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O/T: HEALTH The interconnection between THE SCRIPT and Fitness + Exercise as a tool

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by AlexDep89, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. AlexDep89

    AlexDep89 New Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED

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    Feb 6, 2018
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    For those who don't like to read, you can skip to the part after the bold text: "So my point is"

    I read MFL and Unscripted almost a year ago and then I did absolutely nothing. I felt inspired for a few days but then I fell back in my old lethargic ways.

    Why? Because of bad habits: smoking cigarettes, smoking weed, overeating, being on the couch all day, maladaptive daydreaming, playing video games, porn,... When you F*ck with your dopamine system with so many bad habits, that also leave you tired, unhealthy and fat you have no drive to do anything.

    How did it come so far? I actually had more bad habits then when I was a student. In retrospect I realize that I have been following the script my whole life while subconscious and sometimes conscious I hated it. And without proper guidance and some very negative beliefs installed by my parents I believed this was my life now. My bad habits started as coping mechanisms for the bad feelings I got against the script.

    Fast forward to today and I am a different person. 50 lbs lighter, stronger then I have ever been, being able to run 10k,....
    By slowly changing my bad habits I gained the confidence and belief that the script is not my life, and that with right action I can change my life. This great feeling results in me pushing forward.
    BUT, at the same time, there are days (boss yelling, not being able to take a day of, money troubles,...) that the script shows it still got a strong grip on me, and those are the moments when my old bat habits come back again. BUT, if I stop, think and realize this flow, I can do the opposite and use exercise and good habits to make me feel good again.
    More and more I have conditioned myself that exercise is my medicine. Once it was just a tool to 'look better', now I see it as the fire molding my mentality and like David Goggins says: it is building callus for the mind.

    Today is now my first active day on this forum. Because I feel finally ready to take action.

    So my point is, exercise can be a powerful tool in jumping to the fast lane. Here are a few points on how powerful exercise can be:
    • Where building a business can get quite complex and seem impossible if you have low self esteem, exercise is simple (but not easy) and straightforward and can help you build the self esteem necessary to believe you can be an entrepreneur.
    • Exercise is a great metaphor: its consistent never ending action, with lots of growth, lots of failure, times of giving up, and times of going at it hard. When you see how this transforms you, it will help to install the mindset in you that daily action, even with occasional failure does lead to amazing results.
    • Mind of steel: pushing yourself, even if you don't want to, uses and therefor trains your willpower and self-discipline. Traits that are necessary to build a business.
    • Most amazing medicine ever: Increase in energy, drive, lower stress, better sleep and instant dopamine after working out all great in general but even more so to compensate for the damage a slow lane life can do.

    So If you are like I was. And you are not an action taker: Instead of dreaming of a better life, consuming endless information without doing anything, start with exercise, use exercise as your tool, your medicine, your base camp.
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