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  1. DebtFreeDr

    Growing a new YouTube Channel

    I'm a doctor turned passive real estate investor that has been blogging about it for 3 years. Recently I've started noticing that I'm enjoying learning via YouTube more than my previous method, listening to podcasts. There's something about being able to see someone (instead of only hearing...
  2. High Living

    EXECUTION Growing a successful YouTube animation channel

    Hello Fastlaners, After years of (occasionally, I must say) reading this forum, I am excited to start my execution thread, and share my journey on creating and scaling a successful YouTube channel: I have in fact just started “High Living”, which offers animated videos on a variety of topics...
  3. C

    EXECUTION I Finally Quit.

    I put in my notice for my job of 3 years today. Talk about nervous. My heart was racing, and I was sure it was going to be a huge ordeal, but surprisingly it wasn't. My boss was understanding and told me they wish they had the courage to do something similar when they were my age. Eye opening to...
  4. seomatic

    RANT The Internet is broken ... can we still win?

    I was reading this book The Ten Equations That Rule The World. And one of the Equation is essentially the algorithm used by most social networks these days. In short, if you got traction you will continue to grow but if you don't have traction you are invisible and there is pretty much no chance...
  5. Koji

    EXECUTION Did It On Facebook. About To Do It On Youtube..

    Hey guys. The name is Koji Agudah and I'm from Nigeria. I've been thinking of growing a YouTube channel for a while in the digital market space to be specific SEO but for my shyness and not really proud of my voice, I've been putting it off - till now. I actually started my journey in SEO 2...
  6. C

    EXECUTION Building A Successful YouTube Channel - The Journey

    How I Got Here Stumbled upon this forum, dont really remember how I found it to be honest, lurked around quite a while. Found the forum to have a great sense of community, overall a positive feel but a place that also provides feedback, eventually found my way to ‘The Millionaire Fastlane’. I...
  7. O

    INTRO Current YouTuber working for something bigger

    Hello everyone, I’ll be going by OUZUI on this forum. Nice to meet you all, I’m excited about what this forum might have to offer, and what I might be able to bring to it. I’ve heard about this forum and the millionaire fast lane since around 2017 through a cousin, now I finally am joining it...
  8. Lex DeVille

    Idea: Real Local News YouTube Channel

    The other night I put on the local news. They opened with a headline about Scranton, Pennsylvania, Joe Biden's home town. Perfect local story except... I don't live in f*cking Pennsylvania. I bet I'm not the only one who gets sick of biased national media stories when I just want to know if my...
  9. Morethan1

    YouTube channel that interviews growing businesses

    Found this while browsing my feed, very interesting. The channel goes into various businesses that are growing and interviews the owners. Asks the right questions and the owners share a lot. Enjoy! No affiliation.
  10. Modest guy

    EXECUTION Going from $6k to $12k a month on YouTube

    Current stats of my channel: * Around 60k Subscribers * About 2m views a month * Over 500 videos published * Getting about 10k new subs a month Let's start off with a short backstory... I am currently 21 years old. Been doing youtube on and off for probably over 4+ years as it was one of my...
  11. L

    Is Youtube good for passive income?

    Is Youtube good for passive income? (My english isn't very good sorry for that) When you upload a video this video stays on Youtube and people can still watch as long as the video is on Youtube. Does more video's mean more passive income? I'm not a Youtuber i'm just curious.
  12. Vigilante


    Call recording (MP3) is posted on the INSIDER forum. ----------- Every once in a while, someone comes along and changes how we look at things. We as Insiders sometimes get a front row seat to greatness. Over the years, there have been several impact players spend some time with us here at...
  13. VicFountain

    HOT TOPIC Do I Have a Chance? YouTube Niche struggle

    So I started a YouTube channel in my native language on self-improvement a few months ago. I knew even before starting that I would have been the first to do videos on this niche, since in my country the only videos that are popular are about Fortnite, Call of Duty and pranks. After 2 videos...
  14. Andy Black

    EXECUTION [Master List] YouTube Progress Threads

    I thought it would be helpful to list all the YouTube progress threads. I’ll keep this opening post up to date. Please let me know if I’ve missed any. GOLD! - Creating a Thriving Personal Brand w/ YouTube - A Journal & A Personal Guide. GOLD! - Ecom Youtube Challenge - Building a channel with...
  15. Vigilante

    SELL Your Product on YOUTUBE

    I haven't quite figured this whole platform out yet, but seemingly now YouTube is allowing direct eCommerce conversions by synching your Google Product Feed directly to YouTube video ads and a call to action trigger/button. Has anyone experimented with this yet? Looks like the article was...
  16. StoveOngle

    INTRO I'm here because my girlfriends mum said I couldn't do it.

    Let me introduce myself first of all. I’m Stove, I’m from Scotland (UK), I’m 29. I’m a hobbyist filmmaker/ photographer and I currently work in digital marketing for a campervan manufacture company. I own my own successful small local business too, which recently got all but destroyed thanks...
  17. L

    EXECUTION I am starting a programming YouTube channel in a saturated environment!

    Report 0 : 22 June 2020 Who am i? I am a 28 year old IT student (bachelor student with average marks) in Europe. I am a beginner programmer with acceptable English and java skills. I want to start a programming channel in English! oh, boy... What are my goals? My short term goal is to upload...
  18. Jemmalee

    Swearing on YouTube

    Thoughts and knowledge on swearing on YouTube. I understand videos can be set to ‘over 18’s’. I am planning how to approach my own channel and I have a damn filthy mouth What effect does this have! Are you seen negatively by YT for it? What about using bleeps? Any feedback much appreciated
  19. Jemmalee

    After a few years SM experience

    So I know how to grow a brand to some degree via social media. I can develop new brands really quickly using social media in fact, however, I have made the poor decisions previously to submit myself to the endless scroll holes that be Facebook groups and connections. I get what age groups...
  20. Jemmalee


    I’ve downloaded FastLane on audible and have listened to 3 chapters. I’m a little bit ‘mind blown’ at the moment. So... not following passions. Something I thought I should be doing and why i was getting it wrong... Talking business, solving a problem. Creating a directory of “Find a ......”...
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