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O/T: HEALTH Superhuman energy & productivity - finally getting some work done

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Aug 11, 2013
I have been struggeling with productivity and energy for a long time.

Without long explanantions and boring stories, here's what I have found after years of experimenting to work for me.

I still have problems believing how much work I get done and how clear my mind is lately.

1. I get up when ready (~7am), no alarm clock. If you want to get up early, go to bed early.

2. Black coffee with butter. No other food before / during work period!

3. I start working immediatelly no matter how I feel. I work on an easy / simple task that still requires some input. Reading emails or news would be an bad example, creating a lead list or writing an email would be an good example. Please don't underestimate how important this part is. It helps me overcome procrastination and sets the right rythm for the day. If you only want to implement one things into your day, let it be this one.

4. After 20-30 Minutes I switch to my "MIT" (most important task) defined as "the one thing that would make everything else easier or unecessary if accomplished". In easy words, a task that can move the needle on your most important goal.

5. I use a free promodoro Chrome extension on 25/5 minutes. It puts me into a competitive mode, I try to get as much work done as possible in 25 minutes. During the 5 minute break I walk through the house, or make me another coffe. The extension I use has a nice dashboard as well, tracking how much I have done per day / week. Nice gamification, that makes me even more competitive. Marinara: Pomodoro® Assistant

6. I work this way for 4 hours, then I take a 4 hours break, then I work another 4 hours. This allows me to exactly hit my productive and high energy hours. Early mornings and afternoons / evenings are good for me. During my bad hours I don't work but do things that need to still get done (mental & physical health tasks).

7. During the break I eat (eggs, butter, cheese, meat), contrast shower, movement & stretching routine, meditate, go for a walk, wimhof breathing, take a nap. I don't train during my break, thats reserved for the evenings, as it consumes too much energy.

8. I'm on the carnivore diet (meat, butter, cheese, eggs) which is probably responsible for 50% of my recent surge in productitivity. Never experienced such stable energy and mood before.

9. With that routine I log roughly 16-17 x 25minutes Promodoro per day, and thats focused / uninterupted real work. It's an outrageous high output for me.

10. I do that every day of the week. Momentum says hello.

11. Almost forgot, disable all messengers, smartphone and social media during your 4 hour productivity sprints. It's the devil.

7am - 11amWork I
11am - 1pmPhysical Health
1-3pmMental Health
3pm-7pmWork II

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Apr 29, 2019
That's awesome! Congrats on finding what works for you!

Some people say that carnivore diet can be dangerous as it has low vitamin input, so definetly keep an eye on your blood levels. In the end whatever works is the way to go!


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Dec 17, 2014
I've been throwing up whether the carnivore diet has as many benefits as people say it does. Your post made me realise there is only one way to find out!! Just do it! I'm going to make the switch, so is there any resources or info you recommend I read before hand, or just dive straight into it?

Also your Promodoro technique and extension sounds awesome. I struggle with veering off task so easily as I love to do "research" and gain a further understanding of what I am doing, but I guess if I am being honest with myself it is really just action faking. Excited to implement it. Many thanks for the recommendations!


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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Quit coffee, and hydrate more. Pretty sure that would help alot


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Aug 19, 2017
That sounds awesome, a nice idea. Thanks! I'm gonna try this type of schedule too. And thanks for the chrome plugin, I tried the website before, but it was glitchy and annoying.

Just be sure to control your body on the carni diet (regular blood and hormone tests), my friend (coach actually) was the biggest fan and propagator of this diet (literally almost tried forcing me to eat that way lol, but I decided not to) and it was all fun and games and health miracles until he realized that his Thryroid and other things got f**** up badly. He's now still slowly recovering on a more balanced diet. So be careful with that .

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