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Mark Fobo

Feb 19, 2019
I remember when I was a kid at school, we were being asked every year, on our first day back from the summer break, to introduce ourselves to the rest of the classroom. I had this teacher one year who asked us to say at the end of our introduction what job we wanted to have when older.
At the time, my favorite film was Top Gun which I knew by heart after watching it close to once a day for as long as I could remember…. My dad being a commercial pilot and mostly absent from home, and being from a kind nature, I responded that I wanted to be a test pilot of fighter jets so I could spend time with my family and would not drop bombs on other human beings.

Time went fast and after some traumatic and disappointing health check results, I was told when I was 16 that I would never be able to fly a fighter jet and that my only option was to find another career…

At the time, the technology and Internet were not offering the options we have today and being a smart student, I decided to go for something that would keep my brain running and started a Business School to end up Sales Trader in a London Investment Bank.

Today I am 30 years old and I am about to turn my life around, I am about to take a complete opposite direction from the one I chose years ago.

If someone was telling you that you have 5 minutes left to leave, looking back at your life, what would you say? Would you say that you lived to the fullest?

See, this question came up to my mind early 2018 when my girlfriend was diagnosed with a stage 1 melanoma, skin cancer. Few months later, one of my best friend at work put me this question back in mind when she got diagnosed with a stage 3 throat cancer… Today my girlfriend is stable but my friend does not have long to live. And this is the evening where it HIT ME:


It took me 30 years of my life to understand that we have ONLY ONE LIFE. I know, pretty long but better late than never. Who do I blame? The easy response would be this society and standardised education and clichés we are being taught at school but the reality is that I blame myself for not opening my eyes earlier.

Today my eyes are wide open and I decided to start a crusade for opening the eyes of as many people as I can.

I am still working in finance in the city of London, I do have a mortgage that sometimes provides me with more anxiety than happiness but I decided to react and go back to who I am.

My name is Mark, I have always been creative, full of imagination, positive, kind with others and have always been selfless.

I decided to start a YouTube channel to empower people taking action in their life and take this first step towards whatever makes them happy.
How do I want to do that, ticking off items from my bucket lists, whether they are short term experiences, travels, change of habits, lifestyle or long term challenges and video document that on my channel.

The objective? Start using my time for myself, becoming independent and hopefully create a business around my idea and bring with me on my adventure a community who would be like minded and who would relate. And this is the video where I decided to commit to this yet to build community:


Mixing travel vlogging, bucket list related videos and some occasional tips and lifehacks videos
I hope to bring my own touch to the Fast Lane Forum and find a community where I can add value and be active on the threads of others as much as finding ways to improve as a human being and “videopreneur” while keep on getting out of my comfort zone:

Because life is NOW.

Please get in touch and see you soon on the FLF

Twitter: @FoboMark
Instagram: @PressStartWithMark
Facebook: Press Start With Mark
YouTube: PressStartWithMark

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