about creating a mobile app to help solving the problem (I...
  4. Levit

    Routines and Planning

    Hi, everyone! I'm interested to know how many of you think about planning and routines and how important they are to you. Generally, I have always taken the time to write out my goals and broken them down into smaller tasks, this has always been helpful/motivating to me, but recently I feel...
  5. Spicymemer45

    HOT TOPIC We are all KINGS!!! (Reclaiming Masculinity in the Modern Day)

    (Before I begin, this is in the form of a book called "The 4 Archetypes of Man" - By Carl Jung Throughout all of human existence, a king watches his domain as it grows over the Earth. (What a business Clichè) I have struggled with the aspect of who I am as a man throughout my young life due...
  6. Doan Chi Tin

    INTRO I Need Your Advise

    Hello guy, I'm just new to TheFastLaneForum an I found there are many interested people who is same mindset like me. I'm Tin and live in Vietnam, you can contact me via Facebook or Instagram To be honest, I passionate at dancing and I have achieve many prize of this ( I think I will end up at...
  7. Kabylfx

    How did you discipline yourself?

    I think we are all aware that motivation never lasts long and that killer work ethics only come through self-discipline. I've been working towards achieving that mindset for the past month and was wondering how some of you guys might have done it.
  8. G-Man

    Your problem is lack of resourcefulness

    Can't believe I'm the guy posting a Tony Robbins video, but I've found the statements he makes here to be extremely true. I had a black swan earlier in the week, and currently at a pretty low point, but I've discovered it's put me into a much more creative, open-minded, and generally a$$-kicking...
  9. RHL

    Trying Times (Trying VS Doing)

    I know three people in my life who have successfully quit smoking. By quit, I mean they haven't had even one cigarette in at least ten years (for the most recent of the group. For the other two, it's been about 18 years and about 35 years, respectively). I also know eight people who have...
  10. JCS

    EXECUTION How do I avoid becoming a guru?

    If this is in the wrong place, feel free to move it! So I'm in the middle of writing a script for a youtube channel I will beginning in the very near future. I'm confident enough in my understanding of marketing to feel that I can hit the ground running at the beginning and keep the flow...
  11. Spicymemer45

    The Fastlane MINDSET (What I understand thus far)

    Good day all! Hope you're all feeling MIGHTY fine this New Year! THIS IS WHAT I UNDERSTAND THUS FAR ABOUT TRUE MINDSET OF "THE FAST LANE"! - IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY (It's about the people and their wants/needs and if you can provide the answer to them - CHASING THE CAT (Money) WILL MAKE IT...
  12. Spicymemer45

    EXECUTION The Starting Line (1st Down)

    Hey all! Hope you're all feeling mighty spicy today! (I'll leave a link to the shop below for critiques) I started the t-shirt business via Shopify last night around 2 A.M (E.S.T) I hired a graphic designer who dos fine work at a decent price! I also am looking to get a Website designer on...
  13. GatsbyMag

    EXECUTION 100 Brown Cents To $8000

    This is a thread I've decided to create to keep me accountable. I'm sick to my bones tired of "failing fast", heck I even made an article about it. I don't know what need I'll solve yet, my idea was to build a niche community on social media starting with Instagram and then help producers...
  14. Spicymemer45

    Self Awareness (Correction)

    Hola all! So let's get to it, to start it off I'd like to quote Einstein! "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result" I've really struggled with Self-Awareness in the areas of applying it to whatever my work involved. While I may...
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