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  1. EngineerThis

    The "Costanza Method" Challenge

    I've been in a rut, my business ventures have slowed and got thrown way out of wack after moving back home with my inlaws. I'm having trouble gaining more clients for my "EngineerThis" service, and my Home service business Crystal Clear has also slowed due to the lack of homes in Northern...
  2. Subsonic

    I challenge you guys, the fastlane community

    Today I set myself the challenge to complete 1000 clean push-ups in one day and completed the challenge at 10pm. What seemed like a pretty easy challenge turned out to be a huge test of willpower and commitment. You wouldn't believe all the different places you can get sore from push-ups at...
  3. AndreiR

    February Cold-calling Challenge: 1 more person every day.

    I run a web design business and have been doing so for several years now. I've been doing well with word of mouth and referrals, but I want to get to the point this year where me and my freelancers are getting 1 website per week (and 40 a year). One of the things I regret most in my business is...
  4. abandance

    Challenge: 1 Million Euro Profit by the End of 2022. How to find the demand with this potential?

    Hello, I have to provide value to others, I have to cover the demand, money is just the indicator of how valuable my product or service is. I understand this. Meanwhile, after many years of work, I've managed to create a online business with almost 1 million Euro in sales. But the turnover is...
  5. AppsOfUse

    30-Day-Value Challenge to productivity app! (Intoduction, Story, Help needed)

    Hi there, I'm new on this forum. 21 year old student, read Unscripted last year. In it, MJ states the 30-day-value challenge. To build something of value within 30 days and sell it. It took 50 days for me. And now (1 year later) I earned about 100$ with it! But I spend 250$ lol. I had this idea...
  6. mtn_baldy

    Six Month Content Fast ( Currently 1 Month In)

    Have you ever caught yourself mindlessly scrolling on your phone without realizing why you even picked up your phone in the first place? Have you ever said to yourself or your significant other, "Just one more episode," knowing you had to be up early in the morning? Whether you realize it or...
  7. Matake007

    The Path of Least Resistance

    One of the things I've realized in my journey of self-improvement is how damaging the path of least resistance is on our lives. It literally always makes us the worse version of our potential selves every time we take the path. Eat junk and don't meal prep, because a healthy lifestyle is harder...
  8. Racoon123

    $500 Monthly passive income challenge?

    Hey Guys Racoon123 here, So this is actually the first forum I have posted on. As I am reading Unscripted I have become really interested with everyone’s money making ideas and businesses. I have always been curious to try some of these money making ideas people have worked on and have finally...
  9. Olimac21

    Mental Challenges Around The World?

    This morning I got a question from a friend asking me about "mental challenges" activities. Not like self imposed challenges (like taking a cold shower or meditating) but something that involves a group. The only thing that came to mind was to suggest a Vipassana retreat, any other ideas?
  10. André Casal

    Pure Execution Challenge

    Pure Execution Challenge This thread was inspired by this thread and this thread. Execution is king The ability to execute is the main deciding factor when growing a business or making progress of any kind. A poor idea with excelent execution makes a lot of money, but an excelent idea with poor...
  11. Fox

    The 90 Day Focus Challenge

    I think a few of you would have seen the discipline challenge thread around "75 hard" on here. A lot of us have been making massive progress around work ethic, drive and fitness. From doing that challenge for over 3 months now I also wanted to start in on my focus. I think the ability to focus...
  12. A

    Press Start With ME (Mark)

    I remember when I was a kid at school, we were being asked every year, on our first day back from the summer break, to introduce ourselves to the rest of the classroom. I had this teacher one year who asked us to say at the end of our introduction what job we wanted to have when older. At the...
  13. TonyStark

    Build a $1000/mo Business in 30 days (Challenge)

  14. Disciple96

    Can You Take the "Dopamine Fast" Challenge?

    Here is a short video on dopamine fasting; What it is, how it's done, and why you should take the challenge. For those who can't watch the video, here's the long and short of it: Just like drugs stimulate a dopamine release (the "pleasure" or "reward" chemical in our brains), so too will a...
  15. horne

    New Year CHALLENGE list 2019

    Hi everyone The end of 2018 is here and is time, to sum up, our ups and downs throughout the year. Also, it is important to know and for me to write down, what we want from the new year. For this purpose, I have done “New Year Challenge List”. I hope it is of use for yourselves, for sure it...
  16. Fox

    Fox's 2019 Make $100k Starting Web Design from Scratch Challenge

    After the success of @Lex DeVille's Upwork challenge, I decided to start one of my own... Start a completely new web design business in 2019, get it back to making over 100k+ a year, and document the whole thing. Pretty ambitious but I thought this over and have fully committed. It for sure...
  17. Gutski

    Dad of 3 kids

    Hi fellas, I‘m a hard working Swiss dad trying to reorientate. I have a so called good job as head of controlling services but lately realized that I am trapped in the rat race. If I don’t change I will never be rich and never able to persue my passion. I wanna change „lane“ but I am a bit...
  18. shelton

    Job finding

    Over the last few weeks, I've been trying to find a simple job but they all require some form of experience. I manage to find a few jobs for me to do but I just keep getting rejected and I don't know why. I keep trying to find information about each company but its never enough. Even if I have...
  19. Joaquim

    Copywriting Challenge May 2018 (Join me)

    A couple of years ago I read a thread from @oldscool. That is how I got to know what Copywriting actually was. So all credits go to @oldscool. I have followed one Udemy course on copy to get going, which gave me a big ROI. Now I want to take my biz to the next level and I’m convinced that...
  20. AllenCrawley

    CHALLENGE: Join me in a little mental exercise.

    The Millionaire Fastlane has certainly changed many, many lives and Unscripted will undoubtedly affect much more. With storytellers (we’re all storytellers), authors and copywriters we can be loquacious (<- see?) in our writing. So I thought the following challenge would exercise our brains in...