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Staying focused in Lockdown during this time

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Apr 14, 2018
It's a very interesting time that we are in with the current global situation. I specifically want to focus on how everyone is handling the isolation.
While where I am in Australia isn't in full on lockdown, we do have lots of restrictions in place, essentially stay home unless you have reason to not be i.e. medical reasons, exercise, work etc.

My main issue right now is staying focused and trying to gather my thoughts. There is so much I want to learn, research and ideas to work on while my business is essentially in hibernation for the next few months, but where to start?

What techniques have you developed for yourself to stay focused and motivated if you are in a similar situation?

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May 7, 2019
Trello makes me laser sharp focus. It has 3 Parts:
1) Future Projects/Works Need to be done
2) During: What I am doing right now
3) Done: What have I done so far.

The trick is: Do Few Works in small incremental way. It will add up eventually
Don't = Never try to eat the elephant at once.

I heard Slash App is good for Productivity. I will give a try about it in this year.

Book Reference: The Greatest Salesman in the World - Og Mandino
Book Reference: Jocko Wilink - Leadership & Discipline

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Mar 19, 2020
I think one part of your problem is in your question "Where do I start?"
To me that looks like you would benefit from spending a few hours/a day just listing down everything you want to do and learn, and then start thinking about it. Like, ask yourself what are the things that are really important/useful? What could be beneficial to move/improve your business for the upcoming months?
Also, are there things you can do on/for your business while in hibernation? And why is the business on hold? Is it a non-necessary business offline business that literally has to stop (due to government policies etc), or could you pivot it online? Or streamline it? Adjust it?

Just to say, I have many things I would like to learn just for my own pleasure, but I am choosing to focus mainly on stuff that will or is beneficial towards my goals and for my business. That is not to say you cannot spend a few hours a week learning/trying some random hobby stuff - it enriches our lives and helps lowering our anxiety during these hard times for sure, and it's not wasted time.
But you should first figure out what are the main things you could learn/work on - this is what is going to give you focus going forward. Ask yourself "Is this thing moving me forward? Is it beneficial to me right now/in the upcoming future? Is it helping me?"
There are many tools to help you prioritize tasks/things that you want to do, but this is the general gist that could help you start organizing your thoughts.

Hope it helps!

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