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  1. Andy Black

    Your Step's Too Short - A Leadership Story

    Back when I was 19, I was on the first day of a course to become an Assistant Club Coach for Track and Field Athletics. We were welcomed and our first instructor was introduced - some old chap ... who just happened to be one of the top freaking coaches in England! Wow, one of the top coaches...
  2. E

    My blog is going nowhere and I want traffic!

    I started a website based on the topic of a coaching service, and I've been blogging for 9 months. I've published 3 posts per week without fail for that whole period. Last month I stopped writing, partly because I was feeling like I was running out of things to say, and partly because I was...
  3. MJ DeMarco

    Introducing the new Guru, Coach and Trainer category...

    Seems like a big topic of discussion around here is the discussion of gurus and their INSANELY EXPENSIVE coaching programs, of course, all promoted by their trusty "FREE TRAINING!" trip-wire. If you'd like to discuss any particular guru, feel free to do so in this category. Some questions to...
  4. Divij

    Amazon FBA or Coaching?

    Hi, I have noticed many people selling Amazon FBA courses online, I always wonder if they are so successful at Amazon FBA why are they selling courses or why are they investing money and time in creating courses when they can invest in FBA. I don't think FBA is dead. Is selling courses easy and...
  5. Lee Ashby

    Lee's Coaching Business Progress

    Hello Fastlaners. I'm doing this post as a way of keeping me accountable and to share my journey and different steps I end up taking. Quick recap. Since July 2nd 2016, Ive been on an entrepreneurial journey. Long story short, My Partner Jacqui and I started a counselling / coaching business...
  6. D

    Are all online coaches scammers?

    Hi there, Recently I was watching videos on Coffeezilla youtube channel and it got me thinking... are all "online gurus" scammers? Actually, it was nothing new to me that there are many online "entrepreneurs" coaching and mentoring people for money, promising the results which X% of people can...
  7. _Denis_S

    Help for Entrepreneurs

    Hello Everyone, I really love this forum and was wondering if I may ask: I'm just starting my own small business as a coach/consultant for entrepreneurs and people in high-demanding jobs. I'm basically helping people to avoid burnout and deal with burnout without having to rely on medication...
  8. _Denis_S

    Who am I and what's my mission?

    Hello Everyone, I actually joined this forum a long time ago but wasn't very active (yet). My Name is Denis, I am 29 years old and I'm from Switzerland. I just started a new business as an online coach. This is actually my second attempt to break free from the rat race, but this time there is...
  9. VPchris

    Thinking of getting/paying for a MENTOR in consulting. Your experience/thoughts?

    Hey everyone, Would like to start stress & anxiety coaching people as a sidehustle. Currently doing a 20-hour training in a branch of psychotherapy (very practical, ideal for coaching). But I lack the sales/communication/coaching skills and mindset. I've been following an awesome dating &...
  10. VPchris

    Online Stress & Fear Coaching Business: Building an Audience?

    Hey guys, just joined this awesome community and wanted to give a quick introduction. Personal background: I'm Christophe, turned 25 years old and graduated Bio-Engineering at University in Belgium. Went traveling in South-East Asia for 3 months prior to looking for a job. Have found an...
  11. Danny reds

    Office lease

    I would like some feedback from my friends on the forum. My Business is doing good and was able to move the business from out of my house to a office space that i'm now growing out of. The new office space i'm looking at is just a little over a fair price i think. What is usually negotiable...
  12. Paul David

    Anyone ever taken a David Bayer Course or have a mindset coach?

    Has anyone ever taken a David Bayer course? Or has previously used a mindset coach? If so what's your opinions on them? I've been thing a lot lately about how my thoughts, beliefs and previous decisions have led me to the position i am in now. As i go through the day i'm starting to notice how...
  13. C

    giving all my company’s profits away! (Preferably without starving)

    hey everyone! I’m thinking about starting a c Corp that donates 100% of profits to a charitable foundation. I want to collect a reasonable salary and donate the remainder. My products competitive edge is its charitable spirit, so I want to advertise “100% of profits go to charity” Here are my...
  14. Lex DeVille

    Lex DeVille's: Guru Cults Exposed: The Tactics "Experts" Use To Pull You In & Suck You Dry

    You're browsing Facebook when you see a post with a title like this: The Biggest Mistake That Held Me Back From Hitting My First $1,000,000... When I first started my business.......... It looks like a blog post. But you see a "read more" icon. So you click it and down pops a story. No...
  15. biophase

    Biophase - 2018 Ecommerce/Amazon Business Coaching Program

    I have decided to do the coaching program again in 2018 I was on the fence for the past month, but seeing a bunch of last year's clients doing well and even selling out their products during the holiday season made me decide to do this next year! Below are results from four of my 2017 clients...
  16. Mike J Freeman

    New Member - Grateful I'm Here!

    Hello Leaders: Glad to be a part of this great community creating a new paradigm. Thank you @MJ DeMarco for your valuable talk this morning with Peter Voogd. That is how I learned about you and landed here. I was a career man of 16 years, resisting the 8-6, working with people I would never...
  17. Eskil

    Eskil's Mentoring to Accelerate Your Growth

    This is a personal mentor / coaching program meant for anyone who is serious about getting off to a solid start - or to take an existing product based business to the next level. A few years back, I offered coaching in this thread, which was heavily Amazon-focused. I coached several people...
  18. Christophe

    Greetings! Life/Career coach from U.S. (and France)

    Hello everyone, I am a Life and Career coach and my focus is on startup founders. I started my business a few months ago and I am currently learning about the entrepreneurial side of coaching, which is completely new to me but I love it so far. I just started to read the Millionaire FastLane...
  19. JamesDB

    Trading insights and Q&A

    You can ask me here whatever you want about the mechanics of trading, insights, advices etc. There will be another thread where you will be able to post charts and share ideas. First of all: There is no truth, everything I say might be 100% true or 100% wrong to you, as there is no truth in...

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