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  1. JaspervR

    Meditation as a way to improve the entrepreneurial mind

    Dear fellow entrepreneurs, With the increase of mindfulness and meditation in our society I think most of us are starting to see the benefits of meditation. Scientifically there's a huge amount of benefits that are ascribed to meditation and I remember hearing Gary Vee say that meditation will...
  2. TopDirective

    Stuck in Loop (Can't Affort Delegation --> Overwhelmed to Earn More)

    Dear fastlaners, Top here, Sure you know it - I am stuck in this infamous loop 1. I do not have money to hire anyone --> doing everything by myself. 2. To make more money, I need to start a new project, however old businesses make money to pay my essentials living costs so I cannot cut them...
  3. TopDirective

    INTRO Made $10,000 But Just Starting Out (My Humble Beginnings)

    Dear Fastlaners, NB: I know you are busy and giving ~8 minutes to read someone's story may seem much. If so, skip down to Present Life if you are curious what I am working on right now. It's strange how life can turn out when you take action... A few months ago, I wrote an introductory post...
  4. Ninjakid

    RANT Wiping the slate clean

    Be warned, this is kind of a long rant about life. About a year and a half ago I was extremely motivated. The fire of desire was burning bright within me. I was part of a startup which I was determined I could make successful, I was keeping my own finances afloat with several freelance gigs, I...
  5. UnrealCreative

    People or Processes: Which Comes First? (Facing Scaling Issues - Need Help)

    Hey all, just wanted to ask for some advice on hiring/scaling. My business is a productized service (Progress Here). What I can tell from other sources, where I'm at right now is where a lot of PServices hit a snag. I'm basically facing a classic E-Myth problem here - solving a big pain point...

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