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What do you think about my landingpage?

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Apr 11, 2017
Hi fellow fastlaners!

These past few weeks i've been coding a landing-page to test the need/demand for one of my ideas. The idea is very simple, teach drivers Ed online. It does not exist because it is not allowed by the state, yet. I suspect there is a significant need for this solution after i took some classes to get my driving license.

Many of the value arrays can be skewed here. Especially when you go from taking some of the driving classes, in a room where you have to meetup at a place. To then, take it all online. Here are the value arrays that are skewed:

- Efficiency: Because the course is online, you can take all the course parts when you want, and where you want. You will be able to take them in chunks, so you can take them when you feel like it.

- Comprehension: Because you can take them in chunks, you will be able to remember more of the information.

- Place: You can take it in the comfort of your home/bed/sofa.

- Price: A physical drivers ed school need to pay rent for a location or out right buy property. They have to have a bunch of people on payroll to educate a small class of people at a time(low scale). Therefor the price for classes at a physical school is high, because they have allot of overhead. But an online course can cost much less, because it's online. For an online business you will have to pay for hosting, maybe som third party apps and so on.

And many more value skews here....

This idea is simple but very hard to execute, which is where the opportunity is. This will be hard because:

- I will have to lobby to make this legal.
- I will have to know how to develop advanced web solutions (I can only make static sites right now).
- I will have to become a certified drivers ed teacher (it takes 2 years to get the degree).
- For me to start on the degree, i am required by the state to have a drivers license.
- I will have learn how to make and teach effective courses.
- I will need to learn sales and marketing.

I'm guessing this will take a good 8+ years to implement.

Before i actually jump into this, i obviously need to validate this idea. Therefor i'm here to show you guys my unfinished landingpage: Fastlane

What do you guys think?

(Sorry for my kinda bad English, its my third language :))
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Oct 31, 2017
San Angelo, TX
It sounds like an interesting premise. There are a lot of issues with the site, but it's obviously just starting. If you're in a country that doesn't primarily use English, I would first suggest doing it all in whatever local language is spoken. I think that would help some. Also, what if you start out with a landing page style website to lobby for the change instead of the actual online driver's ed site? That way you can get email lists to get people to sign petitions/vote/take action when needed, and get the word out and raise money. As the idea gets popular, then you can switch to whatever site infrastructure would be needed (and hire a dev because this is going to involve a lot of work for security reasons). I'm thinking things like information about why this change is needed, what your plans are, your strategy for getting the law changed, etc. Make it a community thing instead of your business idea.

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