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What will you accomplish in 2019?

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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Not a New Year's Resolution thread, but a mere proclamation of what you will accomplish in 2019.

List one thing, or many.

Whatever you resolve to do.

Please keep your proclamation measurable!

Lose weight is not measurable, lose 50 lbs is!
Start a business is not measurable, sell X units is!

This time next year, we will bump this thread and see how things went!

I'll start:

I will release at LEAST one book in 2019, either under the Unscripted nameplate or other.

This might not seem to be a big proclamation, but for me it is. My history shows that I take anywhere from 3 to 5 years to write and publish something. I'd like actually take my writing time down to less than 1 year and time to market in under 6 months.

Also, if you posted in this thread AND have a progress thread, please include and link to it!!

Thank you!
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Cantankerous Contributor
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Jan 13, 2014
Not doing yearly goals anymore, but here are the 12 wk goals for the 12 week period that started yesterday:
  • Lose 30 lbs - get back to the diet I was on earlier in the year
  • increase monthly net on my ebay store from 1200 to 5k

ZF Lee

Platinum Contributor
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Jul 27, 2016
  • Vamp up my freelancing income to reach 5-figures at most, with at least 2 clients giving me steady referrals or recurring work.
  • Get the real Fastlane biz rolling and hopeful get a core customer following (paying, not some email or subs bullshit) or best, break even by year's end. Will still have to take online into account (no matter how much I hate the saturation), but will consider consummables/necessities heavily, in view of the upcoming recession
  • Enforce a daily evening run, around 5-6pm. I don't have weight to lose, but I do need a daily habit of physical exercise.
  • Organise and consolidate my meetups, circle of friends or Fastlane-friendly groups offline this forum into 1 church cell group, 1 general business sharing, 1 business strategy, 1 accounting/finance/insurance, 1 Internet biz. If each group has 7 pax on average, maybe I'd want to provide close-up value and follow-up with the best 2, have close but nominal value-adds to the lower 2 and the rest, I treat them generally. I found that even if you treat everyone fairly, ultimately only a few will prove to be exceptional.

Lots of homework to do....:bored:


Silver Contributor
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Nov 29, 2017
New Jersey
-Gain weight to 170 (~150 now) - muscle, not fat
-Get blue belt in BJJ
-Figure out how to turn my advertisement skills into monthly rev (at least $10k)

Then take the $ to:
-Get out of my parents house (it's started to make me feel like a chump)
-Eat healthy as F*ck
-A vacation or two
-Study and take action more and more to flip this $$$


I say "figure out" because I don't know all the specific steps, but I do know I can do $10k/mo

I currently have 4 clients but it's not the business model I want - it's the traditional "freelance AdWords guy" model.

I'm trying to figure out how to be more of a "lead broker" and set my system up, either giving the leads to the fastest/most responsive bidder or renting web properties monthly.

I know how to do everything. It's the biz model that I haven't sorted yet.

So once I get that sorted out I'll be fine
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Legendary Contributor
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Oct 25, 2012
Last edited:


  • Decrease monthly consumer spending by 15% (950 to 780 EUR p/m average) by June. Have to pay off some gadgets and cancel a couple of subscriptions.
  • Flip over my negative net worth (-2300 EUR to +2500) by June. I have a job and the debt is insured for a case of losing it.
  • Have additional 500 EUR/m from internet activity I control (a hustle with number of clients, an e-comm, etc) by Dec.
  • Figure out 1 or a group of new skills by solving a real problem - my own, clients or simply at job (according to this by @lowtek) – every day.
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Platinum Contributor
Speedway Pass
Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Look forward to your book!

The #1 thing for me is to ''retire''

This NY I will be slaving away for min wage, if I can STOP being reliant on a paycheck for a basic life such as food and rent thats the same as hitting the lotto.

Ive been off for a couple weeks from work and it is so ****** amazing, sleep in... noone to tell me what to do etc.

My online store just needs a measly couple thousand sales which is basically nothing, believe its possible for me to achieve.

Happy NY everyone!

John Walker

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Jun 14, 2018
The goal I want to accomplish that I have not achieved until now is to build my business in 2019, but to be measurable and say how many sales I want to make, I need to know what my vehicle will be, what business I'm going to build, the idea, if it is digital.

How to set a goal for the ideas phase? Because to establish sales I need to know what business I'm going to build.

