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Oct 19, 2019
Hello Everyone, I actually joined this forum a long time ago but wasn't very active (yet).
My Name is Denis, I am 29 years old and I'm from Switzerland. I just started a new business as an online coach.
This is actually my second attempt to break free from the rat race, but this time there is much more emotional investment behind it.

I've always been someone that wanted more out of life than mediocrity. Probably that's also the reason why I'm a huge fan of MJ's material.
But there was actually one thing that was a huge disadvantage for me: I was too invested in my success and attached my whole self-worth in my outcomes. That mentality has brought me far but the destination of the path was definitely not where I wanted to go.
After building an unsuccessful company, overworking myself completely and losing a looot of money I hade a burnout/mental breakdown that was followed by a severe depression.

As you probably can imagine, I've always been a huge fan of courses, books and seminars in personal development, Business, Psychology, NLP and autobiographies of amazing people. But actually, Nothing of this knowledge could really help me in my situation.
After overcoming the probably worst time of my life, I became very passionate about helping other people in this situation and decided to rmake it my new mission to help overworked people deal with burnout and avoid burnout, without having to rely on medication.

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Timea Szabo

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Feb 20, 2020
Hi Denis and welcome!
Great to hear that you overcame the worst time in your life, and that you used a negative situation to build a positive outcome (helping other people). Mental health problems such as depression are so common now-a-days, so it is great to see someone taking a step to combat these issues without the use of drugs.
Just out of interest, where you said "But actually, nothing of this knowledge could really help me in my situation. " Was there reasoning behind this? Did the courses, books and seminars in personal development, etc not help to somewhat overcome your depression and help to emotionally motivate you to build your self up again?

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