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  1. ToySoldier

    My First Time Cold-Emailing Web Design Clients. I'd Love a Critique!

    Hey guys, I've been running my marketing business for a few years now, and have recently started cold-emailing some high-paying niche clients. I put this together earlier today, and would love your opinions on it! Hi [NAME], I’m [My Name], a [College Name] student from [City]. In the past...
  2. Giobanks

    Would I Be A Nasty Guru Or A Knight in Shiny Armor ? What do you think ?

    Hey my Name is Giovani, you guys and gals can call me Gio though. A little bit about myself before I ask you FastLaners a few questions. I currently work as a line cook in fast food. Everyday I wake up and put on that uniform and it reminds me of how bad I want to leave this all behind. Its...
  3. ToySoldier

    WEB/DIGITAL My reddit-fueled Journey to $10. The TechUnder10 Affiliate Story (Part One!)

    Hey Guys! I'm Neal. Being new to the forum, I thought I'd share the story of my first successful affiliate site- TechUnder10. I've been a longtime contributor to /r/entrepreneur for the past few years, and have only recently discovered the Fastlane Forum, after having read MJ's book way back...
  4. A

    Specialize in Marketing or entrepreneurship?

    Hello everyone! I am 16, just graduated secondary school and am about to start polytechnic in the business administration course. I am able to choose which field to specialise in and I cant decide. Entrepreneurship is an amazing opportunity for me to really get first hand experience as to what...
  5. Spicymemer45


    Hey all! So to practice the mindset of the Fastlane, everyday I've been answering as many questions as I can to the best of my ability on Quora! I took this deeper, I thought to myself how is Quora like a market. Well 1.) Quora has different "Market Segments"- People ask all sorts of...
  6. PaulRobert

    HOT TOPIC 24 Year Old Makes $345,000 in 2 Months..

    No clickbait... Here's the article... This 24-year-old made $345,000 in 2 months by beating Kickstarters to market As an inventor this boils my blood especially if you put in hundreds of hours of blood, sweat, and tears into the project just to have someone else just swoop in and steal your...
  7. DesignerOne.

    Weekly Design Challenge.

    To all the Designers and anyone who is learning illustrator/Photoshop on FLF, I am starting a weekly design challenge to anyone who is interested. All the challenges will be original ideas that are not for any clients or anything specific. It’s a good way to show our work to the entrepreneurs...
  8. Growth & Learn

    Best marketing videos you've seen?

    Hey all, What are some of the best marketing instructional videos you've seen on Youtube?
  9. Stealth Mode

    EXECUTION Building a web dev agency

    Hey guys. A partner and I have been building a web development and service agency. So far, we've had a few contracts and we are looking to grow it into a full scale operation. We're focused on the sales side first since that is the weakness. We believe we can build a commission-based sales team...
  10. jfny

    What are the best ways to get eyes on your product?

    So I recently attended a real estate seminar to try and network with some people from my area. A few people were giving talks about tools that they have used to help them with this or that. During one of their talks I had this "Aha" moment, where an idea hit me for a service that to my...
  11. Brian C.

    AMA: Web Designers, Your Web Copy Sucks

    Web Designers, How do you feel about the thread's title? Effective? Provoking? Maybe even a bit arrogant? If you clicked on this thread because of the title - fantastic. Why? Because if you've made it this far, you've been converted. That's right. You are a conversion. You see, I wrote that...
  12. jpanarra

    Selling on the Phone as a Deaf guy

    Hey all, for those who have been following my progress thread and stuff, I still haven’t given up I still am chipping away at my wall.. What I’m doing is I’m selling websites to businesses so I can either grow my business that way or even bootstrap some of my ideas. However, the wall right now...
  13. Paul David

    HOT TOPIC Has anyone in physical product sales actually got a profitable website?

    Hi As some of you will know from my previous posts i sell physical products. Namely batteries and chargers. Over the years i've tried increasing sales on our website. Initially i made the mistake of paying a lot for a website then didn't really send any traffic. However i've now got a website...
  14. Tiisetso Maloma

    If I were to visit the USA for 2 months, how would I promote/establish my books during my stay?

    Sup guys – howzt!! I am a South African entrepreneur and self-published author of self-help/entrepreneurship books. I am on my fourth book, titled ‘The Anxious Entrepreneur.’ To give context of my content, the books before this are: Forget the Business Plan Use This Short Model, Tales of an...
  15. TheDutch

    INTRO Finally, a proper introduction! Do you know me already?

    Hi All, Some of you may know me already, since i'm scavenging here and there for information and motivation on this Forum. And passing on the knowledge i've got in my short history of working. I try to make every post being of value for atleast someone on this Forum. 22 years old from...
  16. Tobore

    Do You Create Long Form Content on Your Facebook Page?

    Hello guys , I think I've hit a wall here :banghead:. I am creating a Facebook page for my audience and would be posting long form content using Facebook Notes. The thing is, content on Note cannot be promoted with the "post boost" feature...and I don't want to send the traffic outside...
  17. S

    Offering free services and companies still demand a portfolio

    Hello all, My partner and I are kind of stuck any help/tips would be appreciated. -We offer services that help improve businesses. -We have sent proposals to 30+ companies that we believe can benefit from us. -All of these companies/businesses demand a portfolio on what we've done as opposed to...
  18. T

    Does Anyone Do Direct Mail Marketing?

    I have thought about doing this for awhile, I've read that it can still be the most potent form of marketing if done right. Anyone have any experience?
  19. TonyStark

    O/T: FUNNY F*ck This Guy - Tai Lopez

  20. Turbo

    MARKETPLACE Ecommerce & PPC Top Gun for Hire- I make my clients 7-figures a month online!

    Ecommerce & PPC Top Gun for Hire- I make my clients over $1 Million a month online! How’s business? How are sales? Are you killing it, or just treading water? Frustrated with your marketing strategy? The ecommerce seas are rising rapidly- will you end up surfing the waves or washed up on the...

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