Dylan in Africa

Worldwide Educator
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Aug 25, 2017
Planet Earth
Run a 5K each and every day. Listen to over 180 hrs of audiobooks while doing so.
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Nothing to Lose
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Speedway Pass
Dec 21, 2015
Accomplish in 2 days more than I currently accomplish in entire week - this is related to business, fitness, personal development and other.

This will be accomplished by supercharging my discipline, taking superb care of myself (spiritually, physically, mentally, etc.), changing my circle of friends, automating/outsourcing redundant tasks and concentrating on 80/20 rule.


Nov 24, 2018
Florida / Ontario
My largest goals for all of 2019:
  • Move to a different country (currently in the process of doing this)
  • Get my own place with my girlfriend
  • Keep working on my physical fitness and raise my maximum lifts on the big 5 lifts
  • Really sculpt my wardrobe as I actually care quite a bit about fashion
  • And most importantly -- to finally start a successful business (one that makes at least $10k+ per year passively)

I've failed 3 businesses before, one of which I spent $8k on and an entire year of effort. I've learned from my mistakes and I will continue to do so. I know I need to fail quick and to fail cheap if I absolutely must fail. I know that solving a problem that no other product currently solves when it comes to creating a business is paramount now.

I know what it takes to start a successful business. I have the knowledge.

All I need now is the capital and the idea. I will acquire both, and I will take action.

I will not let myself be unsuccessful.

George Appiah

Silver Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Aug 16, 2018
Accra, Ghana
The wife and Big Elvis just left the house for an "All Night Service"... so I finally have the entire house to myself and a little time to round up the year.

I have two primary goals for 2019.

First, on the personal front...

By the end of 2019, I will have written and passed the IELTS General Test with band 8 test score or better. This is a mandatory step towards my Canadian immigration quest.

Many of you will remember I was all set to join Red Academy's coding bootcamp in Vancouver in September 2018... but I was denied the visa even though I'd paid my fees in full and checked all the right boxes. I'll re-apply for the visa in May 2019... but as I don't control the outcome, there's not much to say about that as far as measurable goals are concerned.

Sometimes I envy those of you who can just pack and travel to any country you choose to, and those of you for him visa application is a mere formality :eek:

On the business front...

By the end of 2019, I will be serving 100+ web design hustlers and digital marketing agencies in my new Managed WordPress Hosting + Maintenance service I'm launching in January 2019 -- hosting and maintaining your clients' websites and providing all the technical support you and your clients can eat for one fixed, low price --- so you can focus on closing new deals and growing your business, instead of fighting with WordPress and hackers. (Execution/Progress thread coming soon)

That's just it.
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Last edited:


Platinum Contributor
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Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Nov 30, 2018
Commit to my morning routine.

Meet 20 ppl a week to increase my small business.
Watch all the video training I have in my stockpile. (This is easily a hundred videos.)
Build out five websites (2 of mine plus three for customers) get them all ranked and earning income.
Write a blog post 2x a week.
Have ten exquisite meals that I can cook perfectly in my Instant Pot.

Leave my second supplemental job because my own business supports me in 3 days a week.
Use the other 3 days a week to replicate whatever worked for the SEO business and then start grinding hardcore.
Compile my first ebook.
Wrestle MailCheat(Chimp) down to the ground and develop my newsletter.

Some other cool stuff. Lol.

Seth G.

Bronze Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Oct 30, 2018
Tri-State Area
  • Zero-Debt by February 1st, 2019
  • Six-Pack Abs by end of March (why not? :cool:)
  • 300 b2b Sales by April 15th, 2019
  • Prototype of application I'm working on by July
  • File patent and rekindle licensing opportunity
  • Finish 6 business/finance/self-improvement books before June

Lucas Lee-Tyson
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Aug 20, 2018
Boston, MA
Title explains it at all. What are your goals for 2019? Short term, long term, they can be as specific or as general as you'd like.

