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INTRO My Future Lifestyle

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Feb 21, 2018
Hi everyone, and @MJ DeMarco for giving us your books that thought us all some valuable lessons.

I found this forum couple of days ago and already red dozens of GOLD threads and what not. I was amazed by all hustle that is shown in here by all these people. Props to u all.

Now...I am 25 right now, and I officially put behind me all the crap that was stopping me since i was 20. I have a lot of regrets in these 5 years, but i put that shit away also. I was returned back to collage to finish what i have left 5 years ago and to put end to this. My whole mindset is brand new. I am in that abundance mindset that everyone like to call it. I was never into that 9-5 rat race, and that's why i never applied to any job position. I am about to start online business ASAP, and i am learning FX trading because i love that so much. When i allude to "My Future Lifestyle" I mean this:

- Achieve financial freedom and be free of all financial stress and all those bill obligations.
- Set my family free of all doing, and put them in same mindset.
- Buy one of my dream cars (Nissan GTR R35, Mercedes C63 AMG ED1, Lamborghini Huracan or Mercedes G63, I love that new Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio also).
- Find a smart girl who is not in slowlane mindset.
- Buy one nice house not too much expensive somewhere in a beautiful sunny city.
- Start a charity and give money and help those in need.
- Travel around the whole world with my family and my true friends.

I like movies like Thomas Crown Affair as you can realise from my picture, but what I like better is his lifestyle(have a lot of money, be respected by your peers and women, do what u want, when u want, with whoever u want). I want to be calm and prepared in any situation and be step ahead against financial system in legal way(taxes, how to manage my money and increase my wealth day by day). I was never fan of taking up huge bank credits and be in debt just to buy myself some materialistic thing that will do me no good in future. Cash or nothing ! I use that as motivation. I was going through some tough situation in past years that take on me mentally and i didn't liked it one bit. Some thing are still tough but i am ending this shit for good.

I set some high goals for myself for this year. This is breakthrough year for me, and i will achieve them! Mindset is the key !

Thanks for reading!

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Nothing to Lose
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Dec 21, 2015
Hi and welcome to the family!

Two advices from my side if you mind:

1) Burn like a candle: instead of killing yourself in a few months and burning out, start step-by-step, slowly but surely, hitting each milestone will give more motivation to reach another. Make sure you set realistic targets and reach them.

2) Change your attitude:
I was never into that 9-5 rat race, and that's why i never applied to any job position.
Do you see anything wrong with it? I do. I bet most folks do too. Getting a job doesn't necessarily mean you're automatically entering a rat race. Slow-lane and Fast-lane in my understanding are principles one lives by. Many successful entrepreneurs worked their asses off 9-5 and hustled the rest of their free time so they could build businesses based on expertise. Learn how to leverage 9-5.

Best of luck!


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Feb 21, 2018
@BillyMaysHere27 I am well aware of that. Thank you man.

As of your first advice, i already have a plan how to achieve most of my plans for this year. That plan will probably change some number of time, when i realize that some things work better then others.

About your second advice your are absolutely right 100%, I have all the respect for the people who are in 9-5 type of jobs, but i just feel that thing is so not for me and probably I wrote that in a bit of raged way. If I must start somewhere I have to agree 9-5 is nice option to earn some capital that i can spread into the things i like later, but surely i will not stay there for long period of time. Hope u understand what I am trying to say now. Thank for your advice man.

MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome my friend and thanks for the intro!

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