For me:
- $10,000 in monthly revenue (average)
- 1,000 email list subscribers (short term)
- 5,000 email list subscribers (longer-ish term)
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Greg R

Act, Assess, Adjust
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Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Oct 28, 2015
Chicago, IL
In 2019 I will accomplish:

1) A $250k investment round
2) Product placement in three big box stores
3) Sign up 25 Independant Gun Show Distributors ( or 100 Gun Shows attended)


Bronze Contributor
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Speedway Pass
May 1, 2011
Currently in Washington State
Happy new year 2019 fastlane forum people.:cool:
-:cool:Will write one book in the fiction ebook category in first quarter.
- :cool:Will respond to at two posts on FLForum.
-:cool:Will generate 100+plus sales in the niche market have been researching.
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Silver Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Sep 11, 2018
- Make and publish two video games
- Get into the habit of meditating
- Learn a new programming language
- Write and publish one fantasy book
- Compose a set of music tracks for video games and put them on a store for developers to buy them
- Cut the list above down to two or three items, there are too many things to keep focused on something great :)


Legendary Contributor
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Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Aug 26, 2018
Watch my sales & marketing plan for the year and make sure it's being executed faithfully. Actually read all 52 reports and provide good feedback, coach my sales VP into P or CMO material by year end.

Get 3 new products into the 5+ figure revenue.

Invest in 4 things that are not my product or directly part of my existing business/products, don't cause me to do work or be on a board. Minimum 5,000 cash per "thing."

Resist all nonprofit boards. Infinitely say no. Offer and give help and expertise, but do not commit to meetings.

Make a plan by year end for how I build out and fund a science/biology/aging lab and process in coming years. Move my attention to research.


All Cars Kneel Before Pagani.
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Speedway Pass
Sep 3, 2017
1) Launch my business by end of Feb 2019

2) Make my first 10 sales before end of Apr 2019

3) Make a consistent stream of 50 sales monthly before end of Dec 2019

Timmy C

I Will Not Stop!
Read Fastlane!
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Speedway Pass
Jun 12, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
By January 1st 2020 I want my bank balance at $24,000.

Get my business to a point where my return on time for money is greater than that of my job and build it to a point where I can quit altogether. Just not having to get up to an alarm clock and be told what to do will be like heaven on earth.
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Jeff Noel

Go all in.
Read Fastlane!
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Speedway Pass
Oct 26, 2018
Quebec, Canada
I was about to write "make $10K from another source than my job", but I started reading The 10X Rule, so I'll make $100K (gross) from another source than my job.

I will hold a discussion about sexual preferrences with my girlfriend every month.
I will ask different people for their uncensored thoughts about me and who I am, every month.
I will get out of my comfort zone, life wise. Let's destroy that scripted routine.
I will become debt free ($15K). How ? By using money from my job. I'm not touching anything that comes from other sources of income, unless it is to reinvest grow or learn.

I will be done reading Unscripted by the end of January, even if it means stealing it from the hands of my girlfriend (we're quite competitive on our reading choices!).

I will work out (bodyweight) 3 times per week for 52 weeks (to develop that habit again ASAP), with my objective of being able to do 100 push-ups per session easily, like I used to, 4 years ago.

Challenge my goals please - challenge me.

Edit: Have a personal cashflow of $10K (thinking 10X again) by next year, to reduce financial stress. Thanks Timmy for the idea.
Last edited:

Thomas Baptiste

Guide Yourself!
Read Fastlane!
Speedway Pass
Jun 8, 2018
Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Successfully launch and maintain first fast lane business; get at least 100 people to come to my country and have the time of their lives.
  • Go down to15% body fat. Pack on 20+ lbs of muscle.

Frank H.

Read Fastlane!
Dec 22, 2018
  • Make better choices
  • Ignore advice from side-walkers
  • Learn from successful companies in my industry
  • Reduce indentured time
  • Innovate products based on complaints and pain points
  • Apply the fast-lane formula
  • Eat healthier
  • Unlearn some of the things that I learned in school
  • Consistently get results
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Moving Forward
Read Rat-Race Escape!
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Speedway Pass
Jul 30, 2018
  1. Reach 180lbs (210 right now)
  2. Get my first client in January
  3. $3k/month recurring by summer
  4. Reach $7k/month by the end of the year
  5. Pay off all of my debt ($3,000)
  6. Build a $5k emergency fund
  7. Get engaged (ring is $800)
  8. Possibly launch online course/community idea I’ve been sitting on


Silver Contributor
Read Fastlane!
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Speedway Pass
Sep 27, 2015
Las Vegas, NV
This is going to be my second year in the U.S. First one was absolutely chaotic, but quite the learning experience.

Business Commitments
  • 5k in my investment account (+-$100.00/week from a side hustle I already have)
  • First sale of my CENTS compliant business (Focused work on my system 2h daily)
  • First motorcycle track day (buy my track gear and sign up)
  • Fix my wardrobe (throw away what I don't like and work from there)
Thanks for being there guys!

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